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2023 2024 Two Specialty Sailings Belize & Baja ECLIPSE


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Alaska's ONLY Winter Sports & Northern Lights


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American Safari Cruises Small Ship Comparison Travel Opens Your Imagination Alaska 2023-2024 San Juan Islands 2023-2024 U.S. Rivers 2023-2024 Hawaiian Islands 2023-2025 Baja, California, Mexico 2023-2024 Latin America, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, to Cartagena, Colombia 2023-2025 Galapagos 2023 Fleet

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Alaska Savings The Fine Print

Our Adventure, Their Adventure | Set Yourself Apart | uncruise.com

Dear UnCruise Family, Thank you for being with us through so much over these recent years. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for your continued support and for choosing UnCruise Adventures as your preferred travel partner. Over the past 25 years, we have shared countless unforgettable experiences and memories together, and I am honored to have been a part of them. As we navigate the ever-changing travel landscape, I am proud to say that we have not only survived but thrived during these challenging times. Our commitment to small ship, small group, and small footprint travel has allowed us to continue offering unique and authentic adventures to our guests. We have also taken advantage of this opportunity to make improvements. Including adding new destinations and itineraries to our adventure collection, refurbishing our vessels, and investing in new technologies to enhance the guest experience. We are more nimble and diversified than ever before and as we progress we've seen features in local, national and international press and have been recognized as one the best adventure cruise lines. In addition over the past couple of years, we've rechristened one of our beloved boats with a new name, the Wilderness Legacy, have refurbished three of our vessels, partnered with new industry names for co-marketing and focused on top level training and safety for guests and crew. We've also seen my long term business partner and colleague, Mr. Tim Jacox retire in May 2020 and have pivoted with our executive team, promoting long time team members to join me in steering the vision of the company. UnCruise Adventures small boat, small group, small footprint leadership has led the industry since 1996. In 2021 we celebrated our 25th anniversary bringing us into a new era and I can't help but be excited about the growth and possibilities in a re-imagined world of adventure travel moving forward. As we move into the future, I am committed to staying true to our core values and our company culture. We will continue to support our communities, our planet, and each other, and remain focused on sustainable and responsible travel. We set ourselves apart with every itinerary and when they have artificial shows, we have natural wonders. When they have endless crowds, we have endless vistas. Choose to UnCruise. Our focus on UnTourism and remote adventures leads the way for the next generation of UnCruisers. One that creates conscious adventurers.

I am living the dream I envisioned so many years ago, and I am grateful to have you all along for the ride. Over and out for now, UnCruisers. I can't wait to see you onboard.

Captain Dan Blanchard Owner and CEO

Our Commitment Small is big these days, but being small is who we are. In 2021, we celebrated 25 years of discoveries. As a small American business, and the top, award winning small boat cruise line for adventure, we know that flexibility is the ticket to big experiences. That’s why within our routes we’re ready to turn, pause, and seize opportunity. Linger for whale sprays or a lesson in net fishing. Good day for a beach party on a deserted island? Why not! Our commitment to going places and doing things others can’t—and our exceptional crew… and food… and creating a safe environment—sets us apart. We also recognize the importance of being a good citizen—having respect for the environment and one another . At UnCruise Adventures, we don’t just talk the talk. Be good to each other. Get a little better every day. Make different mistakes. Do the right thing. These are the core values that guide us whether we are out in the field or working magic behind the scenes. Access by small boat (86 guests, tops) enables you to wrap yourself in the adventure. With a near obsession about being accommodating, we make it easy to try something new. No hidden costs, either, so you can so you can focus on what’s important. From photos of your trip to excursions, presentations, and yes, food and beverages (alcohol too), it’s all covered in the fare. To provide enriching adventure travel experiences that inspire an appreciation of local cultures and the natural world. Our mission:

“Being on a small ship with great friends (new) and being the ONLY ship or vessel of any kind around us. …Unforgettable.” Diane N; Port Angeles, WA (Alaska)


First in Adventure

Hearty, active adventures are rooted in our core. So is watching for wildlife, time spent with locals, and digging into the culture and history of the places you visit. You might be snorkeling with dozens of sea turtles in the morning and joining a cultural ambassador like Danny Akaka to talk story in the afternoon. The spirit of the islands—in all our destinations—is alive and well. In Baja, the Romero family has been leading mule rides across Bahia Agua Verde for generations. Saddle up, sit tight, and wind your way through desert, beach, and a green oasis. On Molokai, Greg and Anakala Pilipo welcome you to the Halawa Valley where they farm, hunt, and fish. Sidle up to a park ranger in Alaska or visit Panamá’s historic Coiba National Park. These are some of the people and pulse of a place. The spirit of adventure soars. Each night your expedition team lays out the choices for the next day: hiking, beach combing, kayaking, skiffing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling are all possibilities. Place your adventure order. From slow beachcombing to hard-charging hikes, there’s something for everyone. And with small group excursions (usually a dozen or so guests) it’s easy to chat up your guides and pause for pictures and reflection. “Can’t praise the all inclusive small boat experience with UnCruise Adventures enough - 2 epic outdoor adventures each day with knowledgeable and personable guides buffered by gourmet chef prepared meals and open bar."

Steven L. (Alaska)


Snapshot: Yay to a day of play.

Come Play


Ascend a desert ridge in Baja or Galápagos. Tackle a switchback in the Pacific Northwest. Delve into Costa Rican jungle and sniff out a jaguar trail in Belize. Or meet the Alaskan bushwhack: a wild and woolly trek over logs and through brush. From an intertidal shore walk or stroll in town to an hours-long summit, hikes are as hard-charging or as slow- paced as you like. It’s up to you. We have hiking poles so you can head out with confidence.

Kayaking & paddle boarding

From guided Kayaking 101 to an afternoon open paddle, settle in and explore. While open paddling is offered, most kayak outings are guided. In Alaska, challenge yourself to a yak-n-whack: a kayak and bushwhack all-day land and water excursion and UnCruise original. Paddle boards are also available in most destinations. If the water’s calm, keep your eyes on the horizon and give it a go. Skiff rides Let our drivers shuttle you to shore for another excursion or power up and head around the bend to get a better look at sea otters cracking open a shell, iguanas on the move, or birds soaring above the treetops. Climb in, binoculars ready. The skiff’s the thing for covering serious ground with little effort.

Snorkeling & polar plunges

Immersive in every way and—like all our excursions—snorkeling ranges from intro lessons along shore to deep water jump and go. Noodles are provided if needed, and wet suits are also available in some destinations. For those seeking an extra thrill, try Alaska’s polar plunge—a leap off the fantail and a fun, frigid experience. Chances are you’ll watch your captain jump in too.


Unparalleled Value From your very first inquiry, expect personalized service and expertise—and a host of benefits that make us unique.

Backstage pass

Small group travel—from the boat itself to groups of a dozen or so afield—puts you in on the action (not watching from afar), with AHA ! and “I-can’t-believe-I-just-did- that” moments around every corner. Seriously—they’re aces. Our guides have vast and deep experience, plus an impressive collection of advanced degrees in curiosity-piquing subjects from whales to fungi to geology. Their enthusiasm is intoxicating.

Expert guides

Home away from home

Boats are comfortable, welcoming, and unique in style and personality. All are adventure-ready for gearing up, kicking back, and mixing and mingling.

Adventure for all

Kayak or paddle board. Snorkel or skiff. Beach stroll, hike, or mountain goat climb. There are plenty of options and equipment for everyone to join in the fun.

Active as you like it

Do as much or as little as you like. On top of the daily activities, ease into the day with sunrise stretches on the top deck. There’s exercise equipment at the ready, anytime. Or just watch the landscape go by. You didn’t know it would be this good. Chefs (including pastry chefs) impress, meal after meal, with locally sourced ingredients and swoon-worthy baked- onboard desserts and breads. An astounding array of beverage options, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic (signature cocktails every night!), mean you’re never far from a toast. And it’s all included. What most defines your trip is included in the fare—excursions, adventure equipment, transfers, and baggage handling. Put your wallet away (until it’s time to recognize your topnotch crew). Dietary restrictions? Special occasion? Need a little extra help on a hike? It’s our business to make sure your adventure not only matches your needs and expectations but surpasses them. Just ask and we’ll do our best! We’re all in the same boat. Crew and guests alike, wide-eyed with wonder and childlike curiosity—and it shows. The excitement. Collective energy. Laughs and camaraderie throughout your adventure.

Fresh, hand-crafted cuisine

Cheers to that!

Zero hidden costs

Accommodating… and then some

The ineffable spirit of adventure

Choose to UnCruise®


Your Crew The best of the best, experts in the industry, and just plain fun. Your onboard team includes the captain, mates, engineers, chefs, expedition guides, and hotel, galley and deck staff. Each team member is hand-picked for their astounding knowledge, experience, customer service, and safety skills—plus their “can do” attitude and genuine spirit. They undergo training in areas such as leadership, CPR, wilderness response, safety, guest services, and “Leave No Trace” practices. They’ve got you covered. But it’s more than that. Crew knows your name, quickly learns your activity style, and even your drink order. When trying something new, they’ll hold your hand (with sanitizer) until you get the knack. Guides are trained to protect you from wild things, and they’re full of facts and eager to share. So fire off your questions about the funny-looking bird. Sit in on an after-dinner talk about glaciology or whale migration. And don’t be shy about asking for what you need in your cabin or with your meal. Requests are happily met with a “let me see what I can do.” It’s crew’s unique talents, love of travel, and a deep respect and appreciation for the places we visit that shape your adventures. Trust us— you’ll be raving, too. “You have terrific staff with amazing knowledge. They are talented and good storytellers—your staff all around enhanced my experience—from housekeeping, restaurant, bar, guides and boat captains, they all excel in what they do.” Caroline B; New Brighton, MN (Alaska)


Safe & Sound It’s a safe environment. Your own bubble in the wild. And we’ll do our darndest to keep it that way. Prior to getting on board an UnCruise, precautions are taken to ensure guests and crew alike arrive healthy and the risk of spreading a bug is minimized during your cruise. Crew members are fastidious about cleaning and safety protocols with our dedication to health and well being protocols. Your captain and crew even conduct safety drills and demonstrate the best maneuvers that’ll have you as surefooted as a goat. The beauty of small boats (one of many) is you travel in small groups. No queuing up hoping to get in on the action or FOMO. There is room for everybody no matter how you choose to spend your time. Kicked back or go, go, go. Presentations from your expedition team can happen outside on deck or in the lounge. And on most boats, you can even listen in from your cabin. Questions about the wildlife? Just ask (or, seek your answer in the onboard library). Want to up your knot tying skills? Grab a rope and head to the deck. Meet your new BFF? It’s likely. Life on board really does create bonds. Life on board is relaxing, too. From the cozy Safari Quest to big sister Wilderness Legacy , every boat creates community and the atmosphere is casual and intimate. Share a laugh and cocktail in the lounge with your new adventure community. Chat up your captain and mates on the open bridge. Watch for wildlife or take a quiet moment on the bow. There is something for everyone, from ages 8 - 88 and on. “I am, each time, very impressed by your work, health, and safety standards and practices for both guests and staff alike. …Very enjoyable, relaxing, and safe, from the captain down! Cheers!”

Sara S; Crafers West, Australia (Mexico)

Sustainability For over 25 years, we’ve delivered experiences that enable us to make a difference. These encounters leave a lasting impact and, we hope, encourage our guests to care more about protecting the environment the way we do. We’ve implemented responsible practices to lessen our footprint. Replacing engines for more efficient models, eliminating single-use water bottles by offering refillable bottles instead, providing reef-safe sunscreen, and removing trash left by others. Sometimes it’s not good enough to leave a place the way we found it. Leave no trace, ours or otherwise — that’s our intention, wherever we travel. At UnCruise Adventures, we evaluate our actions every step of the way. From itinerary planning and operations management to adhering to codes of conduct that protect wildlife like the Marine Mammal Protection Act and NOAA Humpback Whale Approach Regulations. And, we work with partners like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program to ensure best practices. Our adventures also impact local communities. From sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, to partnering with native groups for cultural exchanges, we look for ways to share the wealth and support the lives of those we meet. At our core all team members believe we are stewards of the lands where we travel. “Take only photographs, leave only footprints, make unforgettable memories.” You can download our sustainability protocols on our press page and view our local and sustainable partnerships that are making a difference for our company, our crew and the communities we work in. Find more about our sustainability promise on our press page.

“Greatly appreciated the focus on environmentally friendly practices. H2O bottles, cleaning products, paper straws, etc. mean a great deal to us. The care and compassion shared by all staff with our family was utterly extraordinary.” Marc C; San Diego, CA (Costa Rica Panamá)


Local. Fresh. Inspired. Taste where you travel. Along the Sea of Cortés, a dedicated plot of land supplies your boat with the brightest beets and a rainbow of carrots. In Hawaii, a small organic Molokai farm grows your purple sweet potato—then it’s roasted with chimichurri sauce—and their pineapple, topped with mascarpone ice cream and a banana bread crumble. Yum. In Costa Rica, locally grown plantains, patacones, are sliced and fried for a tasty treat. Further north in Alaska, a micro-grower out of Juneau provides greens with a sweetness and spiciness that makes what’s on your plate pop. Small greens, BIG flavors. In the water yesterday, and in the galley today, we believe in keeping it fresh and sourced from the best local partners in our communities. At sea in our tropical destinations, red snapper and seabass are hand caught by local fishermen—one line, one hook, and live bait. Fish caught within miles of where you sail. Shift your latitude, and Alaska’s Icy Strait provides sustainable seafood caught by generations of locals. As the first cruise line ever to participate in the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, we’re proud to be a sustaining partner serving only seafood they list as a “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” aboard our vessels. Our “local” means relationships with local families and small-scale fishermen that support the community. Good for our land and oceans, as well our chefs who prepare it —and good for you, too. Inspiration is from our hearts: ocean-friendly, field to table, and baked-onboard breads and desserts with the pastry chef’s personal flair. Sample the region and taste the love. Follow us on YouTube for more local, fresh, inspired videos and travel inspiration.


On the Menu Big days and full bellies. Early-riser breakfast in the lounge? Of course. Or, head to the dining room for the full deal. Lunches and dinners are created with thoughtfulness given to the region, weather, and activities: a glacier skiff ride and a hot bowl of soup, or a sun-blanketed hike paired with a cooling gazpacho. And sweet treats like chocolate opera cake, decadent chocolates and sweet cakes are whipped up for you twice a day. Unless there’s a special barbecue or lunch on shore, most dinners are served over several courses. You’ll be constantly amazed at what our chefs prepare in a tiny galley but you can always count on options. All meals offer a choice of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. If you can’t decide, try a sampling of two or three! And yes, with advanced notice special dietary needs are affably accommodated—and delicious. Celebrating a special occasion on board? Let us know when you book. Our expert pastry chefs are happy to help you commemorate the day.

— Sample Breakfast Menu —

Avocado toast topped with pesto, grilled tomato, poached eggs & red pepper sabayon. Prosciutto, asparagus & goat cheese omelet. Banana pecan pancakes. Roasted sweet potato. Sausage, bacon & ham or fresh baked pastries.

— Sample Dinner Menu —

Field greens with fresh berries, goat cheese, crispy almonds & roasted shallot vinaigrette Baked-on-board rosemary focaccia finished with caramelized onions & extra virgin olive oil

Seared Alaskan sockeye salmon with glazed fennel, lentils, roasted cauliflower & lemon crème fraîche — or — Roasted beef tenderloin with roasted fingerlings, asparagus, red onion jam & shallot demi-glace — or — Summer squash and tomato Napoleon layered with boursin & pomegranate balsamico Caramel chocolate ganache tart with orange segments, salted pistachios & sage whipped cream


Spirit of the Bar The ship’s lounge quickly becomes your local—familiar faces and local beverages. Sample a beer from a regional brewer or our other rotating taps. Taste your way through cask wines like Washington and Oregon varietals. No matter the style of the bar— from the Wilderness Discoverer’s beautiful bar top carved from Alaskan cedar to La Pinta’s elegant Sky Lounge—each lounge has its own vibe. And its own expert bartender. Classic cocktails come with inventive twists, innovative tiki drinks showcase fresh fruit juices, and gin and vodka from our favorite Juneau distillery make for endless experimentations. Yup, even the drinks are local, right down to the blackberry liquor and house- made mixers. Bartenders are happy to shake up (or stir) your requests, but what they really love to do is learn what you like and impress. Inspiration for the cocktail of the day comes from your adventures. Top off a bushwhack with a bramble cocktail, toast with your kayaking buddy to an afternoon well spent, or try out a local rum with your dinner companion. Pick your pleasure and cheers to adventure: all beverages are included in the fare. May every sip be flavorful and filled with stories to share!

“OMG. We are happy foodies. Nice wine selection, love the local influence and applied creativity in the bar.” Jeanine R; Ft. Knox, KY (Alaska)


Family Discoveries

When his kids were young, UnCruise CEO, Captain Dan Blanchard sailed with his family from the western shores of the USA to Australia and beyond. Understanding the value of exceptional travel experiences, UnCruise Adventures shares those same ideals. Embrace your family’s curiosity. Kayak with the kids and grandparents, taste wild blueberries on a hike, and learn about cultures from village elders. We make it easy for families to adventure together with options to accommodate triples in higher cabin categories on six of our vessels.

[F]UnCruise Activities Tide pool treasure hunts Identifying flora and fauna Face painting with glacial mud Skiff rides and snorkeling with sea creatures Polar plunges and paddle board races

Kids ages 8 to 17 Save $500 on most sailings!


Learn More at: uncruise.com/pages/family-travel-choices

Solo Travel Introspection and easy connections. Traveling solo means all the alone time, curling up with a good book, and reflection you crave with the bonus of being surrounded by like-minded explorers. Like “summer camp for adults!” some say, and we agree. The logistics are planned, but beyond that it’s up to you what to do. Guides and crew know you by name and it’s not long before you and your shipmates are on a first-name basis. Be ready for discovery, connection, and laughter—meeting fellow adventurers over shared experiences. Making Solo Travel Better: Friendly rates (you don’t pay double!) Safe, comfortable environment Buddy system during adventure activities—snorkeling, kayaking, hiking Time for beach walks, stargazing, and hikes in small groups Freedom to find quiet solitude, or the company of others, when you want it

“I was coming as a single and wondered if I’d fit in, could I keep up, etc. But these concerns vanished immediately. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and warm.” Lynn S., Madison, WI (Alaska )


Learn More at: uncruise.com/pages/solo-travel

Groups & Charters

Families and old friends. Reunions and corporate retreats. No matter your group, an UnCruise adventure is the perfect wilderness travel bubble. Bonds built and strengthened on a jungle hike or tandem kayak. Big WOWs at a stargazing beach party or surprising whale breach. And for big groups, take the whole boat! There’s nothing like the exclusivity of a private charter. All the details— activities, amenities, and provisions— are arranged with your special requests in mind. With capacities from 22 to 86, there’s a small boat just right for your bunch.

Group Benefits:

• • • • •

Potential for fare savings or value-added considerations Celebrations of milestones or corporate achievements Exceptional re-booking incentives and easy, one-stop booking with a high-level of customer service Special presenters or programming can be accommodated for your group, and all guests on board Possible extras: oversized suite savings for groups aboard the Wilderness Legacy and Fare savings depending on vessel, destination, and departure date A dedicated UnCruise charter specialist works directly with you to create your dream trip Fully-crewed and provisioned charters include transfers, alcohol, excursions, outdoor activities and equipment, presentations by UnCruise guides and, when coordinated with the charterer, outside presenters. Custom itineraries, activities, and onboard services can be arranged—let’s talk Support from your UnCruise groups and charter team—before, during, and after the trip. Safari Endeavour

Private Charter Benefits: • • •

• •

Learn more at: uncruise.com/pages/group-travel



Ship Comparison What's Included

La Pinta

Wilderness Wilderness Wilderness Adventurer Discoverer Explorer

The Legacy

Safari Voyager 66 Yes Yes Yes Included —

Safari Endeavour

Safari Quest

Safari Explorer

Guests Multi-sport Recreation Expedition Team Turndown Service Spirits / Wine / Beer Wine Bar Underwater Bow Camera Hydrophone Inflatable Skiffs Glass-bottom Boat Kayaks Paddle Boards Snorkel Gear / Wetsuits Hot Tub Yoga Mats Cabins Crew Guest-to-Crew Ratio Length Beam Cruising Speed Public Decks Single Cabins Triple Cabins Wheelchair Cabins Elevator Private Jacuzzi Tubs Private French Balcony $500 Kids Savings

60 Yes Yes — Included —

76 Yes Yes — Included —

74 Yes Yes — Included —

86 Yes Yes — Included Yes

84 Yes Yes Yes Included

22 Yes Yes Yes Included —

36 Yes Yes Yes Included

48 Yes Yes Yes Included

— — —

Yes Yes Yes Yes — Yes Yes —

— —

Yes Yes Yes —

— — Yes — Yes Yes —

Yes Yes Yes — Yes Yes — Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes — Yes Yes — Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes — Yes Yes — Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes — Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes — Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes — Included Yes — 24 27 2:1 209’ 41’ 10 knots 3 — 4

Yes Yes Included — Yes 34 29-31 2:1 174’ 33’ 10 knots

Yes Yes 43 34-35 2:5:1 192’ 40’ 12 knots

Yes Yes 42 35-37 2.5:1 232’ 37’ 10 knots

Yes 18 16 2:1 145’ 36’ 9 knots

11 10 2:1 120’ 29’ 10 knots

38 27 3:1 176’ 39’ 10 knots

30 25 2.5:1 160’ 39’ 9.5 knots

37 28 2.5:1 186’ 38’ 11 knots

4 2 4

4 1

4 2 3 1 Yes 1 — 8-17

3 2 7

3 3

3 3 5

3 1 4

3 3 — 1

— — — — 4 —

— — — — — 8-17

— — — — 8-17

— — 4 — 8-17

— — 1 — 8-17

— — — — 8-17

— —

— — — 8-17

6 2 8-17

Age guidelines waived on private charters

Extra Cost † No wetsuits +Except Hawaii $=

Common Features

Book/DVD Library Casual Atmosphere Attentive Service Dietary Accommodations

Narrative Interpretation En Suite Facilities Hair Dryers

Fitness Equipment Amenities, Shower Gels, Water Bottles

Open Bridge Policy Open Bar/All meals


Travel Opens Your Imagination



Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


PACIFIC NORTHWEST Wilderness Adventurer Wilderness Discoverer Wilderness Explorer Safari Quest Safari Explorer Safari Endeavour Wilderness Legacy

Safari Quest


Safari Explorer


Safari Voyager

LATIN AMERICA Safari Voyager


San Juan Islands


La Pinta

months vary by year

Columbia & Snake Rivers

Prince William Sound


Costa Rica, Panama & Cartagena Land Extensions & Tours

Hawaiian Islands



Baja Sur, Mexico

Galápagos Islands


As the morning mist rises, climb in a skiff and head for the glacier. Feel the chill winding through icebergs, like tiny frozen islands. Curious seals bob their heads and sea lions flash their telltale pointy ears letting you know you’re on track—chasing a wall of ice back in time. Your skiff’s “ ooohs ” and “ aahs” at these “Alaska natives” get bigger, when there’s the biggest “ah” of all: Dawes Glacier. With a thunderous crack, ice crashes down. Grab your gear and suit up. Rain or shine, it’s time to live life on the outside. From skiff and beachcomb to bushwhack and kayak, Alaska’s expansive landscape is where it all began for UnCruise Adventures. Yet we’ve never lost our fascination for this wild place. We still gasp at the greatness of Glacier Bay National Park. You will too. And with remote adventures, there are even more places to be found. We launch kayaks, skiffs, and paddle boards right from our vessels. Paddle in a tiny cove or pull on your rubber boots and head to the forest. Chattering seabirds, and pure curiosity, lead the way. Alaska is the perfect bucket list place for families, groups, couples, and solo travelers to create adventure. Our small group sailings take you places others can’t. Join us for early Spring adventures that go beyond expectation with Alaska Awakening April to mid-May. Discover dancing Northern Lights, awakening wildlife, and winter playgrounds in remote locations. We create unparalleled value. From your very first inquiry, expect personalized service and expertise—and a host of benefits that make us unique. Think big by cruising small.



Fort William H. Seward


Bring your rubber boots, you’ll need them! Muskeg, streams, and glacial mudflats are everywhere in Alaska— and a lot of fun.

Glacier Bay National Park


Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness Area

Five Finger Lighthouse

Admiralty Island National Monument

Thomas Bay

Devil’s Thumb

Frederick Sound


Tongass National Forest



Misty Fjords National Monument


Pacific Ocean

Prince Rupert

Green Island Lighthouse

Butedale ghost town & abandoned cannery

Tolmie Channel

Canada’s Inside Passage

Boat Bluff Lighthouse

Fitz Hugh Sound

Johnstone Strait

Seymour Rapids (up to 16 mph)

“Kayaking in ice fields by a glacier… Being on a small ship with great friends (new) and being the ONLY ship or vessel of any kind around us. …Unforgettable.” Diane N; Port Angeles, WA (Alaska)

Strait of Georgia

Vancouver Island

San Juan Islands



Salish Sea


Your Alaska Experts

Enjoy life on the outside. Our Alaska cruises deliver adventure, action, exploration, and the unexpected—paddling and hiking, calving glaciers, Glacier Bay National Park, bears, whales, and polar plunges. Nobody does Alaska better. Alaska boasts the most itineraries of all our destinations. Whether you go for 7, 10, 12, or 14 nights, there truly is a trip for everyone. Save! When you book extended land offers or include a hotel stay. Don't forget our shore side tours with more savings. See all tours at uncruise.com 23

Alaska Fjords & Glaciers 7 NIGHTS | JUNEAU TO KETCHIKAN (or reverse) FROM $4,800 | Apr- Oct 2023 | Apr - Sept 2024 Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Adventurer & Wilderness Discoverer

Wind through canals and explore the Tongass backcountry on foot and by kayak. Explore old growth forests and wildlife.

Included Highlights

Learn more. For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com Dawes Glacier and ice-rich Endicott Arm Whale watching in Stephens Passage Adventure exploration in Misty Fjords National Monument Tongass backcountry by kayak, paddle board, skiff, and hike Search for wildlife—bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, sea lions, eagles, mink, porpoises, mountain goats Navigate winding Wrangell Narrows and Behm Canal



Alaska’s Glacier Country

7 NIGHTS | ROUNDTRIP JUNEAU FROM $5,600 | May - Sept 2023 & May - Aug 2024

Safari Quest

Explore islands, glaciers, and forests. Kayak in remote inlets that bring you closer to wildlife including the black bears of the Alaskan outback. Put boots to ground through the trails of Glacier Bay National Park.

Included Highlights

One day in Glacier Bay National Park Get close up to glaciers: Dawes, Margerie, and Grand Pacific Explore Chichagof and Kuiu Islands in Tongass National Forest Humpback whale watching in Icy Strait, Frederick Sound, and Chatham Strait Wildlife searches: black and brown bears, eagles, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, sea birds Kayak, paddle board and skiff remote inlets Beachcomb, tide pool, and forest ecology discoveries Explore Admiralty Island National Monument and Windham Bay Wilderness More exploration continues with Endicott Arm remote wilderness area


Learn more. For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


Wild,Woolly, & Wow 7 NIGHTS | ROUNDTRIP JUNEAU OUR MOST ACTIVE OUTBACK ADVENTURE FROM: $5,300 |Apr - Aug 2023 & 2024 Wilderness Legacy

Join fellow adventurers on the most active back country itinerary of our Alaskan expeditions. This is real adventure for the active traveler. Stretch your legs and your imagination in new areas.

Included Highlights

Explore parts of Glacier Bay National Park rarely seen by visitors as we explore the "Outback" Hike and bike through Chichagof Island - UnCruise has the only permits in this area Learn what it's like to live and work in the wild country of Alaska All day kayak and "yak-and-whack" opportunities Full days - from morning birding to evening skiff tours and kayaks to an evening campfire ashore Wildlife search - Humpback, orca, seals, bears, moose, puffins and other sea birds LeConte and Baird Glaciers Opportunities to hike, bike, kayak, paddle board, skiff, and bushwhack, all in one week Access to South Baranof Wilderness, rarely visited Get on land at with an Ideal Cove hike



Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise 7 NIGHTS | ROUNDTRIP JUNEAU From $3,900 | Apr-Sept 2023 & 2024 Wilderness Discoverer, Wilderness Adventurer

Two days in Glacier Bay National Park offer an up close look at glaciers, old-growth forests, and sea life. Hike remote coastlines and take in diverse birding at South Marble Island.

Included Highlights

TWO full days in Glacier Bay National Park Tidewater glaciers: Margerie, Grand Pacific, and the twin Sawyer Glaciers Explore the shores and fjords of Tongass National Forest and Tracy Arm Bushwhack and hike in old-growth forest and glacial outwash fields Whale watching in Frederick Sound, Stephens Passage & Icy Straits Search for wildlife—bears, sea lions, seals, porpoises, eagles Birding at South Marble Island—puffins, oystercatchers, cormorants, and kittiwakes Natural history narration from expert onboard guides More exploring at Hobart Bay


Learn more. For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


NEW Glacier Bay National Park, Haines & Pelican 7 NIGHTS | ROUNDTRIP JUNEAU FROM: $5,300 | Apr - Sep 2023 & 2024

Pelican Town

More adventure abounds with an activity filled week on the water and ashore. We've added in hiking and biking, in the quaint town of Haines where you can stop at local breweries and distilleries for local flavors.

Wilderness Explorer

Included Highlights

Glacier Bay National Park—active exploration in the outback, equals maximum adventure ashore and afloat Tidewater glaciers: Margerie and Grand Pacific Haines and Pelican villages - hiking, biking, kayaking, local brews/ spirits, and history Bushwhack and hike in old-growth forest and glacial outwash fields Whales and wildlife - bears, sea lions, seals, porpoises, eagles Birding at South Marble Island - puffins, oystercatchers, cormorants, and kittiwakes Chichagof Island, exploring brown bear country and hiking


Learn more . For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


NEW Winter Sports & Northern Lights


FROM: $5,600 | Feb - March 2024 Safari Endeavour

Enjoy Alaska's winter wonderland. Southeast Alaska's February and March feature 10 hours of daylight and average temperatures in the 30's F. Perfect for days of snow adventure and nights under the stars and, if we are lucky, the Northern Lights.

Included Highlights

Winter sports galore: downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe, ice skating, and more! Eaglecrest ski area - bring your own gear or rent on site for powder days Glacier Bay National Park Margerie, Johns Hopkins, Dawes, and Sawyer glaciers Apres-ski happy hours Possibility of Northern Lights during winter evenings depending on astronomical conditions Photographer's delight with winter landscapes and wildlife


Learn more. For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


Northern Passages & Glacier Bay 7 NIGHTS | JUNEAU TO SITKA (or reverse) FROM: $6,500 | May-Sep 2023 & 2024

Safari Endeavour

Skiff, kayak, and paddle board through fjords and inlets as wildlife greets you from land and sea. Explore the wilderness of the Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Park.

Included Highlights

View Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers Whale watching in Icy Strait and Lynn Canal or Chatham Strait Wildlife searches—bears, sea otters, harbor seals, Dall’s porpoises South Marble Island—a bird and sea lion haulout Beachcomb intertidal zones Hike and bushwhack in the Tongass National Forest Kayak, paddle board, and skiff in glacial fjords


Learn more. For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


NEW Prince William Sound Explorer 7 NIGHTS | ROUNDTRIP WHITTIER

FROM: $8,700 | May - Aug 2024 Safari Explorer

Dozens of glaciers including Chenega, Columbia, Meares, and Sheridan Island discoveries: Knight, Montague Visit the tiny fishing town of Cordova Explore College and Harriman glacial fjords Beachcomb rocky shorelines and hike beneath a glacier Navigate along the least visited shores in coastal Alaska Search for wildlife — whales, orcas, eagles, puffins, sea otters, seals, and sea lions Kayak, paddle board, and skiff in hidden coves and narrow fjords An exclusive opportunity to sail Prince William Sound aboard Safari Explorer, a luxurious yacht experience. This is the only UnCruise itinerary to visit the region. Kayak, hike, and skiff past centuries - old glaciers. Puffins, eagles, otter, and sea lions wait around every cove. We transport you from Whittier to the vessel with plenty of sightseeing along the way. Included Highlights


Learn more . For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1 - 888 - 862 - 8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


(or reverse) FROM: $6,300 | Apr - Sept 2023 & 2024 Safari Explorer , Safari Endeavour & Wilderness Legacy Glacier Bay Wilderness 12 NIGHTS | SEATTLE, WA TO JUNEAU, AK Alaska’s Inside Passage &

Whales and wildlife, kayaking and hiking. Thirteen days take you through Canada ’ s Inside Passage and Southeast Alaska — plus remote wilderness, native culture, and Pacific Northwest natural history.

Included Highlights

Cruise Alaska ’ s and Canada ’ s Inside Passages Visit Glacier Bay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Olympic National Park Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers and LeConte Bay iceberg gardens Adventure activities at Hurricane Ridge, Tongass National Forest, and Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness kayaking, paddle boarding, skiffing, and hiking Educational presentations by onboard expedition team Thomas Bay & Baird Glacier Spirit Bear search area Pacific Northwest natural history and culture Watch for whales and wildlife in Icy Straits


Learn more . For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1 - 888 - 862 - 8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


FROM $9,100 | Apr - Sept 2023 & 2024 Alaska Fjords &Glacier Bay Ultimate 14 NIGHTS | JUNEAU TO KETCHIKAN (or reverse)

Wilderness Explorer

The ultimate Alaska. Spend two days in Glacier Bay National Park, skiff to glaciers, hike in the Tongass National Forest, and learn about Native cultures.

Included Highlights

Glacier Bay National Park - active exploration Maximum adventure ashore and afloat

Haines - hiking, biking, kayaking, local brews/spirits, and history Bushwhack and hike in old-growth forest and glacial outwash fields and watch for whales and wildlife - bears, sea lions, seals, porpoises, eagles Birding at South Marble Islands - puffins, oystercatchers, cormorants, and kittiwakes Corner Bay, brown bear county and hikes. Stories of select logging by Alaskans. Margerie, Grand Pacific, Dawes, Lamplugh, and the twin Sawyers Glaciers Navigate winding Wrangell Narrows, Behm Canal, and Tracy Arm Discover Misty Fjords National Monument Adventure exploration in old-growth forest and glacial outwash fields Visit the towns of Haines and Pelican



Extend Your Stay Denali & Talkeetna Wilderness Rail Adventure 6 NIGHTS ROUNDTRIP ANCHORAGE, ALASKA I FROM $4,545/person

This pre-cruise escorted land tour features wilderness lodge stays in Denali National Park and Talkeetna Mountains, and hotel overnights in Anchorage. Throughout your journey, each vantage point—whether ascending a mountain, riding in a deluxe dome railcar on the Alaskan Railroad, or in the most remote backcountry location— offers changing sights and things to do. Low elevation trails along crystal clear lakes or rigorous a climb with views of Mt. Denali are just a couple of options on this inland adventure.

L earn more . For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


Pre & Post-Cruise Hotel Options


Ramada Inn

For comfortable accommodations and a downtown location in Alaska’s capital city, stay with us at our Ramada by Wyndham Juneau hotel. We are just a few miles from the Juneau International Airport (JUN) and put you within walking distance of the Centennial Hall Convention Center and Alaska State Museum. *Includes breakfast vouchers

Cape Fox Lodge


Sitka Westmark Sitka Hotel Designed to reflect local culture, amenities include a large welcoming fireplace, restaurant, lounge, and comfortable accommodations. Many of Sitka’s top attractions are nearby. Accessed by tram, the hotel offers panoramic views of Tongass Narrows and the city, with Ketchikan’s hot spots in walking distance. Spacious and bright rooms, onsite restaurant, and casual comfort.


Hilton Motif Hotel

Seattle style is our Motif. From your local welcome libation to our rooftop lounge with views across the City, touchstones of the area’s sweeping landscape and rich arts and music culture infuse your surroundings.

All hotel stays include: Airport meet & greet; airport/hotel/vessel transfers (Except Motif, which is booked directly and does not include transfers); accommodations; taxes and service fees.


Vancouver Island

Pacific Northwest A kayaker’s heaven. Eagles above lure you around the bend for a quiet communing with nature. That is, until your expedition guide gives a shout alerting you to petroglyphs on the canyon wall or “orcas at three o’clock!” Circle up and check it out. Life’s little surprises have a lot to say. From the graceful winding channels of the San Juan Islands to the steep walls of the Columbia River Gorge, meanderings in the Pacific Northwest put you somewhere unique. Paddle up to a bird rookery, examine rock formations from the skiff, or get an adrenaline rush in class III whitewater rapids. Out here, a hike for every level means just that. Casual beachcombers can poke around tide pools and panoramic views reward from high above the river. Spot a bald eagle snatching a live salmon. Hear a chorus of sea lions bark. Temperate rainforest, canyons, vineyards, and waterfalls. Listen and find your place.

Pacific Ocean

Learn more at: uncruise.com/pages/pacific-northwest- cruise-adventures


Salish Sea


Eyes up for bald eagles and osprey. Layer up for the highs and lows. Winds can be strong, and the northern sun can shine bright.

Mt. Constitution

San Juan Islands

Strait of Juan de Fuca

Deception Pass

“Gorgeous scenery, quiet nature in all her glory, a crew that couldn’t do enough to accommodate you, beautiful food, impeccably presented. Our guide and naturalist was clearly passionate, and loved sharing his knowledge of the beauty and animals. An exceptional week of R&R, pampering, and adventure!”

Olympic National Park

Puget Sound

Hiram M. Chittenden Locks & Fish Ladder UnCruise HQ Lake Washington


— Leslie Y; Hollywood, FL (Pacific Northwest)

South Puget Sound

Palouse River

Marmes Rockshelter


Archaeological Site Lower Monumental Dam

Snake River

Ice Harbor Dam McNary National Wildlife Refuge

Walla Walla


McNary Dam

Ft. Clatsop

Celilo Falls Site Stonehenge

Bridge of the Gods

Wallula Gap National

Columbia River

Bonneville Dam

Blalock Island Natural Landmark

John Day Dam

Native Burial Site


Beacon Rock Columbia Gorge

Hood River



The Dalles Dam

Willamette River

Multnomah Falls

The Dalles

San Juan Islands & Olympic National Park


FROM: $5,700| Apr - Oct 2023 & 2024

Safari Quest

Discover the secret places on Washington’s wild coastline. Kayak among rocky outcroppings, spotting sealife. Explore dramatic Deception Pass by skiff. Hike mossy island forests frequented by red fox, deer, and woodpeckers.

Included Highlights

Olympic National Park—UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Juan archipelago, and Deception Pass Kayak, paddle board, and skiff in glacial fjords and winding island channels Hike in temperate rainforest, old growth forest, state parks, and Mt. Constitution Watch for whales, orcas, seals, sea lions, eagles, and sea birds Birding opportunities Taste local oysters and clams


Learn more . For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


Rivers of Adventure & Wine

7 N IGHTS |R OUNDTRIP PORTLAND, OREGON From $5300 Sep - Oct 2023 & 2024 Wilderness Legacy



Learn more at: uncruise.com/pages/rivers-of-adventure-and-wine-7-nights

Adventure calls. Hike dramatic landscapes, kayak through canyons, sample local wines, and raft the rapids on this adventurous Snake River and Columbia River cruise.

Included Highlights

Tour and taste at a Walla Walla winery Sample local culinary delights at Walla Walla’s historic Gesa Power House Theater Deschutes River rafting trip Hikes at Tom McCall Nature Preserve, Multnomah Falls, Columbia Hills State Park, and Ft. Clatsop—a Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and Palouse Falls State Park Kayak, paddle board, swim, and skiff Transit five locks and tour the Bonneville Dam Visitor Center

Cruise through the heart of the Columbia River Gorge Onboard sommelier, and experienced naturalist guides Option to visit Maryhill Winery and Museum Learn more . For all current pricing and special offers, please contact UnCruise Reservations at 1-888-862-8881; visit our website www.uncruise.com


Extend Your Stay Pre & Post-Cruise Hotels

Portland, Oregon Hotel Rose (2023) Located across from Tom McCall Waterfront Park and the Willamette riverfront, the Rose is centrally located for discovering the city’s charm and attractions. Nearby, find a unique variety of bars and restaurants, arts organization and shopping. Breakfast vouchers included.

*Hotel Zags (2024) Tucked away in the city's

Fountain District, The Hotel Zags Portland is your oasis in the heart of downtown and your home base for our hospitality suite

Seattle, Washington

Hilton Motif Hotel Seattle style is our local Motif. From your local welcome libation to our rooftop lounge with views across the City, touchstones of the area’s sweeping landscape and rich arts and music culture infuse your surroundings.

All hotel stays include: Airport meet & greet; airport/hotel/vessel transfers (except Motif, which is booked directly with the hotel and does not include transfers); accommodations; taxes and service fees.


Learn more: UnCruise.com/

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