PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

TEAM DEVELOPMENT Recruit like a Pro

PLACE Partners share their top tips to attract talent Adelina Rotar, Jay White, Kimberlee Meserve and Jacqueline Smith

Recruiting is crucial to your business. Leveraging your team will be the key to your growth and success. Whether you’re a new PLACE Partner starting over alone or already growing an established team, you can learn from the successful recruitment strategies of PLACE Partners.

Adelina Rotar: Commit to your Zero Owner/Operator, Austin, Texas

Jay White: Fish Where the Fish Are Owner/Operator, Charlotte, North Carolina

The first step of recruitment, no matter where you are in your career, is knowing your zero. Your zero is the baseline number of team members that you want to build initially and not fall below that number.

When Jay White (The Jay White Group) launched his team a year ago, he went straight into heavy recruiting as his GCI wasn’t steady, and it was mostly gener- ated by himself.

Adelina Rotar (Austin, TX) has a team of 23 with a zero of 20 agents. To maintain her zero, she spends two to three hours a week keeping talent in her pipeline. But in the beginning, she made building her team to 20 her ONE Thing. When her number of agents dips below 20, it becomes her priority again. Until her team is over 20 again, she’ll spend 20 to 30 hours a week focusing on adding to her sales force. “When you have 20 agents and one agent leaves or two agents leave, everybody brushes it off,” Adelina says. “But if you have eight agents and one agent leaves or two agents leave, that’s like 25% of your sales force, and it’s really rough for you.” In addition, you must talk to enough people to have enough appointments, she says. The process is simple and similar to getting listing appointments: set an appointment, build rapport and if the appointment is going somewhere, then do a needs analysis, and share the value proposition of PLACE and your local team. Closing them doesn’t finalize the agent’s place on Adelina’s team. A new agent doesn’t work in the team’s office until graduating from PLACE Launch and completing all prerequisites. Through experience, Rotar learned that no exceptions can be made – they must enter the office already plugged in and prepared.

“We knew we had to increase agent count to increase our GCI and make it consistent,” he shares. He started recruiting new agents because it was an easy win: they needed a place to sell real estate, and he had the solution. He sponsored real estate school classes, then went and talked to the agents about joining his team. “We were just fishing where the fish were,” he explains. “They were getting their real estate license in six weeks, and I wanted that.” Since launching, Jay has built his team from four to 18 agents. He shares their stories and the team’s success on social media to attract others. “Brag about your team when you have something to brag about,” he suggests. As a result, agents reach out to him regularly, asking how the team’s doing it. With a growing team, Jay’s daily focus and activities have shifted. While his agents are lead-generating for buyers and sellers, he’s lead-generating for talent every day. In June, he only spent 10% of his time producing, whereas before that was more like 50 to 70%. “I’ve got 400 leads in Brivity right now that are all recruiting leads. And I’m working that pipeline,” Jay says.


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