2021 Training High 5 eBook

Training High Five, created in 2013, is a recognition program for innovative and particularly effective training solutions implemented by CHART members. The winners of the High Five are showcased at the summer CHART conference and become part of an annual compilation of ideas. This collection features solutions that have helped training be delivered more efficiently, allowed trainees to more quickly achieve their learning objectives, and/or improved the overall performance of employees. Please explore this anthology of ideas, and perhaps you can copy, transform, and combine these sparks into your own successful solution. Will You Share Your Success? If you have a training solution that has really worked for you, please consider demonstrating our guidingprinciples of Learning, Sharing, Growing, and Caring and send it to CHART for the betterment of everyone in the organization. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple training game or a complex rollout strategy; as long as it moved the needle in some way at your company and isn’t proprietary, we would love to hear about it. Submit Your Ideas for CHART’s Training High Five before June 1. Visit the CHART website (Membership & Community– Awards & Scholarships) for more details and the quick and easy online nomination form. The CHART Board will review ideas for originality, impact, and relevance. The top ideas submitted each year will be highlighted at the summer conference and then posted on the CHART website for members to see and use. The High Five winners will be contacted in late June and you can look forward to seeing your ideas in another year-end compilation.

2021 Recipients

An Unexpected Tool for Producing High-quality Training Materials Submitted by Lisa Schweickert, US Foods Mentimeter for Interactive Presentations Submitted by Stacy Whitmore, Inspire Brands

Quick-Service Customerville League Submitted by Patrick Yearout, Ivar’s & Kidd Valley Restaurants Transitioning Manager Training from In-person to Virtual Hybrid Submitted by Travis Smith, Best Western

An Unexpected Tool for Creating High-Quality Training Materials Submitted by: Lisa Schweickert, Director of Customer Contact Training & Quality, US Foods


To create and update training materials for complex processes without requiring any dedicated software or specialized design skills. The training aids also needed to be easily accessed and navigated by the end user. How it Works We used PowerPoint to create interactive PDF

Professional, interactive training materials created without complex software

job aids. Who knew PowerPoint could be adapted to this type of navigable format? It is very easy for anyone with basic Powerpoint skills to learn how to create this type of interactive document, so I enlisted the help of a

couple of our business analysts who are part of the customer contact work stream to assist in creating and updating these materials. I provide guidance as needed on content to make sure the information presented covers the key points, is easy to understand, and flows well. Using PowerPoint makes it accessible for people who do not have a background in instructional desgin to create and edit these job aids, making this a sustainable long-term solution for us.


By moving to this process we have been able to create a library of job aids and keep them updated with changes without investing in any additional software programs. It has been a big hit for with our over 700 Customer Contact associates and hundreds of sellers who rely on these resources to learn and perform their jobs.

Quick-Service Customerville League Submitted by: Patrick Yearout, FMP, CHT, Director of Innovation, Recruiting, and Training, Ivar's and Kidd Valley Restaurants


From 4,000 to 14,000+ customer feedback surveys

To increase the amount of guest feedback so our teams can provide higher quality dining experiences.

How it Works

This customer feedback competition is internally called Ivar’s Quick-Service Customerville League since it involves our QSR locations, we use a vendor called Customerville to host our online guest feedback, and it is based on the National Football League. The competition begins every year just after Labor Day and runs through Super Bowl Sunday. As sales slow down following our busy summer season, this activity helps to keep our teams motivated through the fall. Each week, each restaurant competes head-to-head against another restaurant to see who can achieve the highest overall guest score in the Customerville system. The team with the higher score receives a Win, and the team with the lower score tallies a Loss. Each team also needs to receive a minimum number of surveys each week to qualify for the game. The season starts with a low number of surveys required, and increases as the season progresses, which encourages the team members to get as much

feedback as they can from their guests. At the end of the 17 weeks of regular season play (same as the NFL), there are three rounds of playoffs in which the 16 teams with the highest Win percentages begin competing against one another. Once we are down to two teams, these conference winners compete in our Quick-Service Hospitality Super Bowl, a two-week competition that ends on the same day as the NFL Super Bowl. The winning team is announced at our year-end Awards Banquet, and the staff receives some prizes and a trophy that is displayed in their restaurant for a year after winning.


This contest, which we started back in 2012 and continues to this day, had an immediate impact on our guest survey totals because it was so popular with our team members. We generated 5,000 surveys during that first four-month contest, which was more than we had received in the previous year, and the feedback provided by customers helps the managers see the areas in which their teams have excelled and the areas they need improvement. This contest also helps measure the strength of the whole team, rather than highlighting only the front-of-house staff, because everyone must work together to serve the guests well. The contest is very inexpensive to run and requires minimal administrative oversight from managers.

Submitted by: Stacy Whitmore, Learning & Development Specialist, Inspire Brands Mentimeter for Interactive Presentations Objective

To increase interaction and engagement on system-wide webinars and virtual trainings that consist of 100-300 individuals. We had already utilized the interactive functions in the zoom platform but wanted more opportunities for participant engagement.

Increasing engagement in virtual presentations

How it Works

Mentimeter allows for interaction within the presentation with live polling, live word clouds,

quizzes with leaderboards, live graphs, and real-time data insertion. The free account allows up to 2,000 participants to interact in a live setting. This platform can be included as an “add-in” with the PowerPoint platform or you can utilize the platform from the web as an independent presentation tool. The Mentimeter platform is similar to PollEverywhere, but a lot more user friendly. It is also similar to Kahoot as a quiz and leaderboard added element. The platform has QR codes built in to the presentation for ease of access for the user.


This tool has really helped us to engage and interact with large audiences from any level. Especially valuable in the virtual environment, Mentimeter adds an element to any presentation regardless of whether the topic is training, financial, compliance, or informational.

Submitted by: Travis Smith, CHA, CHT, ACI, Hospitality Management Trainer, Best Western Hotels & Resorts Transitioning Manager Training from In-person to Virtual Hybrid


Shifting to virtual hybrid training without sacrificing learner engagement

To provide an online interactive opportunity for all Best Western general managers (GMs) to learn about the tools and resources Best Western provides and to collaborate with their fellow GMs. Our intention was that this new virtual learning

experience would ultimately replace our traditional in-person GM operation training permanently. Additionally, we wanted to create a virtual course that: replicates as much of the traditional classroom experience as possible includes ample opportunities for networking, interaction, and engagement focuses on need-to-know content, with additional resources for nice-to-know content reduces the cost of training ensures the training is accessible and easy for participants to understand and complete

How it Works

The final course design was developed through extensive research with educational partners and experts in the field of virtual learning experiences. The four-week course encourages attendees to engage with their peers virtually, and consists of:

live Zoom calls, including breakout rooms where attendees can network and learn from one another self-paced eLearning courses featuring videos, knowledge checks, discussion boards, and more interactive Q&A huddles covering industry hot topics


This highly engaging, blended-learning course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from beta and pilot test classes, consisting of 180 GMs from January through July of 2021. In addition, we have achieved an estimated cost savings of over $250,000 to Best Western Owners within the first 6 months of this program.

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