LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

rotate the rods in the

when spinning the rods

& coming • Failure to do so will cause the rods to un-screw and disconnect. • force the rods or over-torque the rods with the drill. Doing this may result in property damage, rod breakage or personal injury.

1. Only use a . (a cordless drill is recommended) 2. Keep clutch setting on drill at halfway or lower when rotating the rods.

• • Keep all loose clothing & objects tucked in to prevent them from being tangled around the rotating rods. • Add one rod at a time when spinning into the vent. • Never use the dryer to blow the lint out while rotary brushing without the included Dryer/Blower Adapter which will prevent the brush from rotating into the blower wheel of the dryer. • Failure to use the Dryer/Blower Adapter could cause damage to the blower wheel and also to the tool. Gardus,a HY-C Company, reserves the right to improve, change or modify the construction of thetools, including all attachments or any part thereof, without incurring any obligationto make these changes on previously delivered kits or accessories. Limited Warranty: The LintEater kit and all accessories are designed for homeowner use. All components are warranted for a period of one year from date of purchase. Should any part fail due to a manufacturing defect, return the defective part to Gardus and we will replace it free of charge. A return authorization number is required prior to returning any item. Gardus does not warranty failure of any part due to operator error. Be sure to read all operating instructions and safety precautions before operating any of the tools. Manufacturer accepts no liability for property damage or personal injury due to the operation of these tools and accessories. This is the full extent of the warranty made by Gardus. There is no other expressed warranty. All implied warranties are hereby excluded. R


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