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A relaxed and engaging start to the day

(additional to the above restaurant standards)

1. Our greeters will be attentively positioned at the entry, greeting guests immediately, not from behind podiums or counters (This simply means that we stand in front of our restaurants, waiting to greet guests in the honourable fashion. If it is required to check a reservation, the greeter would simply step back to the podium momentarily.) 2. We will seat guests thoughtfully for maximum comfort and privacy, and offer a choice of seats unless impossible; we will remain at the table until all guests are comfortably seated (An indicator of respect is to remain with the guests until they are comfortable rather than “dropping” them off and leaving. Also, in too many cases, the greeter makes a table choice with no compelling reason, where the guest may wish to sit elsewhere. Thoughtful strategy is still required to direct the guest, for example, directing families to tables where they will feel most comfortable, etc.) 3. We will speak with guests calmly and discreetly, not interrupting conversations or asking obvious questions; and conversations amongst colleagues will be quiet and minimal (The best of service in the luxury tradition is that our colleagues do their work competently and quietly. Often, staff reveals a lack of sophistication or confidence by asking too many questions such as “Shall I clear the plate?” when it is clearly empty or “Shall I pour more wine?” when it clearly needs refilling.) 4. During breakfast, we will be especially sensitive to the guest’s demeanor, reacting either with quiet remarks or engaging conversation (This standard is all about reading the guest individually. We must realize that some guests want to sit quietly and read the newspaper, whilst other guests want to chat about their day and the local environment.)

5. Our service will be attentively and seamlessly paced so that the guest never experiences noticeable delays or must signal for service

6. While guests are at our buffet, our dedicated guides will proactively greet guests, expedite traffic, and describe the dishes highlighting local specialties and house specialties (We want to help the guest achieve an authentic experience. The guide may be a uniformed chef standing on guest side of buffet, or a dedicated colleague who is attired in a manner clearly different from the regular servers. The key is that they are proactive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the food and its preparations. Their responsibility is to help the guest enjoy the full range of items.)

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