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9. We will serve unique Asian or locally inspired complimentary snacks; guests ordering wine will receive special snacks that differ from guests ordering cocktails (The snacks would ideally be local in nature, but failing that, with an Asian twist. It does not mean that every snack must be Asian. The idea of having different snacks for different drinks is a current one and reflects our innovation.)

10. Our tabletops will always be pre-set with elements of interest, such as local accents, florals, candles; never including flyers or stands

11. We will be especially attentive to guest comfort and engagement, for example by ensuring that chairs and pillows are well-arranged, and bending or kneeling when speaking to guests on low seats to achieve eye-level contact (This gracious touch acknowledges that lounges often present challenges to traditional comfort and service. We should be attentive to how comfortable guests appear as they converse. Also, we must be conscious of how we act, as often it is necessary to bend down to properly speak and serve.) 12. We will speak with guests calmly and discreetly, not interrupting conversations or asking obvious questions; and conversations amongst colleagues will be quiet and minimal (The best of service in the luxury tradition is that staff does their work competently and quietly. Often, staff reveals a lack of sophistication or confidence by asking too many questions such as “Shall I clear the plate?” when it is clearly empty.) 14. Whenever a guest has accepted our recommendation, the colleague giving the recommendation will show sincere interest and return to ask how they enjoyed it (A common courtesy is to ensure that the guest who took your advice enjoyed the dish.) 15. We will present our checks in distinctive folders/trays that are Asian or locally inspired, not a typical folder; when guests are reviewing the check, we will step away to allow privacy (A measure of respect for our guest’s money and privacy. This means we don’t use the same tired leather or plastic check folders. And after presenting the check, we step away. While swift check collection is desirable, the guest should never feel a sense of hovering or being watched.) 16. When children and elders are present, we will give them special recognition, for example by ensuring that we pause, and speak clearly to them individually, where possible at child’s eye level (For elders, this is a sign of family respect, for children, it is an attempt to encourage their participation and interest. Perhaps there are other aspects of etiquette that can be shown, especially for elders.) 13. Our service will be attentively and seamlessly paced so that the guest never experiences noticeable delays or must signal for service

17. We will ensure that activities and events in the adjacent lobby area will not affect the ambience of the Lobby Lounge

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