Whistl Magazine Spring 2021


Spring 2021


E-commerce boom spurs fulfilment growth at Whistl Fuelling fulfilment



Wells Said Growing fast in fulfilment

Major expansionwith Magna Parkwarehouse Whistl Fulfilment is prettymuch full up – but our brand new300,000 sq.ft. warehouse at Magna Park Lutterworth is about to come on stream. Magna Park Lutterworth is Europe’s largest dedicated logistics and distribution park, and our new facility is built to industry- leading environmental and technological standards. Over 200 new jobs will be created and the site has been purpose-fitted out as a flexible fulfilment centre for everything from fashions to foodstuffs. “This is amajormove forus”, commentedJonStockton,Whistl’s recently appointedDirector, Fulfilment &Contact Centres (South). “It’s a statement of intent forWhistl Fulfilment, positioning us as a leader in the fastmovingfieldofe-commerce fulfilment. LATEST… a new site in Northampton Just agreed isa leaseonabrandnew133,000sq.ft. unit adjacent toourexisting site inMoultonPark, Northampton. AnotherWhistl Fulfilment centre on the way, due to be operational this August, and planned as a dedicated facility for our client SharkNinja.

Newpartnerships boost pan-European fulfilment In partnershipwith PVS Europe, our fulfilment division can nowoffer customers a full range of services across Europe. Simultaneouslywe’re joining the F4E network, linking us into 20 fulfilment centres stretching from Ireland to Russia. These tie-ups are great news for e-commerce companies, with Whistl being a single point-of-contact for fulfilment across Europe. Long-standing customer SportPursuit was quick out of the blocks, with PVS now handling pick, pack and dispatch formarkets in mainland Europe.

Founded: 1999 Locations: Paignton, Plymouth andWrangaton Employees: 300 Contact Centre seats : 140 Warehousing: 220,000+ sq ft across 3 sites Vital Statistics: 100,000+ pick bins 95,000+ SKUs 250+ deliveries in per day 5000+ customer contacts per day 20,000+ parcels despatched per day Clients: Over 35 clients, including Dogs Trust, Cisco, Scotts of Stow, Madeleine and Sophie Conran Whistl welcomes Clientbase Fulfilment Just aswewent to presswith the last issue of the Magazine, itwas announced that Clientbase Fulfilment would be joining theWhistl Group. Clientbase is a Devon-based fulfilment company focused on the home shopping sector, with particular strengths inwarehousing, contact centres, returns handling and home delivery. Over the years it has built a winning reputation as the ‘friendly face of fulfilment’, combining service excellence with a personal approach. Clients range from artisan chocolatiers to exercise equipment suppliers. ‘We welcome the Clientbase team into theWhistl family’, commented CEONickWells. ‘They share our entrepreneurial approach and bring in-depth expertise to our rapidly-expanding fulfilment operation.’ David Fanous, one of the founders of Clientbase, continues in his role as Managing Director of the operation which will continue to trade under its own name. ‘Through joining forces withWhistl, we will strengthen their already well-established fulfilment arm and in turn, Clientbase will be part of the UK’s leading delivery management company, and be able to drawon their expertise and infrastructure’, he said. To support the growth of Clientbase, 35,000 sq.ft. of additional warehousing space has been secured in Plymouth.

The focus formy column this issue is fulfilment.

The e-commerce boomhas fuelledmassive growth in demand for fulfilment services, fromwarehousing to contact centres. It’s an areawe’ve been focusing on for the last five years andwe’ve built up considerable expertise and resource over that time…but nowwe’re aiming to be first for e-commerce


fulfilment, andwe’re moving forward fast. In 2021 already, three major steps have been taken, read about themhere. Further moves are also in the pipeline, watch this space!

Following rapid growth in our Fulfilment operations, Jon Stockton has joinedWhistl as Director, Fulfilment & Contact Centres (South).

Jon brings extensive experience of building and leading teams in logistics and fulfilment, gained over 26 years withTNT/FedEx, latterly asVPGround Operations UK. Outside ofwork he is a keen cyclist and Spurs fan.

2 Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021


Giving the people what they want – parcel tracking! More people are shopping online, more parcels are being sent andmore is now expected by the consumer. The delivery experience canmake or break future transactions, and parcel tracking is now central for the consumer – fromproactive notifications to proof of delivery.

We’ll let the stats tell the tracking story:

The take-out – a good tracking experience can lead tomore transactions. There are further benefits for the online retailer too: • Flexibility enabled by tracking – diversion, rescheduling – means more first-attempt deliveries • Tracking reduces number of customer service enquiries by providing full transparency for the consumer • Tracking technology can predict service delivery ‘excursions’, preventing problems arising For growing e-commerce companies, parcel tracking is today a need-to-have. AtWhistl, ourmulti-carrier delivery management approachmeans we can help you offer your customers a diverse range of options and choices related to delivery and tracking. Visit www.whistl.co.uk/parcel-tracking formore information or contact us on 01628 703 538


With High Streets closed andmore peopleworking from home, 2020 sawa substantial increase in B2C parcel delivery driven by e-commerce. The trend is expected to slowthis year, but B2C delivery has nowovertaken B2B parcels and further growth is predicted for the sector. • B etweenMarch – July 2020, therewere over 16,000 e-commerce start-ups • I n 2020, Whistl processed over 85million B2C parcels – up 15%on the previous year

Sources: Statista, Ofcom, Royal Mail, DHL



Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021

Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021


“Of all the DSAs, Whistl are by far the most responsive and attentive”

SECRETS BEHIND SCOTTS’ SUCCESS Since starting out in Stow-on-the-Wold in 1991, Scotts & Co has become the UK’s premier independent direct retailer. Here Nigel Swabey, Chairman, gives us a fascinating insight into the secrets behind that success.

Q. What do you look for in a supplier? A. We are looking for partners we can trust – suppliers who listen to our concerns and who are sensitive to those concerns, whether it be about the quality of the products they are supplying or the timing of their deliveries. In logistics, it’s not all about price. It’s about your supplier’s sensitivity to your timing imperatives, your needs in terms of mailing supplies and themanagement of order flows. • Accepts MicroSD cards up to 64GB, not included • Nano coated body with IP54 splash resistance • Earphones and charging cradle Q. How doesWhistl support your organisation? A. That’s an easy one. Of all the DSAs (DownstreamAccess Suppliers) Whistl are by far themost responsive and attentive to their clients’ needs. Much as we all love Royal Mail, their retail team is simply not able tomove as fast and are not able to be as responsive or creative in coming up with ideas to resolve tactical challenges. No surnames, but if any Whistl clients have had experience of working with Sharon, Andy or Nick, they’ll know what I mean when I say that it is a pleasure to work with them. I know postal affairs as well as most, but I’m still learning from these guys. And now for something completely different… NEW The Smartest Clamshell Phone on the Market? If you want an easy-to-use mobile phone but like the convenience of a touchscreen, the Touch SMART is the perfect choice for you. This ‘hybrid’ phone combines a physical keypad with a touchscreen for easy access to your phone book, texting, built-in camera etc, so it’s simplicity itself to use. It also as the popular WhatsApp pre-installed, with a special WhatsApp shortcut button above the keypad, so you can instantly message or video-call friends and family. An additional external screen alerts you to incoming phone calls, so you can see who’s calling even w en the phone is shut, and there’s a high-quality 5MP camera. Supplied unlocked for use on any network; simply insert your own SIM card. 11.4x5.7x2.1cm. 320 9601 Touch SMART Clamshell Mobile £139.95 HalfPrice Offers Price O fers Last Minute Gift Ideas NEW ‘Hard-to-Find’ Classic Fragrances for Men Memories and smell are closely linked, and these classic ‘blasts from the past’ are guaranteed to remind your man of magical moments. Refreshing, revitalising ‘Brut Original’ from Fabergé, 2 x 100ml. Masculine, earthy ‘Quorum’ aftershave by Antonio Puig. 100ml. Woody, musky ‘Aramis’, eau de toilette, 110ml. And, fresh, sharp Davidoff Cool Water, the original marine fragrance with refreshing aquatic aromas and a sensual finish, eau de toilette, 125ml. 322 7515 Brut Aprés Rasage, 2 x 100ml £19.95 322 7528 Quorum, 100ml £24.95 322 7541 Aramis, 110ml £39.95 322 7554 Cool Water, 125ml £39.95 • 3.35" main colour touchscreen with 8 colour icons • Additional external 1.5” display • Phone book with space for 1000+ contacts • Optional emergency call function • Pre-installed WhatsApp with shortcut button • Hearing aid compatible • 5MP camera, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM radio, torch and calendar

Q. Please tell us about your business. A. Scotts&Co is adirect catalogue and online retailer.Wehavewhat webelieve is the largest customer databaseof catalogue andonline customers in the country.Wemail about 30million catalogues each year under 5 separate titles,many of which, likeScotts of Stow, arenationally recognisedbrands.We’re just shy of £50million in sales andhave over 4million active customers this year, having grownby over 40%since 2019. Q. What’s thesecretbehindyoursuccess? What setsyourbusinessapart? A. We are passionate about innovation. We search for products that are new, unusual or in some way different to what you’d expect to find in the shops. Products that are problem solvers, time-savers, energy savers. Products which offer great value. We shop the world for new ideas like these that we can introduce to the UKmarket. Q. How has the pandemic affected your business? A. Our business was already growing fast before the pandemic, but in April of 2019, we realised that more than ever, consumers were appreciating the sheer convenience of home delivery. At that

Q. What advice would you give to other business owners? A. If direct mail is part of your media mix, then ‘do themaths!’ Count the source-coded orders you’ve received and then attributeback the ‘match-backs’ to your ad. spend onmailings. That’s all those ‘source unknown’ orders that you’ve received through all other channels and whichmatch back to your mailing file. You domatch back all respondents to your mailing file, right… Right? If a new customer places an order online 30 days after you’vemailed them with a catalogue, themailing was the dominant trigger, not theGoogle ad, the re-marketing ad or the affiliate hit! Sadly, toomany CEO’s aremarching to the drumbeat of the internet and are allowing their onlinemarketing teams to claim credit for orders that were actually generated by mailings, just because the customer chose the company’s website as themost convenient channel for the transaction. At Scotts, some of us have been doing this for over 45 years. We know how to identify the origin of orders and we know that paper is by far themost cost-effectivemedium for generating footfall to retail stores and traffic to websites.

point, we decided to double the print runs on our most famous titles and increased our mailing volumes. This resulted in many weeks last Autumn/Christmas when orders were 80%-90%up on the previous year. In the first quarter of 2021, we are increasingmailings of our catalogues further, with a fourfold increase inmailing volumes to 12.2million.

0 New Products

Summer 2021

Jacquard Pink


Autumn 2020

Join us on a voyage of discovery

NEW Virtually indestructible, the Wahl Lifeproof shaver This shaver is so tough it’s practically indestructible with it’s shock-proof housing and ergonomic rubber grips. Wide triple-cut precision blades enable quick and easy detailing, while the flexing foils glide over contours for a more comfortable shave. The Lifeproof can be used wet or dry, and gives you up to 90 minutes’ shaving time before you need to recharge it. Includes charger/transformer, durable foil guard, storage pouch, blade oil and cleaning brush. 5-year warranty. 315 8667 Wahl Lifeproof Rechargeable Shaver £74.95





SUMMER 2021 HAS ARRIVED! Over 120 New Products

Water simply beads off m as a little as £12.48 per cushion

chine washable covers. Pack of 2. hen ordering. Scatter Cushions (1 Pack of 2) £29.95

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Scatter Cushions (2 Packs of 2) £54.90 SAVE £5 Scatter Cushions (3 Packs of 2) £79.85 SAVE £10 Scatter Cushions (4 Packs of 2) £99.80 SAVE £20 Enjoy the garden with friends and family all summer long If you love spending time outdoors but want a little protection from the sun and showers, this brilliant six-sided gazebo is your answer. It’s easy to set up and has two zip-up flaps and mesh sides so you can be insect-free as you relax. It’s easily big enough for a small garden set and comes with all guy ropes and pegs. Full width 360cm. Each side 180 × 245cm. Pre-order now for delivery early May. 324 8120 Hexagonal Gazebo £129.95 Ȳ Quick and easy to set up Ȳ Instant protection from the elements Ȳ Includes all guy ropes and pegs Ȳ Great for parties and alfresco dining and Easy-assemble Hexagonal Gazebo for Only £129.95 NEW and Exclusive The Affordable

over £40 Ends 21.09.20 See p2


Q. What plans do you have for the future? A. Smart mailers made themost of the ‘Back-to-Business’ postal discounts of 35% that weremade available in



Our Best Selling Antibes All-weather Furniture Set Now Available in Grey, see page 19


2020 during the pandemic. They used the opportunity to test reactivation of some of their dormant (up to 12 year dormant) customers and experimented with new prospect mailings. In our case, those test mailings revealed that we can successfully mail millions of additional customers who are clearly keen to hear fromus. We don’t always expect to break-even on our prospect mailings, but smart mailers are guided entirely by ‘mail order maths’. A lower postal cost means a much lower break-even point and thereforemuch bigger mailing volumes. We went for broke and it paid off with even 12-year dormant Scotts customers coming in above break even!

www. scottsofstow .co.uk

0844 482 5555

or by phone 0844 482 5555 7 pence per minute plus your telephone company's access charge.

7 days 8am - 10pm.

Order online at www.giftdiscoveries.co.uk

Or call 0844 482 1717

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Early Spring 2021



What to buy... and why

Fittest... see p.137


elling UV steriliser, this pocket-size lamp is a n you’re out and about, especially when shopping oducing similar UVC light to that used to sterilise s and factories, this rechargeable lamp combines 99.9% of bacteria. An easy way to sterilise packed es, taps, loo seats, car keys and more on the go, as home. e

r charge

UVA lights g cable x 2cm)

chargeable UV Steriliser £29.95

on for when you are RDICT

Toughest... see p.124

ndheld nebuliser piratory symptoms

NEW FEJKA HANGING BASKET L67cm, hanging string L53cm. Pot H15cm, Dia.16cm. 324 4792 Fejka hanging basket £34 NEW MEDICI JAR See page 29 for full details. H30cm, Dia.19cm. 325 1929 Elegant Medici jar £15 NEW NATURAL, NEUTRAL AND STATUESQUE Standing almost a metre high, this exotic arrangement is more complex than it first appears. It’s a careful selection of eye-catching textures, shapes and structure. A dramatic, paddle-shaped fan palm leaf anchors the design, with carefully selected exotic stems and seed heads chosen to create calming drama. Display in a favourite vase, or let it sing in our hand-made and recycled Medici apothecary vase (see below.) H97cm, W45cm. 323 7122 Fan palm stem bouquet £79

other prescribed medications, this mini nebuliser colds, coughs, asthma and respiratory diseases. hnology it’s virtually silent, and it’s small enough

We do the research so you don’t have to


Easiest... see p.32

ulising speed 0.25m/min

), mouthpiece and USB charging cable

encing any pain or illness

Safest... see p.128

DICT “I need to steam for my vocal chords, Doing this over a bowl of boiling water would me to take care of this on my own. It is easy with it” AMANDA

SUMMER 2021 www.bloom.uk.com 0844 482 2332


Smartest... see p.9

WWW.BLOOM.UK.COM 0844 482 2332

If you have finished with this catalogue, please recycle or pass it on to a friend or neighbour

Order at www.exper tverdi ct .com or 0844 482 1122

If you have finished with this catalogue, please recycle or pass it on to a friend or neighbour

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Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021

Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021





1. To copewith seasonal peaks Even if you have your own in- house capability, you’ll need overflow at peak times. What’s not to like about a pay-as-you-go resource that gives you extra capacity? 2. To extend your ‘opening hours’ E-commerce operates 24/7 and it’s incredibly helpful to offer ‘out-of-hours’ contact centre services – how about the neatness of 8.00am – 8.00pm, seven days a week? 3. Because you’re too small… Fifty or so calls a day? Is it really worth running your own operation when you can take advantage of a shared resource for a fraction of the cost and hassle?

4. …because you’re too big Call centre taking up space, draining management time and requiring constant investment? Adedicated outsourced team, running on your CRM system and telephony platform, provides a sensible and seamless solution. 5. For a better customer experience You can tell when you’re talking with a well-trained agent, who loves and lives the job. Enough said. 6. Because get it right, and you save time andmoney Otherwise (number 5 above notwithstanding), what’s the point?


Advertisingmail –AKAdirect mail – is a fantastic mediumthat is as relevant today as it has ever been. But with data growing evermore sophisticated plus a plethora of postal options and discounts, it’s not without its complexities. That’s why we’ve set up Posthub, offering hands-on support to SMEs tomaximise the impact of theirmail campaigns. Data andmail management are at the core of the personalised service offering, with practical and consultative guidance fromplanning to delivery. Our Posthub team is based at our Bristol site, and comprises well-known industry figures Neil Carter, MarkTemperley, Alison Ingham-Barrow, Chris Yeo and NickWelsman. Maximising your returns, minimising costs and generally demystifying the whole process is their aim. ‘The Posthub teamwill workwith brands onmailing campaigns, guiding them along the postal journey and making the complex simple,’ said NickWells, CEO of Whistl. ‘We have put together a highly-respected team, eager to provide a level and quality of service they know customers want, backed by the full resources of the UKs leading mail delivery network’. Call us on 0117 453 0916 tofind out howwe can help or visitwww.post-hub.co.uk




For further information about outsourcing your call centre, get in touch with our Contact Centre specialists on 01628 703 782

Sources: Hubspot Research, Whistl, Gartner.com, Customerthink.com



Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021

Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021

>>>> IN BRIEF <<<<

Whistl Doordrop Media zeroing in on carbon emissions AdNet Zero is a newadvertising industry initiative, aimed at reducing the carbon impact ofdeveloping, producing and runningUKadvertising to net zeroby 2030. Anot-for-profit initiative led byTheAdvertisingAssociation, the launch wasmarked by the publication of a report setting out the action plan. With extensive interests in both Doordrop Media and direct mail, Whistl is a supporter of the scheme and keen to have a say. Mark Davies, Managing Director ofWhistl Doordrop Media of our Advertising division, is featured in the report, saying: ‘I’mwary that negative and ill-informed perceptions of print media can impact its attractiveness tomarketers. I’m keen to dispel any myths, including the perceptions by some that digital media is ‘cleaner’ than print media, when it must be remembered that the e-waste problem is significant and growing. In 2016 alone, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste were generated globally.’ Whilst the report does highlight that reducing print can help, it notes that print waste accounts for less than 1% of the carbon footprint of agencies. Notably, 58% of CO2e emissions generated by the ad industry are estimated to be generated by business travel, in particular flights. Mark hadmore to say following publication of the report. ‘The release of this report recognises that the environmental impacts of advertising can no longer go unactioned. I acknowledge the impact wasted print media can have, but through precision targeting, judicious design feedback and reliable distribution, Whistl is minimising direct marketing waste with well-planned, eco-friendly print campaigns.’ 58% OFAD INDUSTRY EMISSIONSAREGENERATED BYBUSINESSTRAVEL 1% LESS THAN 1%ARE DUE TO PRINTMEDIAWASTE

Michael Boulton has been promoted to Managing Director International, Whistl. His appointment comes in the wake of significant growth in cross-border traffic, and the need to help customers navigate the increasingly complex exporting landscape.


NEWLEICESTER DEPOT FOR PARCELHUB ‘We can’t wait to commence operations at our new site’, said CEONickWells. ‘It will provide a great working environment for our team, and enable us to offer our customers in the SouthWest even more reliability, flexibility and capacity.’ Our brand newpurpose-built depot at Bristol Patchway is scheduled to be operational by Summer 2021. The new 78,000 sq ft facility will be home to our expanding mail/ parcel collection and sortation operations in the SouthWest. All 170 teammembers fromour nearby existing depot will bemoving over, and a recruitment drive is underway following sustained growth in parcel volumes across the region. As well as providing a highly-efficient working environment, the newdepot incorporates the latest heat and power technology tominimise environmental impact. Electric vehicle charging is available for employee vehicles, as well as the company’s own transport fleet. Parcelhub, part of theWhistl Group, is expanding its presence in the East Midlandswith the planned opening of a newLeicester depot inMay 2021. The newdepot will bring much-needed extra capacity with the existing Nottinghambase currently processing over 45,000 items a week. It’s anticipated that ten new jobs will be created at the Leicester site, onemile from the M1/M69 interchange. “Opening in Leicester is a logical step, as we’re regularly handling 18,000 items a week for local customers”, commented Paul Heath, Operations Director for Parcelhub. “Togetherwith our Nottingham HQ, satellite depots in South Yorkshire and Minworth, Parcelhub is now ideally placed to offer great service to customers based along

Theworld’s largest andmost trusted provider of business sustainability ratings has awardedWhistl a bronzemedal CSR ranking. The award comes fromEcoVadis, whose ratings are used by procurement professionals worldwide to assess and compare potential suppliers. EcoVadis ratedWhistl a top performer after assessing our policies, actions and results in four key areas: • Environment • Labour practices • Ethics • Sustainable procurement Our ranking was arrived at after evaluation of howwell we integrated principles of sustainability/CSR into our business and management systems. “Our EcoVadis bronzemedal supports our commitment to continuous improvement of our social, economic and environmental practices,” saidWhistl CEONickWells. “Whether it’s trialling electric vehicles or introducing a newEquality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter, we are constantly looking to be a sustainable, reliable and competitive partner for our customers. This global supplier CSR rating is testimony to that.” Top ‘sustainable supplier’ rating for Whistl

Whistl has launched a new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter enabling employees regardless of identity, background or circumstance to thrive at work and have equal access to opportunities.

Recruitment of drivers at our Bedford super depot has also been bolstered by our involvement in not-for-profit initiative Road to Logistics – addressing the UK’s 45,000 shortfall in HGV drivers by supporting those in society who need a helping hand into employment, through driver training and the HGV test. Chancellor Rishi Sunak namecheckedWhistl in a press release for the government’s Kickstart scheme , aimed at creating opportunities for 16-24 year olds at risk of long-term unemployment. Subsequently a BBC news crew visited our Bedford site to film some of our 11 new recruits through the scheme, including Hayden Finlayson (pictured).

the length of the M1 corridor from Sheffield down to Northampton.”

Source: Ad Net Zero

10 Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2021

We’re here to provide solutions to support you and your business. Whatever you are looking to deliver and wherever you need it to go, we have a service for you. Any other business?

• Tracked • Part tracked • Standard • International Our range of UK and international parcel shipping solutions can help you meet your customers’ expectations.

Global reach for mail and parcels through a network of leading partners worldwide.

• Sorted & unsorted mail • Tracked & untracked parcels

Choose from our range of mail delivery solutions developed to save you time and money. • Sorted • Unsorted • International • Partially addressed • Admail

Providing tailored solutions for inbound and outbound Contact Centre services for brands and retailers.

• Order handling/processing • Live chat/social media monitoring • Customer complaint resolution • E-commerce customer services

Give your customers a high-quality, seamless experience from first click to final delivery.

Increase customer engagement, acquisition or retention with our intelligent approach including targeted leaflets, catalogues, samples and partially addressed.

• Warehousing/storage • Systems/inventory management • Pick & pack • Despatch & distribution • Returns

• Leafletdrop • Partially addressed • Customer insights • Print solutions • Leaflet advertising • Product sampling

Existing customers contact your account manager New customers call 01628 702 413 email whistl.magazine@whistl.co.uk visit www.whistl.co.uk TO FIND OUT MORE

We hope you enjoy reading Whistl Magazine. If you have any news or views that you’d like us to feature in future editions, just get in touch! email whistl.magazine@whistl.co.uk write Rina Maisuria, Whistl UK Ltd, Meridian House, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1TB

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