PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

their databases for them. Agents should take the time to sort through their lead generation each day to make the necessary entries for long-term success. Make sure everyone on your team understands that launch has no spring break – there isn’t going to be down time or a break in activities to catch up. They must stay on top of their activities from the beginning by putting each item from the Launch Tracker into their calendars to ensure it’s getting done each week. Most importantly, remind them to always remember to ask for help. We are here to make sure their start with PLACE is a huge success. Their wins are our wins and their struggles are our struggles. If your agents need help, feel overwhelmed, or simply need some guidance, please reach out to our Launch Team so we can get them back on track.

the welcome emails and content they’ve received, make sure they know how to join the calls, and see what activities will be completed day one. Remind your agents that they get in what they put out. If they sit on the calls with their camera off while browsing the MLS, their results will reflect that. They’ve committed to follow the program, so follow it the way it was designed. Do the activities, show up to the calls, and get ready to take action. DURING LAUNCH During launch, PLACE Operators should have a standing weekly meeting to coach agents on their progress. This can be done as a group or in a one-on-one format. Check in on skill development, activity completion, time-blocking, and help them overcome challenges or obstacles. Throughout the process, don’t forget to trust the data. Your agents are tracking everything they’re doing in launch in Brivity and their Launch Trackers. Use this data to guide your coaching conversations and track completion. Finally, communicate with our launch team. Let us know if you have an agent who needs extra support or if you’re struggling to coach or lead them, even if it’s to let us know an agent may need to pause or re-launch in the future. Remind your agents to track their data throughout launch. Launch is a numbers game and we will teach agents who, what, when, where, and how to track data, log calls, and set themselves up for a thriving database. But, we can’t update


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