PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

TEAM DEVELOPMENT Ditch the Talent Treadmill — Grow Your Business with Intrapreneurs Grow their empire and they’ll help grow yours Holly Priestner, Head of Talent, PLACE

Let’s be honest, recruiting can be exhausting. You spend hours each week connecting with top talent to build your team. You hope those you hire will stay and grow with your business, but sometimes they don’t. Does it feel like you’ve got a revolving door on your business?

attracted to businesses where they can see a clear path to career progression and success. Speak to them as business partners from your first conversation. It’s far more effective to use matter-of- fact business terms rather than trying a hard sell on your team. In conversation, pay attention to the words and phrases they use and repeat. People focused on splits and commissions don’t fit the business-minded intrapreneur mold. Intrapreneurs speak of business profitability and achieving income goals, frequently using words like growth and opportunity. An intrapreneur wants to collaborate. Explain their profits will be directly tied to yours, simply as partners who happen to have different roles. Show them you have a proven path to success. Show them that your team is not just productive but also profitable. Highlight the tangible value you bring to make them profitable. Not just marketing and support, but also tools, technology, operations, and coaching. BE A CAREER DESTINATION Intrapreneurs see how you’ll fast-track their income goals this year, next year and beyond. You’re not looking for people who join short-term to use your business as their launching pad. An intrapreneur will help drive your business as they grow theirs. Show them your organizational charts:

You can close that door by hiring intrapreneurs who want to grow their enterprises within a business they’re committed to – yours. DEFINE INTRAPRENEUR An intrapreneur is someone who works within your organization but behaves like an entrepreneur. They go beyond understanding their roles; they comprehend how a business functions. You know you’re talking to an intrapreneur if they’re self- motivated rather than direction-seeking. But there’s more to intrapreneurs — they take initiative instead of waiting for permission. They’re good at communicating, rather than just talking. They’re doers, coachable but empowered to proactively seek out solutions. They don’t expect you to build them a team. They already know how to recruit, hire and coach talent to create an enterprise within your own. In short, they think like you — as a business owner.

• Where you started • Where you are now • Where you’ll be in 20 years

TALK TO THEM AS PARTNERS Nothing draws top talent like admiration. Intrapreneurs are


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