Lauzon not unbeatable: Goodale

By Greg Kielec A sex offender who Cornwall police re- cently warned the public about has been re-arrested. Michel Joseph Maybury, 58, of Cornwall, was arrested by city police’s sexual assault and child abuse unit Nov. 6, two days after he was spotted at a restaurant near a chil- dren’s play area. He was under a lifetime order prohibiting him from being near any area where chil- dren under the age of 14 are present. He has been charged with two counts of breach of a probation order, according to Cornwall police. Police released a rare public warning that Maybury was living in Cornwall, including a picture and physical description of him on Oct. 17, “in the interest of community safety”. “Maybury will be residing within the com- munity and the Cornwall Community Police Service is advising the public to use caution at all times and to practice sound crime pre- vention and safety measures at all times,” Cornwall police wrote in a press release. Maybury had just served seven months for breaking an order banning him from be- ing in an area where children may be pres- ent, as well as committing an indecent act, when Cornwall police issued the warning. He has convictions that date back to 1974 that include robbery, armed robbery, per- sonating a peace officer and a variety of historic sexual offences relating to children. He is being held in custody after being denied bail last week. He is expected to ap- pear in court again on Thursday. Sex offender who was focus of warning arrested again

riding,” Goodale said. “Don’t assume you’ve got it in the bag.” The long-time Saskatchewan MP spent much of his address in front of about 60 supporters highlighting the “impunity” of the governing federal Conservatives and how they have used “wedge” issues to po- larize Canadian politics. He listed the robocall scandal, the secre-


Local MP Guy Lauzon is not unbeatable, says the federal Liberal party’s deputy leader Ralph Goodale. The Conservative MP for Stormont- D u n d a s - S o u t h Glengarry was re- turned to Parlia- ment for the fourth time on May 2, 2011, garnering a whopping 20,000 more votes than Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement. But Goodale, speaking to The Journal af- ter an address at the Liberal party’s Red Leaf Dinner in Cornwall on Thursday, said that Lauzon is not invincible. “Frommy experience, no political party or particular candidate has a monopoly in any

tive F-35 fighter jet contract, and the Con- servatives’ perceived desire to cut back old age security to char- acterize the type of government being run by Prime Minister Ste- phen Harper. “They govern like

“Frommy experience, no political party or particular candidate has a monopoly in any riding.”

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a bunch of thugs and they run roughshod over anyone who gets in their way,” he said. Goodale was asked to reveal his preferred candidate for new leader of the federal Lib- erals during a question and answer session after his address, but was politely demure in his response. It wouldn’t be proper for him to reveal his favourite this early in the process - out of fairness as party deputy leader -- but he said he may throw his support behind a candidate later in the leadership campaign. He stressed the Liberal party must ensure the leadership contest is “not just a beauty contest and a horse race”, imploring local Liberals to challenge candidates and ask them “tough questions” before deciding upon a leader. Only Justin Trudeau has officially declared his candidacy for the race which will culmi-

nate April 14, 2013 in Ottawa, but there are three or four members of the Liberal caucus that may enter the race and a number of other Liberal supporters from across Cana- da who may run. Goodale said that Trudeau is the type of person who instantly creates “a buzz” when he walks into a room. “He’s got the sizzle.” And for the son of one of Canada’s most memorable prime ministers, the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, that’s “a huge political as- set”, Goodale said. But the young Trudeau also must demon- strate that he has the substance to back up his celebrity, he said. Ralph Goodale, deputy leader of the Lib- eral Party of Canada, pauses during a speech at the annual Red Leaf Dinner in Cornwall Thursday night.



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Convicted sex offender Michel Joseph Maybury, 58, is shown in this photo dis- tributed by Cornwall police with a public warning on Oct. 17. Maybury was arrest- ed after he was spotted near a children’s play area on Nov. 4.

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