PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

PLACE TECH Power Up Productivity with PLACE Tech Embrace these features and see your business grow Bob Stewart, Head of Technology Implementation, PLACE

From running a brokerage to co-founding an online social blogging platform, my 21-year career in real estate tech has been assorted and wide-ranging. In 2015, when I began working with Ben Kinney to build out Brivity, I knew something remarkable was on its way. Fast forward to today and it’s been humbling to see the initial, BIG vision translate into reality. I’m proud to say that the Brivity platform powers thousands of top real estate teams, and the platform has been further expanded and customized to power the PLACE Operating System. Today, my focus centers on helping PLACE teams fully utilize all we have to offer to be productive and profitable with the least amount of friction in the market — of the moment and beyond. As we settle into a shift, embracing technology is more important than ever, as it enhances your efficiency and productivity without adding the cost of additional overhead. Along with our top Brivity users, I’ve outlined some key tips and features to begin leveraging TODAY to amp up your productivity and bolster your bottom line.


2. USE MARKET REPORTS TO ENHANCE YOUR STANDING AS THE LOCAL EXPERT Aside from organizing your database and digital presence, one of the most popular tools are the Market Reports. It can be a little scary initiating a call with someone you haven’t spoken to in several years. How do you set up that conversation? Market Reports! Every day, one of your past clients or a prospect drives home in their neighborhood and sees a “Just Sold” sign. Immediately, they want to know what that home sold for. Market reports allow you to set up a tool for them to get information directly from you, not someone else. This keeps you top-of- mind and accessible to your sphere. Requiring minimal effort to set up, Market Reports establishes you as the neighborhood expert of choice.

One of the things that a lot of people do in a shifting market is try to go find new business. But the reality is about two-thirds of the business in the industry every year comes from past clients in our sphere and people who already know us. Don’t go looking outside your sphere when you already have a lot of potential in your database. Use the tools already available to you for maximum performance. In the PLACE Operating System, several tools help keep you organized and connected, yet one in particular I really love is the dialer. The dialer is one of the most underutilized tools connecting agents with the people they already know. People in your sphere looking at the “doom and gloom” news headlines and getting their real estate market information from places other than you, the real local market expert. Agents should be going out and meeting their customers where they need to be met, actually giving them the real scoop on what’s happening in the local real estate market. This agent outreach is what they need.


One of the most challenging aspects of managing a database is ensuring a consistent flow of communication with a prospect.


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