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7. We will knowledgably and enthusiastically describe our foods and drinks, with special pride in regional specialties and signature dishes; reasonable special requests will be graciously accommodated (This standard would include both a la carte items and buffet service, and also pertains to drinks. If a server does not know a complex answer, they will quickly find a colleague who does. If a request can’t be met, then a rational alternative must be suggested.)

8. Whenever a guest has accepted our recommendation, the colleague giving the recommendation will show sincere interest and return to ask how they enjoyed it (A common courtesy is to ensure that the guest who took your advice enjoyed the dish.)

9. During breakfast, we will visit each table to serve warm bakery items from an attractive basket, whilst explaining the different breads (This is a courtesy and also an opportunity to show off a freshly baked product. It is reminiscent of a gesture one would perform at home.) 10. We will present our checks in distinctive folders/trays that are Asian or locally inspired, not a typical folder; when guests are reviewing the check, we will step away to allow privacy (A measure of respect for our guest’s money and privacy. This means we don’t use the same tired leather or plastic check folders. And after presenting the check, we step away. While swift check collection is desirable, the guest should never feel a sense of hovering or being watched.) 11. If the guest has a breakfast-inclusive package, we will not present a check or require a signature from them (Our guests are confused when they know they have a breakfast-inclusive package, but are asked anyway to sign a bill. It invariably leads to questions and uncertainty. This requires that the greeter or server ascertain the guest’s identity before the check is prepared.) 12. When children and elders are present, we will give them special recognition, for example by ensuring that we pause, speak clearly to them individually to establish a rapport, where possible at child’s eye level (For elders, this is a sign of our The Shangri-La Experience. For kids, it is an attempt to increase their participation and interest. Perhaps there are other aspects of etiquette that can be shown, especially for elders.)

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