LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

Operating Instructions

Recommended Drill

Set on middle setting or lower

Any cordless drill with a 3/8” or 1/2” chuck with an adjustable clutch will work.

Setting the Clutch on your cordless drill a. Adjust clutch to a setting in the middle of the range or slightly lower. b. You should be able to hold the properly adjusted chuck with your hand & prevent it from spinning yet there should be a fair amount of torque.

Turn to adjust clutch

Connecting the Rods

Option 1 To connect the rods, simply screw them together and tighten with two pairs of pliers. Proceed to step 4 below. Option 2 This method requires a great deal of caution but will speed up the cleaning process.

1. Start the threads by hand to insure that they are not cross ‐ threaded.

2. Insert the other end of the rod into the drill chuck.

3. Spin the rods clockwise while holding the rod you are connecting to.

4. ALWAYS use a small piece of electrical tape or duct tape around the joint of the fittings after tightening.

Use Electrical Tape or Duct Tape to Secure Each Connection

Important : Always spin the drill in the Clockwise Direction as the rods may come apart even if tightened with pliers & tape is used.


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