PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

REVISITS VIA RETARGETING Technology can track your leads to see what homes they are most interested in, so next time they check Facebook, Brivity will deliver them a new ad with even more homes of interest, no questions asked. Users can go straight to the agent’s website to look at homes. On the back-end, the Brivity Platform reports what homes they are looking at and how many times they revisit the website.


The old 1930s marketing “rule of seven” was that a lead must see your ad seven times before making a purchase. Today, it is more like 40 to 70 times. A continued awareness campaign keeps your brand top-of-mind on the popular sites an agent’s leads might visit.

CONVERSION IN THE BRIVITY PLATFORM Combining the campaigns with the tracking and automated nurture plans in the Brivity Platform gives you all the data insights and communication starters you need to convert leads!

BOTTOM LINE Brivity Connect hits all facets of the marketing funnel, making it easier for agents to convert by providing data on lead-behavior insights and leveraging automated nurture technology. SEE FOR YOURSELF Interested in learning how Brivity Connect can boost your leads? Schedule a demo at


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