PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

grabs. Our team generates these leads for our agents daily; when an agent claims a lead, one of their tasks is to mail or drop off a branded booklet to the owner. Not only does it position the agent as an expert, it brands with their name, number, and headshot, giving newly recruited agents confidence to go after a huge pool of leads. We’ve watched this practice generate immediate business.

Agent farming postcards

Designed to generate brand awareness, postcards to the agent’s farm area are so easy to send. Ours usually include a message of, “Your neighborhood’s trusted real estate agent,” with some market stats or recently sold properties on the back.

Social media templates

Available on PLACE Marketer.

We announce every new recruit on multiple social media platforms. Our team has a variety of templates to choose from for creating social media announcements. These

Staging and selling lead magnet

Our agents get a branded booklet designed for prospective sellers teaching them how to stage and prepare for showings, individualized with their headshot, name, and phone number. This printed booklet, with their information professionally presented both inside and on the cover, is the tangible, product-in-hand they need to feel they have a real business when meeting with prospective clients. One simple booklet, even when agents are brand-new, helps them understand the value they can deliver to prospective sellers, giving them valuable confidence to farm for listings.

announcements usually pull elements from the press release, including quotes from both the team leader and new team member. PLACE Marketer has made it easy to customize these templates and make them your own. We’ve found it’s most effective to create both a story and a post to generate optimal interest. Available on PLACE Marketer.

Email templates

Nine questions lead magnet

Upon joining the team, we provide a series of three emails to the recruit’s database which always redirects to the agent’s new website. The first email centers on the new career move, building brand awareness, and the new partnership.

Agents on our team also get a branded booklet designed for prospective buyers and sellers covering, “Nine questions to ask your Realtor® before hiring one, and the answers you want to hear.” The newly recruited agent delivers a tangible, eye-catching, and professional item of value to clients.

The second email highlights the benefits of the team’s enhanced transparency and communication to the consumer for their real estate needs. Third email emphasis — it might be a new team, but working within the same community prepares them to help them buy, sell or invest in real estate. This final email features available tools, including listing alerts and market reports. Tap into templates via PLACE marketer Already using PLACE CRM? You can locate many of these templates on PLACE Marketer and Need a personal consultation or custom design work? Reach out to

The agent is branded on every page of this material; the same material also trains the agent on answering the inevitable questions a client will ask, and how to handle common objections like, “Why are you worth 6%?” The booklet is as functional at getting agent recruits to feel valuable as it is providing equally valuable information to their clients.

FSBO/canceled/expireds lead magnet

We also give agents on our team a branded booklet that functions as a free guide for FSBO/Canceled/Expireds to get their homes on the market successfully a second time. This huge portion of the market is currently up for


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