2024-2025 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

Galápagos Islands

Dozens and dozens of three-feet-long iguanas pile up like sandbags. Watch your step. Wildlife in the Galápagos isn’t afraid to walk—or lie—around. And because these animals don’t encounter predators, they’re not afraid to get up close to you. Iguanas plop down on pathways and tortoises are in no hurry to get out of the way. The Galápagos Islands belong to the animals. From millions of years ago to now, each island is filled with discoveries and its own endemic species. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station for an inside peek at the conservation efforts of the giant tortoise. On Isla Floreana, paddle board alongside sea lions or stroll the white sand beaches as rays relax on the sea floor. Snorkel or kayak along Isla Isabela’s dramatic landscape of eroded tuff cones. Hike Isla Santa Cruz’s Dragon Hill, eyes peeled for expert lounging land iguanas and maybe a flamingo or two.


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