PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

Ask them to identify which of your business units they’d like to grow. Help them see how. MAKE IT ABOUT THEM They can develop a business unit within your team while leveraging the systems and processes you already have in place. Intrapreneurs view themselves as more than a means to achieve someone else’s business goals. Talk about what you can do for them, not just about what they can do for you. • Focus the conversation on their goals • Chart a path for their success • Ask about their passions and dreams Again, listen to the words they use. Find out what motivates them and the projects they’re committed to. Their vision of the future should align with yours for your relationship to grow long-term. This is particularly true for emerging talent. Millennials, who now make up most of the workforce, want to work for an organization whose mission aligns with theirs. They’re attracted to real estate as a career for the flexible schedule, opportunities for self-starters, and ability to set income goals. Show them how your organization can help them build a bigger life in and out of work. DEVELOP YOUR INTRAPRENEURS Retaining top talent is one of your roles as a business leader. Tell intrapreneurs how you’ll invest in them and their goals. You should be charting a path that leads to their achievement. This means investing time in your intrapreneurs. • Weekly coaching on growth goals and their production • Quarterly conversations about their contributions to the team • Yearly formal growth planning and review Work with them to create a formal growth plan from the beginning. Hold them accountable for following their plan. But remind them that they’re building something that goes beyond their personal goals. Growth-minded intrapreneurs want to pursue the next opportunity. Create benchmarks for them to reach that, and open the door for them to do so.


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