2024-2025 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

Baja Sur, Mexico’s

Sea of Cortés Proudly arching their backs, noses in the air, the sea lions are ready to play. Get in your snorkeling gear as they join you. Baja’s friendly locals spin, swirl, and twirl right alongside you. Watch them plunge to the sea floor and come up with big eyes. You may even get flipper nipped. It’s all in good fun. Playtime is key in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés. Snorkeling with sea lions is often a highlight, but the dolphins, starfish, and butterfly fish certainly don’t disappoint. And when it’s beach party day, lounge in the sand or grab a paddle board. On land it’s up the ridge you go. By mule or on foot, the landscape shifts from desert, to beach, to sea, and back again. Take a hike lined with cardon, cholla, and pitaya cacti with a pop of a red prickly poppy. Iguanas on land and blue-footed boobies above, your adventure buddies are all around.


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