PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

“Closing this loyalty gap can double — possibly triple — your business.”

BETTER SERVE YOUR CLIENTS When you solve problems for your customers, you add value to the relationship. When you take the time to determine the best ways to address their issues — through your personal interactions, along with the products and services you offer — you’ve turned yourself into an invaluable asset your customer will return to again and again. This designation is what keeps you ahead of the competition. The key is then to stay top-of-mind within your sphere via sharing generously the nuggets of value and wisdom they seek. When we take time to understand what our customers want to know and accomplish, we have found a common language we can use to effectively both interact efficiently and customize our messaging and communication to their needs. Closing this loyalty gap can double — possibly triple — your business.

Source: NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers Miller, Donald. Building a StoryBrand. Harper Collins Leadership. 2017.


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