LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

Step 12

Op ti onal Method for Removing the Rods from the Vent:

Method 2:

It’s also possible to remove all of the rods at one ti me by spinning the rods (always in the clockwise direc ti on) and pulling them out of the vent as you walk away from the vent hood. (providing you have the room to do so and it does not present a safety hazard to you or the surrounding area) Try to stop when the brush reaches the vent hood. This will keep the rods & brush from falling and will prevent possible damage to the surrounding area.

Step 13

Cleaning from “Inside” toward outside: This can be done by spinning the auger brush and rods from the inside toward the outside. A tt ach the Vacuum Adapter as shown. With the vacuum running, the loosened lint will be pulled back toward you and collected in the vacuum. Once you feel con fi dent that you have cleaned the vent completely, you can remove the rods and brush from the vent as men ti oned earlier. Important Note: The Vacuum Adapter is designed to fi t a shop vac having a 2 ½” hose only. It is not recommended to use a shop vac or household vac having a 1 ½” hose (or smaller) since the lint being collected will con ti nually clog the the hose.


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