PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022


PLACE Partner A testament to the power of leverage with Tamara Lamore, Owner/Operator, Everett, WA

“I had to forget about what I was doing as an independent agent to fully embrace the models and systems of PLACE,” Lamore said. “Once I mastered those, I could add my flair.” Quickly she became one of Kinney’s five listed long-distance team members and naturally solidified as the Everett location’s official team leader and first PLACE expansion partner. Lamore’s team was the Bellingham location’s leverage, assuming an overflow of leads and clients while building a local database. “Because the Bellingham team entrusted financial, marketing, and administrative needs to the Leverage Model, I focused only on buyers and sellers,” Lamore said. Lamore recounts the leads piling so high that one more could send her weekend of showings into chaos. In a moment of urgent problem-solving, Lamore originated the first step of the PLACE Leverage Model: earning a showing agent. She called her colleagues on the other side of her cubicle walls,

Immigrating from Canada in 2001, Tamara Lamore remembers thinking, “If I’m starting over, then being a real estate agent is next.” For the next eight years flying solo, she was glued to every step of every transaction, closing 35 homes a year. Balancing being a successful one-person business, a mother of three young boys, and a wife was more an anomaly than a long-term solution. Luckily Lamore, seeking a team for leverage and community, met PLACE Co-Founder Ben Kinney, who illustrated his vision for her on a napkin by drawing a circle inside a circle. He labeled the outer circle PLACE resources and the inner circle Lamore, promising, “The PLACE circle will continuously grow bigger, so you will always have room to grow.” Lamore joined him. PLACE established office space for her closer to home in Everett, Washington, as she lived an hour from the team’s location in Bellingham. As a long-distance team member, her annual sales jumped more than 40%.


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