PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

TEAM DEVELOPMENT New Agent Success Preparing for PLACE Launch 101 Marley Jackman, Director of Agent Launch, PLACE

BEFORE LAUNCH Schedule a pre-launch meeting the week before your agents start. Review the details, lay out expectations, and set goals with your agents throughout their time in launch. Don’t forget to provide encouragement. Celebrate their first day of launch, have the team all send them a text wishing them luck on their first day, and acknowledge accomplishments and milestones they hit throughout the launch. Shoutouts on the Friday Partner Call always feel good and keep agents engaged. As the beneficiaries of the PLACE Launch Program, agents should also come willing and ready to learn our proprietary models and systems. They should attend the first launch call with cameras on and ready to participate. Agents should review

Setting your team up for success in the early stages of PLACE onboarding is key to ensuring a successful partnership. We find that leaders who set their own launch tasks to guide their teams in the right direction can more quickly integrate with the PLACE technology, systems, and services proven to increase team productivity and performance. Each launch program is 12 weeks long, which begins with a first full week of “kick off” calls, followed by weekly launch labs. While the launch program is designated for new and experienced agents specifically, Operators can implement the following strategies to set their agents up for success early on in the partnership.


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