PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

Q&A with Top PLACE Tech Users

“I call market reports the gift that just keeps on giving. Set them once and let the system do the heavy lifting for you. We have multiple examples of clients reaching out to us to sell their homes based on just these alone, dating back to 201 8.” Gail Smith, Owner/Operator, BKT South Sound

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OTHER PARTNERS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF TECH? “Follow the 10 Daily Steps to Succeed resource religiously. It is easier to create the habit right from the start. Brivity can be the best tool in your toolkit, as long as you inspect what you expect. Left unchecked, it just becomes a place to store information.”

Gail Smith, Owner/Operator, South Sound

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THE PLACE TECHNOLGY? “I love how user-friendly the CRM is. I do not feel overwhelmed or like I need a degree to understand it. I love that the ops group gets to go over the tech and play with it before it is launched to us. Market reports, templated ads and the entire Brivity suite are my favorites. I would tell other operators that they need to plug into the PLACE Tech immediately. The different trainings, Facebook group, and Bob Stewart are all there to help us grow quicker. We have a obligation to lean into them. One day soon the PLACE Tech platform will run our entire team.”

That is where Auto Plans shine! Whether it’s new prospects or leads for nurture, you’re able to choose from hundreds of templates designed with the right messaging to reach your audience. You can run as-is, or duplicate and customize. While you’re working on your business or enjoying time away, Auto Plans are hard at work in the background, communicating with your database. 4. LEAN INTO PLACE MARKETER TO SHOWCASE A VISUALLY-STUNNING BRAND Your brand matters when it comes to standing out. With Marketer, you’re able to create beautiful marketing with a couple of clicks. Best of all, Marketer taps into your MLS so all of your MLS data populates your marketing pieces with descriptions and photos. You can even turn your listings into videos. Marketer encompasses Facebook ads.

Jamie Estes, Owner/Operator, Central Missouri

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OTHER PLACE PARTNERS LOOKING TO GET THE MOST OUT OF TECH? “Many features are super useful. I’d say to dive in, stay connected through the Facebook page, and really learn what is available to you.”

Jake DaRosa, Owner/Operator, The DaRosa Team


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