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Seven Secrets to a Stand-Out LinkedIn Profile

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Evolving Technologies: The Future is Now


Understanding Emerging Technology: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Q&A: Emerging Tech, Cybersecurity and Incident Response Higher Thinking: AI, Automation and the Future of Jobs How to Get a Job in Cybersecurity FromToys to Tech: Building Robots Brick by Brick Leadership Circle andMembership



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SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

Data brings businesses to life, and business data is growing faster than ever before. But data threats are also growing—cybercrime, human error and natural disasters, just to name a few—and it’ll take more than generic, one-size-fits-all protection to stop them. Businesses need a data protection platform that adapts to threats, budgets, and their ever-changing needs. As your customers’ business data grows, their data protection must grow with it.

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Note from Nancy

Note From Nancy

T echnology is evolving faster than many of us can keep up with. It has transitioned from serving as the skeletal system of an organization to the nervous system, expanding beyond infrastructure to application. It’s reacting to the environment and it’s responding. It’s evaluating input and empowering output. Like living organisms, technology is the sum of many working parts. And as each working part evolves, the sum of those working parts evolves. Ben Arthur of the Santa Fe Institute tackled the origin and evolution of technology in his book The Nature of Technology. Arthur shares how “machines

started as disparate pieces of seemingly unconnected technologies” but were built using common components. His theory of “combinatorial evolution” explores how new technologies are created using existing components. By combining and configuring components in different ways, technology can evolve quite rapidly. And as the number and evolution of components increases, the industry evolves even faster, in an eco- system of seemingly endless possibilities. We are working in an exciting industry in exciting times. The evolution of technology is creating tremendous opportunity, along with challenges, and CompTIA is here to help guide our progress. From certifications that set standards and validate skills, to research that reports on trends, to education that trains on opportunity, CompTIA offers a wealth of resources for both the individual and business. This year we are introducing a new Emerging Technology Community for all who wish to engage with peers seizing the opportunities of evolution and we have launched two new advisory councils filled with appointed industry thought-leaders in the drone and Internet of Things space. Our advocacy team is working closely with elected officials on matters of regulation and privacy and as an organization we are working to fill the pipeline with the next generation of tech workers while keeping a watchful eye on matters of social responsibility. We are excited for you to dive into the pages of this latest edition of CompTIAWorld and learn how our members are combining and configuring evolving components to offer new solutions. Learn how Premier Member CrushBank is leveraging IBMWatson to build an IT help desk application and how Premier Member HTS Ag is using drones for farming solutions. Stay close to CompTIA resources and programs so you can drive your own business and career growth and please, share your stories of evolution from your corner of CompTIAWorld. Cheers to the future!

EVP, Industry Relations Group


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SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld


News from across the association!

Steer Your Business with IT Outlook 2018 CompTIA’s 2018 IT Outlook report, out now, identifies the key trends and growth drivers shaping the IT industry and workforce, and serves as your definitive guide for where tech is today and where it’s headed. The 2018 report breaks down 12 trends to watch this year, from the growth of the Internet of Things and AI to economic trends and shifts in the workforce. This is essential for anyone in tech. Go here to get the full report:

CompTIA AITP Membership Grows to 6K With benefits ranging from exclusive access to the career portal TechTalent and 1,200-plus business courses on to networking and discounts on CompTIA certifications, CompTIA AITP membership has doubled to more than 6,000 IT pros, students and educators since the association launched in July 2017. Find out more about CompTIA AITP membership, events, resources and programming at

CompTIA Career Pathway Sets IT Pros on a Path for Success CompTIA has introduced the CompTIA Career Pathway, which includes segments for core skills, infrastructure, cybersecurity and additional skills. The pathways help IT pros plan out their careers with a clear progression in skills and certifications. This year will see the update of several certifications, including CompTIA Cloud+ and CompTIA Network+. CompTIA will also debut a new certification for penetration testers and enhanced training and test-prep solutions. Go here to learn more: certification Stay Up to Date on How CompTIA Advocates for You Through Engage We encourage you to sign up and receive our action alerts through our Engage platform. We utilize this tool to send out timely updates on policy items as they move through Congress and update our grassroots network on actions our policy team is taking in regard to legislation. Sign up today to receive notifications when we need your help reaching out to lawmakers. CompTIA Premier Members, Get Briefed on Emerging Technologies CompTIA Research has launched a series of briefs for Premier Members on Understanding Emerging Technology. In each brief you get an overview of a given market in emerging tech, definitions of key terms in the space, a breakdown of the challenges firms and consumers face here, use cases and the current level of adoption, all supported by statistics and graphs. Topics include artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality and automation – with more to come. Get an excerpt of a brief in this issue and read the full series here:



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CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

CompTIA Member Matters

Making Room for Diversity By Expanding The Industry

Randolph Carnegie spent years addressing issues like unconscious bias in technology and architecting plans to reduce the confidence gap in minorities, and he shares those philosophies with two groups that are important to him; students on Chicago’s Southside and CompTIA’s Advancing Diversity in IT Community.

“There’s a shortage of people in the IT industry, so let’s broaden the base,” said Carnegie, who spends a good part of each year telling students at Harlan Community Academy and Urban Prep about the benefits of working in technology. “Let’s train more people.” Carnegie brings the same philosophy to CompTIA’s ADIT Community, which creates a space for African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos and provides resources, tools and opportunities for all people to advance their IT careers. Like the ideas he’s promoting, the ADIT Community is inclusive. It focuses on the advancement of minorities, but the invitation is open to anyone who supports the mission. The community’s overall goal is to measurably increase the level of diversity and inclusion within technology — the same thing Carnegie’s been pushing for all these years. It has influenced the way he leads his own company, Ken-Kor Consulting Inc., and bleeds into the way he engages students in Chicago. “We talk about technology and try to get them engaged, letting them know that there are options out there for careers that

they never considered,” he said. “Sometimes they think they have to be a geek to work in tech, but technology needs all sorts of people. You can be a non-technical person and make a difference.” Whether he’s acting as a mentor, CompTIA member or thought leader on diversity, Carnegie’s message is the same: Let’s broaden the pool of workers and bring more talent to the tech industry. “We’re not trying

“There’s a shortage of people in the IT industry, so let’s broaden the base. Let’s train more people.”

Randolph Carnegie, Ken-Kor Consulting, CompTIA

to exclude anybody,” he said. “We’re just trying to make the pot bigger.”

Advancing Diversity in Technology Community


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

CompTIA Member Matters

Joining CompTIA AITP Opened Doors for Student to Impact the World CompTIA AITP Student Chapter President Spencer Preston is passionate about joining organizations that help people better themselves. That’s why he joined CompTIA AITP, where he uses technology to make an impact on the world. Preston is using what he learned through school, and his work with CompTIA AITP, to fight the opioid crisis in Indiana and help people suffering from PTSD. He’s learned a lot about what he’s

working on through the CompTIA AITP mentorship program he created, which matches AITP technology pros willing to mentor with Ball State University students. Using a simple technology platform, Preston’s mentorship programmatches students’ interests in things like predictive analysis, cloud technology and app development with IT pros’ experience in IS management, systems administration and cybersecurity. “It’s pretty cool to see that people have the same interests no matter what age you are,” Preston said. In return, the mentorship program he created gives the CompTIA AITP mentors access to cutting-edge IT machinery, like Ball State’s 3-D printing lab. Preston’s ability to organize mentors and students and connect the local IT community to the upcoming generation helped his chapter win the Student Chapter Outstanding Performance Award. He’ll graduate in May 2018 with a CIS degree, experience in logistics and supply chain management. He’s using CompTIA

AITP to open the door to ask professionals about their experience in the working world, he said. CompTIA AITP members also act as a resource for problems with homework, resumes and interview prep. Attending the CompTIA AITP chapter meetings helps students learn things they might not in the classroom, like how to network, shake hands, and hear from CIOs of big banks and other local businesses, he said. “You can’t really learn that in classes, but if you’re in CompTIA AITP you’re already a step ahead,” Preston said. Spencer Preston, CompTIA AITP Student Chapter President

“It’s pretty cool to see that people have the same interests no matter what age you are.”


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

CompTIA Member Matters

CompTIA Council Member Creates a Strong Business Case for Drones What seasoned communications professional with a passion for aviation wouldn’t want to develop drone technologies? Amit Ganjoo, founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies and member of the new CompTIA Drone Advisory Council (DRAC), did just that, leveraging his high-tech expertise and aeronautical engineering talents to create a software platform for enterprise businesses.

“While working with the DoD, I could envision where the commercial space was going and where the gaps would be based on my past experiences,” said Ganjoo. The first test came shortly after developing a prototype drone solution and demonstrating the technology at an industry event. “We won an award and that’s when I got serious and started building the company.” This award was the Coolest Technology Award at the TandemNSI drone event. Drone technologies are thriving in construction, insurance and critical infrastructure – utilities and energy distribution – according to Ganjoo. As with many technologies, the applications are driving business adoption. “It’s not about the drone anymore,” Ganjoo said. “The drone is essentially a flying sensor. It’s more about how you use the drone to get the data you need and how you analyze that information and make it actionable in an enterprise system.” As a member of the DRAC, he hopes to help overcome negative public perceptions

and influence regulations concerning Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations. The DRAC’s mission is to identify and document industry best practice standards and education. The DRAC will embody all facets of the drone ecosystem including hardware manufacturers, mapping technologies, software Amit Ganjoo, ANRA Technologies, CompTIA Drone Advisory Council

“It’s about how you use the drone to get the data you need and how you analyze that information and make it actionable in an enterprise system.”

companies, FAA regulations and policy experts,

drone pilots and instructors, lawyers, insurance companies, flight service providers, video and component manufacturers.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

CompTIA Member Matters

CyberSmart Feels the Benefits of CompTIA Membership

CyberSmart joined CompTIA in mid-2017 and has never looked back. “We joined on the recommendation of one member who said we’d be a great fit,” said Thomas Seilding, relationship manager at CyberSmart. “We’ve since made some great new contacts and we’re really benefiting from the mentoring that CompTIA provides around how to build channels and work with different partners.” To help UK businesses become

safer online, CyberSmart developed an innovative new platform that automates the implementation of the Governments Cyber Essentials programme. Cyber Essentials is a checklist of steps that businesses should take to achieve a base level of cybersecurity and was created in 2014. It has since become a mandatory certification for businesses to sell to government and is regarded as one of the first steps to complying with GDPR. Seilding explained that “the obstacle CyberSmart [needed to overcome] is that a lot of the Cyber Essentials programme is written in government language, meaning that a lot of businesses don’t really understand it and require consultants to help.” CyberSmart created an app to automate the process. It can be installed on machines and automatically assesses them and advises on the steps it needs to take to hit Cyber Essentials requirements, helping businesses to save money by making consultancy more efficient. Here, the sheer amount of marketing

material the CyberSmart team has access to as part of its CompTIA membership proved invaluable. In addition, Seilding said, the online training courses, whitepaper and webinars CompTIA offers provide incredible insights that are difficult to match. CyberSmart has certainly seen the benefits of joining CompTIA. “Our membership fee has

“Our membership fee has easily repaid itself in a month.”

easily repaid itself in a month,” Seilding said.

Thomas Seilding, CyberSmart, CompTIA UK Channel Community


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

CompTIA Member Matters

How Verizon is Powering the Future When people think of Verizon, they think of networks and cell phones. But what they often don’t know are all the other technology solutions and offerings that Verizon has and how they collaborate with the vendor community along with government customers to develop ideas and new products. These ideas and products are showcased in Verizon’s state-of-the art Innovation Centers located in Waltham, Massachusetts and San Francisco. In San Francisco, the Innovation Center features technology demos

across emerging mobile and platform ecosystems. In Waltham, the center features flexible collaboration space and lab facilities to accelerate IoT adoption and advance mobile technologies such as 5G. According to Ross Shapiro, Verizon’s enterprise director for U.S. west, public sector, and former chair of the CompTIA State and Local Government and Education (SLED) Council’s Procurement Committee, the Verizon Innovation Centers are a phenomenal opportunity for any customer – whether they’re in the public or private sector – to come in and learn about new technologies. “We share with themwhat innovation means,” Shapiro said. “We share with them different solutions that are fulfilled by technology.” This includes the forthcoming 5G. “We look at speed and capacity and how data transmits and responds as pressed against 4G and then we go and apply that to things like public safety,” he said. “With autonomous vehicles, you may have beacons along the sides of the roads or a

transmission between a car in front and a car behind. When visitors come to the Innovation Center, they see the speed difference between 4G and 5G and how a piece of information transmits and allows for a faster reaction.” The Verizon Innovation Centers highlight about 80 different technologies, including tech not

"We share with them what

innovation means – different solutions that are fulfilled by technology.”

Ross Shapiro, Verizon, CompTIA State and Local Government and Education Council

yet on the market but in the works, as well as technology in the market today. Those technologies are rotated periodically throughout the year.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

CompTIA Member Matters

Digital Disrupter Leans On CompTIA AITP’s Resources To Make Change Veteran IT executive Silvia Prickel uses her position in CompTIA AITP to fan the flames of disruption; giving women, startups and students the tools to build something unexpected. “Whether it’s ‘I want to start my own company,’ ‘I want to take a certification’ or ‘I want to try something new,’ CompTIA AITP is part of that,” said

Prickel, who sits on the board of directors for the Chicago Chapter of CompTIA AITP. “I love this concept of providing members resources no matter where they are in their careers.” Members also have monthly meetings and networking events where members can expand their networks by meeting people. “In IT you’re only six degrees removed from anybody,” she said. “Whenever you need help or advice or you’re looking for a new career, those networks are just so important.” At United Airlines, Prickel leads the enterprise quality and release management team that digitized and automated inflight service, forever changing the way people experience commercial airlines. She’s bringing her experience with disruption to the table as a judge in CompTIA AITP’s Most Effective IT Team Awards. Based on the innovation in team collaboration and brilliant customizations she’s seeing in the contest entries, this veteran IT executive predicts a wave of innovation.

“We’re on the cusp of something that’s going to completely change the world,” said Prickel. “We’re going to see new things that produce a lot of value and make our quality of life much better.” Until then, she’s going to keep working with CompTIA AITP to socialize the association. “There are programs,

“I love this concept of providing members resources no matter where they are in their careers.”

research and services from cradle to grave,” she said. “It’s a one-stop shop to finding things to help you in your IT career.”

Silvia Prickel, United Airlines, CompTIA AITP


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

CompTIA Member Matters

Congratulations to HubOne, The Missing Link and Staples The ARN ICT Industry Awards provides a platform for nearly 800 technology leaders from across Australia to celebrate channel excellence. The awards applaud vendors, distributors and reseller partners for their success during the previous year, while also acknowledging outstanding individuals and their achievements. In 2017, three CompTIA Premier Members received this prestigious award! In the category of Personal Innovation, Clare Burman with The Missing Link was recognized for Sales Excellence and Aaron Bailey, also with The Missing Link, was recognized for Management Excellence. Burman and Bailey were proud to be recognized. “I am very proud to have won the Management Excellence award against so many high achievers in the Australian IT channel,” Bailey said. “None of it would have been possible without the support of my team and I am grateful for their help and efforts every day.” Burman hailed winning the award as a step forward for women

in technology. “I am particularly proud as I was the only female in my category,” she said. “I feel empowered to be a successful female contributor in our industry, and I hope that by winning the award I am encouraging other females to put their best foot forward and strive for success.” Burman, meanwhile, wants to help others move into IT and develop herself. “I have taken a step to embark on a more structured mentorship program so that I can continue to grow and succeed,” she said. “There are so many amazing leaders in our industry who are

willing to offer their guidance. I encourage young – and not so young! – ambitious people in the industry to pursue this to aid professional development.” Going forward, Bailey is looking to set The Missing Link on an upward trajectory. My focus is now on the growth of The Missing Link business across revenue, staff, clients and geographies,” he said. “I have some more inventive ideas up my sleeve and hope to launch some or all of these over the coming years.” Meanwhile, HubOne was declared winner of the Homegrown Innovators category ISV. Karl Sice, formerly of Staples, was inducted into the ARN Hall of Fame.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018


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2018 CompTIA DC Fly-In Providing a Toolkit to Power Economic Growth and Innovation

By Lana Sansur A ccording to CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2017, the tech industry contributes approximately $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy. This economic impact relies on many factors – ingenuity, imagination and drive. Yet policies that promote talent, infrastructure and security are necessary ingredients as well. At this year’s CompTIA DC Fly-In, we presented a policy toolkit that we believe helps power economic growth and innovation.

The Tech Policy Summit at the DC Fly-In addressed talent through our focus on the CHANCE in Tech Act – legislation we helped get introduced in Congress that calls for a stronger pathway for tech apprenticeships, and a panel discussion on achieving a skilled America that touched on high-skilled immigration reform, improvement to STEM education and job training. Next, we focused on the fuel for the digital revolution with an examination of spectrum and 5G. Lastly, we brought a spotlight to blockchain, a potentially transformational technology that holds promise from a cybersecurity perspective but also has many other potential benefits.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

Tool No. 1: CHANCE in Tech Act Our working lunch focused on the CHANCE in Tech Act (H.R. 3174 and S. 1518). This legislation was built frommeetings and feedback from last year’s Fly-In. In 2017, we got CHANCE in Tech introduced. In 2018, we would like to get it passed into law! Our first speaker, Brent Parton, deputy director, Center on Education and Skills, New America, discussed the important role of apprenticeships. “We continue to struggle to build a pipeline of tech talent to fill today’s tech jobs,” he said. “Only about half of kids enrolled in college will graduate. Education is lagging – what we teach in the classroom isn’t up-to-date with what is going on in our companies. We need to blend work and education in a more coherent way.” What is an apprenticeship versus a registered apprenticeship? Parton explained that an

apprenticeship is an arrangement that includes a paid-work component and an educational or instructional component, wherein an individual obtains workplace- relevant knowledge and skills. How do we set up and grow apprenticeships? Parton said setting up a registered apprenticeship program takes tremendous time and commitment from employers. “Coming to a consensus on the skills that need to be imparted to an apprentice, documenting them and dealing with the U.S. registered apprenticeship system requires companies to commit time, money and man hours,” he said. “For some small and medium-sized companies, that’s simply too much of a drain on resources.” This is where intermediaries come in – a vital component of the CHANCE in Tech Act. Intermediaries consist of businesses, industry associations and private workforce organizations that build apprenticeship programs through public- private collaboration; recruit, assess and prepare apprentices; and track apprentices

and employer outcomes. What does the CHANCE in Tech Act propose and support? The CHANCE in Tech Act proposes creating registered technology apprenticeships at the Department of Labor and forging public-private partnerships to serve as intermediaries with participating employers. Each intermediary would assess and train potential apprentices in coordination with local and regional workforce demands. The intermediaries would also lessen the regulatory burden on employers by tracking success indicators and managing other reporting requirements. Tool No. 2: Achieving a Skilled America Our Tech Summit panel, “Taking a Holistic Approach to Achieve a Skilled America,” explored the topic of realizing a highly skilled workforce – a vital objective if the U.S. is to remain globally competitive and innovative. The panel was moderated by Darrell M. West, vice president and director

Attendees take in the 2018 DC Fly-In.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

Ajit Pai, Chairman, U.S. Federal Communications Commission


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

for governance studies and founding director for the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution. Panelists included Amanda Ahlstrand, administrator for the Office of Workforce Investment at the employment and training administration at the Department of Labor; Christopher Bates, chief counsel to Senator Orrin G. Hatch, who is a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Jeremy Robbins, executive director, New American Economy; and Tracey Welson-Rossman, founder and CEO, TechGirlz. Gaining New Skills Panelists began by describing what they are doing to help workers gain news skills. The mission of the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, for example, is to provide high quality job training, employment, labor market information and income maintenance services through state and local workforce development systems. DOL also has responsibility for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant program, designed to increase the ability of community colleges to address today’s workforce challenges. Welson-Rossman, founder of TechGirlz,

talked about the Philadelphia-based nonprofit that provides middle school girls with extracurricular STEM classes and whose mission is to inspire them to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers. “How are we as an industry portraying technology careers?” Welson-Rossman asked. “How do we value smart girls? How do we value those girls who want to be in science and technology? If we lose them in ninth grade we’re not going to get them at the end of college. We need to address the gender divide that exists in the tech sector.” And no discussion of a skilled workforce can be complete without mention of high-skilled immigration. Robbins shared data backing the need for high-skilled immigration while Bates walked the audience through the details of the recently introduced Immigration Innovation Act of 2018 (I-Squared). The bill will help ensure that our companies continue to have access to highly technical, skilled talent for specialized

Brent Parton, deputy director, Center on Education and Skills, New America, speaks on the important role of apprenticeships at the 2018 DC Fly-In.

fields where we have a shortage of American labor. At the same time, it addresses abuses in the H-1B visa program to ensure the program is not used to outsource jobs or undercut American wages. And it provides nearly $1 billion in new funding for STEM education and worker training programs through increases in visa fees. Tool No. 3: Spectrum: The Fuel for 5G and IoT The DC Fly-In Tech Summit moved on to focus on an element of what we often refer to as the pipes for the digital economy – 5G and spectrum – which power today’s digital revolution by providing ubiquitous broadband coverage and capacity. Our second panel delved into spectrum, 5G, the rural/urban digital divide and how to best support IoT. The moderator was Matthew Starr, director, Public Advocacy, CompTIA and panelists included Steve Coran, chair of the Broadband Practice Group at


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

banking, real estate and health care. Panelists from government and industry experts discussed security, transparency and the multipurpose usage aspects of this emerging technology. Our moderator was David Logsdon, senior director, Public Advocacy, CompTIA and our panelists included Amy Davine Kim, global policy director and general counsel, Chamber of Digital Commerce; Seth Robinson, senior director, technology analysis, CompTIA; Joel Waterfield, director, state and local tax practice, Grant Thornton; and A. Michelle White, director, shared services and IT products contract operations, GSA. While security and blockchain have often been synonymous, our panelists agreed that this aspect hasn’t yet been perfected. Moreover, our panel cautioned not to overemphasize the security applications of blockchain and to pay attention to its other benefits. Immutability, for example, is a key benefit, providing a sense of trustworthiness to the data that, once imparted, cannot be changed.

Lerman Senter PLLC; David Goldman, chief telecom counsel, House Energy and Commerce Committee; Kelsey Guyselman, policy advisor, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP); and Charla Rath, vice president, Wireless Policy Development, Verizon. The panel set out the definition of wireless spectrum: invisible airwaves that transmit bits of data through the air. All agreed it was an enabler, not just of the Internet of Things but also of Wi- Fi, TV, cell phones, GPS and virtual reality. There was consensus that spectrum allows you to be connected while not being tethered to a computer and finding more spectrum for commercial use has not been an easy task. Still, there was a detailed discussion of efforts by the FCC to make more of this important resource available to spur on innovative new products and services. Tool No. 4: Blockchain: What Does the Future Hold? Often referred to as the next big transformational technology, blockchain has some real applications – including use in government and some private industry sectors such as

The NJ Tech Council at the 2018 DC Fly-In.


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SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

7 Secrets toa StandOut LinkedIn Profile


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018 CompTIAWorld | FALL 2017

Ben will make these in the AM 5. FILL UP YOUR CERTIFICATIONS, SKILLS AND EDUCATION. LinkedIn has places for all of these on your profile. Complete as much information as is relevant to increase your chances of being found. Plus, you never know what you and a potential business associate may have in common or what special skill-set will be in demand next. 6. JOIN GROUPS, FOLLOW COMPANIES. Join groups that match your industry, interests and area to connect with like-minded professionals and potential contacts. CompTIA offers a number of groups based upon our communities to help you get started. Follow at least five companies that you work with or would like to do business with to stay updated on what matters to these organizations. 7. SEEK RECOMMENDATIONS. Even if you plan to stay at your current job until retirement, it’s a good idea to ask for recommendations from your peers and supervisors every six months. It keeps your profile fresh, shows people why they should work with you and reminds your employer why you’re a valuable member of the team. LinkedIn makes it easy to request and complete recommendations. Everyone wants to make a memorable first impression. Increasingly, that first impression is made online as potential business associates are looking you up before proceeding. We asked CompTIA’s followers on Twitter what advice they’d like to see most in CompTIAWorld magazine, and they voted for steps to a great LinkedIn profile. Ensure that you make the best possible digital first impression with these tips: 1. USE A GREAT PHOTO. People want to connect with people. Take care to select a clear, recent photo that presents you as the professional you aspire to be. Avoid selfies, family photos or company logos. 2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PROFILE BANNER REAL ESTATE. Using the stock image makes you like every other LinkedIn profile. Instead, use this critical space at the top of your LinkedIn profile wisely. You may wish to use a skyline, a trade show booth set up or perhaps company branding. 3. WRITE A CUSTOM TITLE AND URL. LinkedIn will automatically use your current job title as your profile title. Do better by using this space to describe your passion or how you solve problems for clients. And make your LinkedIn profile easier to find and share by claiming a custom URL with your name instead of the assigned series of letters and numbers. 4. TAILOR YOUR SUMMARY. Think of this as the classic resume objective. Create a paragraph detailing why you’re in your particular business and how you can contribute to potential clients’ bottom lines. End with a call to action on how to contact you.

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By Lana Sansur C o mpTIA’s Space Enterprise Council (SEC) is honored to have been asked by the National Electronics Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, to contribute to a satellite exhibit titled “Satellites: Transforming Our Lives.” The exhibit focuses on how satellites affect our everyday lives and offers a glimpse into the future of the industry. Part of the exhibit includes the history of satellites and an examination of the key issues, challenges and applications related to satellite technology. In Orbit CompTIA’s Space Enterprise Council was called upon to help craft a digital exhibit on a national stage – all on the topic of how satellites boost our world from the sky.

The interactive exhibit the SEC contributed to is titled “What Can We Do with Satellites.” It focuses on the benefits of satellites in the areas of communications, weather and remote sensing, navigation and global positioning systems (GPS). Using a touch screen, visitors can choose one of six general topics such as farming, the environment, news, transportation or entertainment. The exhibit delves into each of these industries and explains per industry what we do with satellites and their capabilities. It provides a real-life case study of how satellites work within specified sectors of industry and the benefits satellites offer. The exhibit uses clear, insightful text and stunning imagery to show viewers how satellites work, what they can do, and the benefits of satellite technology.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

The exhibit uses clear, insightful text and stunning imagery to show viewers how satellites work, what they can do, and the benefts of satellite technology.


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

Visitors learn that GPSes are critical to many civilian applications and innovations and bring great economic benefits. They also learn that satellite technology plays a pivotal role in driving the growth behind the Internet of Things (IoT) and unlocking the promise of interconnected devices such as smart phones, smart TVs, media tablets and smart home devices ranging from smart thermostats and lighting systems to refrigerators. Visitors also see how satellite technology and broadband enable IoT connectivity across industries and across geographical borders. In fact, broadband connectivity on trains,

cargo vehicles and maritime vessels is a burgeoning trend across the global transportation landscape – all thanks to satellites. The Work Behind the Scenes In 2016, CompTIA’s Space Enterprise Council was directly approached by the National Electronics Museum in Baltimore after they received an insightful article from CompTIA published in Space News titled “A Day Without Space,” written by David Logsdon, senior director of the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council. After reading the article, the National Electronics Museum contacted CompTIA and asked them to contribute to a planned exhibit focusing on the benefits of satellites in the areas of communications, weather and remote sensing, navigation and GPS. The museum said that the material it had gathered so far was short on data regarding tangible benefits of satellites and they asked the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council to fill the gap. Logsdon worked extensively with council members for input on the exhibit. Once input was received, CompTIA collaborated with the museum exhibit

designer on outlining the interactive display, which included developing themes, subthemes, storylines and content, as well as the type of visuals and graphics needed. From October 2016 through May 2017, CompTIA staff and the SEC was busy at work writing the script and developing the content for the exhibit. In September 2017, the National Electronics Museum held a celebration gala and ribbon cutting ceremony unveiling the new permanent exhibit. “It’s exciting for members of the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council to be a part of this new permanent exhibit,” said Matthew Jones, director, C4ISR and Advanced Technology, Government Operations, Boeing Company, and chair of the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council. “Those that visit it will see and experience

Visitors see how satellite technology and broadband enable IoT connectivity across industries and across geographical borders. Broadband connectivity on trains, cargo vehicles and maritime vessels is a burgeoning trend across the global transportation landscape – all thanks to satellites.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

the history and future of satellite communications. The exhibit not only provides a tremendous outreach component that will help recruit students to the satellite industry, but also a forum for the civil, military and government space world to interact in new ways.” “We are grateful that the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council was given the opportunity by the National Electronics Museum to contribute to this amazing exhibit,” said David Logsdon, senior director of the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council. “We expect more than 50,000 schoolkids will visit the museum exhibit over the next year and we hope that this exhibit will help to inspire students to pursue careers in the fields of science and technology.”

Come See the New Satellite Exhibit at the National Electronics Museum We invite you and your families to visit this exhibit at the National Electronics Museum located near Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). You will not only be immersed into the real world of satellites, but will learn that whether tracking a storm or navigating around a strange city, satellites are here to help. Founded in 2000, the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council represents all sectors of the space industry, including commercial, civil, and national security interests. Collectively, the council brings a unique voice to policy discussion centered on space and innovation technology convergence, exploration, and the impact of the space program on economic prosperity and national security. For more information, please contact David Logsdon at dlogsdon@

Founded in 2000, the CompTIA Space Enterprise Council represents all sectors of the space industry, including commercial,

civil, and national security interests.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

“We expect more than 50,000 schoolkids will visit the museum exhibit over the next year and we hope that this exhibit will help to inspire students to pursue careers in the felds of science and technology.” – David Logsdon, senior

director, CompTIA Space Enterprise Council


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SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

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For five years, Theresa Demby consistently worked as a contracted accountant through various staffing firms. She held a bachelor’s degree in accounting and had completedmaster’s-level accounting coursework. Despite her education and work history, however, Demby struggled to find a full-time accountant position. “At that point in my life, my outlook on my career didn’t appear very promising,” she said. “I wanted to make sure my current skills were transferable and that a new career didn’t require several years of schooling. Information technology met those requirements.”

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Evolving Technologies: The Future is Now By Natalie Hope McDonald H a rlan, Iowa, a town with a population of less than 6,000 along the West Noshnabotna River, isn’t the sort of place you might think of as a hotbed of tech innovation. Its downtown of small century-old storefronts tends to inspire more nostalgia than much else. But this is where Arlin Sorensen is changing the way people think about farming. As the founder and CEO of HTS Ag, a precision farming technology company and CompTIA Premier Member, Sorensen is experimenting with the newest technology to reap both healthy crops and major economic rewards. How three companies are poised to change the way we do business – from deep in the Earth to high in the sky.

“We’re focused on helping farmers [who] are involved in production agriculture to leverage technology to drive their farming business forward,” Sorensen said. As he was getting ready to head out to work on his own farmland, where he experiments with some of the newest GPS and drone technology, he said he ultimately wants to help fellow farmers apply technology quickly and affordably as it comes to market. Sorensen’s long been interested in fostering professional relationships ever since opening Sorensen’s Computer Connection in 1985. It’s one of the reasons he also founded Heartland Tech Groups (HTG), an umbrella organization of IT peer-mentoring groups, in 2010. HTG currently has more than 500 member companies – many of them small businesses – from throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


CompTIAWorld | SPRING 2018

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