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Lobby Lounge

Elegant, chic vibrancy with an Asian accent

1. Our Lobby Lounge will feature sophisticated live music from 1500 through evening, with excellent quality sound systems projecting a sense of energy into the lobby (The Lobby Lounge will be the focal point of our lobby, definitive of the Shangri-La brand. The keyword is “sophisticated” with respect to music. It seems that some hotels have faulty or inadequate sound systems and thus diminish the effect of the entertainment.) 2. Our chic lobby colleagues will be attired in Asian-inspired uniforms that have panache (The idea is to create a clear Asian Shangri-La identity in our Lobby Lounges outside of Asia. The word “chic” is purposeful and should be used in hiring decisions and during training.) 3. Striking, elegant and artful displays of florals, food and drink will be prominently placed in the lounge, especially visible to passersby (The purpose is to showcase the hotel’s culinary expertise. The word ‘striking” is meant to convey sophistication and excellence.) 4. We will provide a distinctive change in the ambience of the Lobby Lounge from day to evening, for example with changes in uniforms, lighting, sound style, candles, etc. (The purpose of the lounge often changes from an informal gathering spot or business spot during the day, to a relaxed social and entertainment venue in the evening.) 5. Our lounges will feature an extensive range of Asian and/or local teas featured in a prominent and elegant display (We will promote our heritage and offer guests a peek into an Asian specialty.) 6. The serviceware will be uniquely stylish, designated to the Lobby Lounge and menu items will be specially designed for elegant and chic presentation (This means that we do not present in the same manner as in the coffee shop or a banquet. The idea is to make it more sophisticated and polished. The food and drinks will be creatively designed and garnished, mindful of guest comfort in a lounging position. Higher drinks standards will also help elevate the prestige of the barmen. Even a cappuccino should be considered for style. This includes garnish and crockery.)

7. Each Lobby Lounge will feature one tasteful signature feature for which it is known, for example, large orchestra, afternoon tea, weekend jazz, etc.

8. Our wines and spirits will feature a wide selection, including a minimum of eight red and eight white, and luxury brand champagnes by the glass, reflecting various price-points (This standard may not be perfect for some specific locations. But from a competitive perspective, this level of choice is required.)

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