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and do the work, stay focused with your nutrition, and follow what we put in place for you, you will see those changes, just as I did. Bryan: I remember many times seeing you in the back sitting on dumbbells and eating a pre-packed meal that I’m sure didn’t taste great, but your discipline was inspiring. I knew you

We wanted to know what it was like for Zach to train for his first bodybuilding competition and what kinds of sacrifices he made in his day-to-day nutrition. So, we sat down with him and asked him some candid questions. He won the competition, and while some may have thought that youth, genetics, and knowledge of nutrition and training made it easy for Zach, this could not have been any further from the truth.

would do well, and I saw how lean you got as the competition got closer. I wanted to support you in any way I could, and I shot pictures of the event. When you won, I was really proud of you. I got to see some of the sacrifices you made along the way. We recently did our Get Real 30 Nutrition Challenge in our studio. Were you surprised at the results we saw with our clients? Zach: Yeah. The Get Real 30 is a totally different approach than my competition. The Get Real 30 is actually a better system because it’s promoting health and relationships with food. It’s not a weight loss program; however, the indirect result of it is weight loss and debloating of the stomach. We saw clients lose 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, or 20 pounds and 1–4 inches from their waists.

Bryan: People see the pictures of you winning your first bodybuilding competition, but they don’t see the struggles and challenges you faced. Can you share with us some of your biggest challenges and how the strict diet affected your day-to-day life? Zach: It was very, very, very difficult — probably the hardest thing I have ever done. It was 20 weeks of preparation, of eating in a very detailed way. It was not just what I could and could not eat — I had to measure everything down to the gram and ounce. My social life was zero. For Sunday dinners at my mom’s house, I had to bring my own food. It was tough … but what kept me going through the 20 weeks was the end goal. I visualized myself onstage having completed the prep and let that competition fuel and motivate me throughout.

It always comes back to the “why” — your purpose and why you’re doing this. I just thought, you finish. You don’t quit. You don’t lose, and that’s what kind of pulled me through. Bryan: That is very inspiring, but how do those lessons apply to our clients? Maybe they are willing to train but they struggle with the nutrition. Zach: I was just like our average client coming into our fitness studio. I looked at the other guys who were competing, since they knew what to do and had experience. In terms of bodybuilding competitions, I had none. I stuck to the daily behaviors of training and nutrition day in and day out, and the results came. Our clients are in the same shoes. If you come in

Bryan: I agree. The results of our nutrition challenges — the fact that our clients who stick to our Nutrition Together program have made such significant results — it’s shocked me as well. We know that we challenge our clients and give them great workouts when they are in our studio, but we don’t know what they are eating. With our Get Real 30 Nutrition Challenges, clients stuck to our eating style for 30 days and did not cheat. Nutrition coupled with the training proves the SECRET FORMULA.

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