Bruce Law Firm July 2019

Lighting Fireworks in Your Life July 2019


For the Fourth of July, we often head out of town for the weekend to relax as a family. Lately though, we’re exploring the tradition of going to West Palm Beach to watch the fireworks. It feels like a special way to celebrate the freedom we enjoy and appreciate the troops who’ve helped to protect it. Just like many of us remember feeling nervous as kids, Ruby and Russell also get a little scared at the beginning of the fireworks show. But by the end, they love it. We’re close to the huge, intercoastal display, and we love watching the bright lights illuminated against the night sky and reflected on the water. At first, it’s a small sprinkle of lights. Then suddenly, they burst outward, and a wide range of colors is visible. It’s beautiful.

This makes me think of our clients. People come to us at different phases of their lives, and we are there to support them and provide guidance. If they’re sure they want to move on toward a better life, we give them the tools to get there.When someone is hesitant and isn’t certain they’re making the right choice, we urge them to try counseling. Ultimately, we take direction from our clients and are there to provide the right guidance and support. Some clients come in and are ready to begin right away. For them, we know the weight of the decision will be lifted once they complete the process, so everyone on our team gets right to work — the client lights the fuse right away! For others, the hardest part is striking the match and putting it to the fuse. Even when they acknowledge their marriage isn’t working, it’s what they know, and to some extent, it’s comfortable. It can be hard to accept the end, even when it hasn’t been a loving marriage. For these clients, verbalizing that they want a divorce and filing the papers can feel like jumping out of an airplane. There is a lot of hesitation and leadup. I recently met with one of our clients who’s in this place. She wants to move forward and start a new phase of her life in which she is no longer married. She wants to be free. But she asked us to hold off a little while on filing the divorce papers because she wants to make sure everything is settled in the other parts of her life. While she’s accepted the fact that her marriage is over, she’s still apprehensive about this next phase of her life. We understand. Divorce is a very big step and one that inevitably has unknowns, no matter how well you’ve prepared for it. At the end of the day, we give our clients the legal fireworks, matches, and instructions, and when they’re ready, they get to light them. They set off their own display. Taking that next step is up to them, and part of our job is empowering them to make their life a colorful display to remember.

For this client, her new life will begin when we file her divorce papers. That act will represent a new chapter, and it’s when her fireworks will begin.

I can’t wait to see her show. I know it’s going to be beautiful.

– Ashley Bruce

God Bless America

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