PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

PLACE TECH How Tech is Changing the World of Lead Generation From awareness to purchase, Brivity Connect hits all aspects of the marketing funnel Amy Gerrish, Director of Brivity Consumer Leads

Funnels have fundamentally shifted in the world of marketing. They used to look like this: • Radio listeners and TV viewers hear an ad (awareness) • Potential clients visit a store or an office (traffic) • Some of those people purchase a product or a service (conversion) Currently, with everyone’s attention tuned to their mobile devices, and online shopping at an all-time high (partially pandemic-fueled), a digital marketing funnel is more important than ever. So we developed Brivity Connect, designed for optimal lead and traffic generation, along with promoting continued awareness. In ecommerce, for a purchase made at the retailer’s website, the conversion happens online. In real estate, it’s not nearly so easy. The conversion usually happens over the phone or via text, an inbound form-fill on an agent’s website, or an in- person event. The Brivity Platform marketing funnel connects prospective buyers and sellers directly, by providing user- behavior data ranging from website visits to homes-favorited and more. Coupled with the platform’s long-term nurture plans, you have a machine built for lead conversion. A breakdown of the Brivity Connect funnel: • Buyer lead generation (awareness) • Buyer revisits your website (traffic) • Buyer sees your brand across the internet (continued awareness) • Brivity Platform (conversion)

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LEAD GENERATION Because Brivity is constantly pulling in live and dynamically updated home listings from agents’ IDX feed, our content stays fresh and relevant to our users. When they see a post on Facebook, they’re able to scroll through homes for sale on their device with ease.

When they find a home they like, they can simply click to view pictures and details on the agent’s website. Most importantly, they are qualified before they do so. After asking prospective clients when they are looking to move and whether they have a home to sell, we discovered 10 to 15% of buyer leads are actually seller leads, too.


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