PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

TEAM DEVELOPMENT Branding to Power Partnerships How tailor-made branding can grow your team Alex Day, Creative Director, The Shanna Day Team

Our releases emphasize the team’s value propositions on either the agent experience while working there or why consumers should choose our team to do business with. We post this on the agent’s website blog. The agent then reposts the blog article to their social media accounts, driving traffic to their new website.

Your recruiting efforts are fruitful and people are showing interest in joining your team. They’ve had an initial conversation with you, perhaps attended a career night, and are close to signing. What’s the next step to them successfully signing with your team? The answer: personal branding.

New business cards and nametag

By showcasing for recruits the suite of tailor-made and branded collateral they can have on day one, you help them experience the feeling of being on-brand within a partnership that boosts their business. Studies show a strong, consistent brand leads to more recognition; more recognition leads to inspired team members, greater trust in the marketplace, and ultimately more business. I have been in the real estate industry for five years, now focused on recruiting, retention, and team growth through brand recognition. Prior to joining the Shanna Day Team, I ran a creative agency catering to some of Arizona’s most iconic brands. CREATING BRANDED COLLATERAL During the recruiting stage, display your brand kit to showcase all of the possibilities to your recruits. Once they sign, offer them a tailor-made, branded collateral kit with the scripts, strategies, and solutions to market their business from day one. Take a look at what my team includes and how we implement our tools.

Getting our agents’ business cards with a nametag as quickly as possible gets them excited about being a part of a team. More than 50% of our recruiting pipeline is generated with referrals from recent recruits, since they love everything they receive from the team in their first two weeks, and are so excited to share!

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We like to prepare their first month of pop-bys with new business cards. “Your neighborhood’s trusted real estate agent,” is a great foundation for building brand awareness. Pop-bys are best hand- delivered by the agent, accompanied by face-to-face conversations with as many contacts in their farm area as possible.

A press release detailing their new career path

Our team shows prospective recruits a visual calendar of their entire ensuing year, right down to the marketing materials available to them each month. We love how showing them what we offer to help build their business excites each of our new recruits.

A press release should include a bio about the new agent and a quote from them about what excites them most about being a part of the team and one from the team leader about why the team is looking forward to partnering with this individual.


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