LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

Disconnecting the Rods

Hold end of rod very tightly by hand or with pliers

Option 1 Use two pairs of pliers to loosen & then unscrew the rods by hand Option 2 You can disconnect each rod using the drill as well. a. Hold the end of the rod, which is inside the vent, very tightly. b. Reverse the drill while holding the rod end to unscrew the rod which is connected to the drill. CAUTION! Be sure that the rods that are still in the vent do not spin as this will cause them to disconnect inside the vent.

Inserting Rods into Drill Chuck

1. The fittings on the rods are designed to fit into any type of drill without an adapter.

2. Simply insert the steel rod fitting into the chuck of the drill and tighten by hand

Twist chuck to tighten

Attaching Brushes to Rods

Auger Brush: Screw Auger Brush onto rod and tighten. Insert set screw into threaded hole in Auger Brush fitting and tighten using included hex key. (Use 8 ‐ 32 x 1/8”L set screw if replacement is needed) Lint Trap Brush: Screw Lint Trap Brush onto rod then tighten with two pairs of pliers. Use a small piece of duct tape on joint to help reduce the risk of brush unscrewing from rod. Important Note: Only use the Lint Trap Brush by hand. “Do Not Use the Drill to Spin.”While cleaning with the brush by hand, rotate the rod clockwise to ensure that the brush does not loosen.


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