PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

Build your own script

Can’t find the perfect script for one unique situation? Build your own! Just include these five components: Opener Introduce yourself and figure out their name, or use it if you know it. Make sure to state who you are and where you’re from to establish validity in the conversation. Rapport I can’t just unload information on a lead. I have to seek first to understand who they are, and what they want to do. Why are they at this open house? Why are they looking at homes at 3 in the morning? We have to establish some common ground before we can move forward. Motivation Get to the root of your lead’s motivation to buy, sell, or make a change. You’ll notice when you’re moving closer to their dream and a solution because there will be natural breaks in the conversation. Your lead will likely slow down and hesitate. This is a normal part of the process, and helps us get to the objection. Objection As long as you know the objection is coming, it won’t catch you off guard. Objections come up naturally, so you can express that you fully understand, offer to research their concern, do some homework, and get back to them. This flows perfectly into the next step. Commitment Address their objection by getting a commitment. Here’s a great question to ask, “Which day this week can I call you back with that information?” As a PLACE Partner, you have exclusive access to our robust resource library that includes time-tested scripts for almost every buying and selling situation. Tap into it 24/7 and watch your team’s productivity improve!


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