2024-2025 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

The Fleet Each boat is a US-flagged and American-crewed fleet with the exception of La Pinta and the Safari Voyager. Each vessel has its own personality, and all share an energy that creates relaxation and community. They are built for adventure, their shallow drafts grant access to places bigger ships can’t go, bringing you up close to what’s outside—taking it slow and easy so you can take it all in. Kayak launch platforms and swim steps set you off on excursions with ease, and when you’re ready to recharge, book and DVD libraries offer a respite from activity. From bow to stern, there’s plenty of fresh air. In most cabins, either your door or your window opens directly to the great outdoors. You can breathe easy and relax. Isn’t that what going on an adventure is for? Meet the Family Wilderness Adventurer; Sails in Alaska Wilderness Discoverer; Sails in Alaska Wilderness Explorer; Sails in Alaska and Prince William Soun d and Aleutian Islands Wilderness Legacy; Sails in Alaska and Columbia & Snak e Rivers Safari Voyager; Sails in Baja, California, Mexico, Costa Rica& Guatemala, Belize, Panama & Colombia and Canadian Coastal Safari Endeavour; Sails in Alaska Safari Explorer; Sails in Alaska and Hawaii Safari Quest; Sails in Alaska & San Juan Islands La Pinta; Sails in the Galapagos 6 4

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