2023-2024 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

Vancouver Island

Pacific Northwest A kayaker’s heaven. Eagles above lure you around the bend for a quiet communing with nature. That is, until your expedition guide gives a shout alerting you to petroglyphs on the canyon wall or “orcas at three o’clock!” Circle up and check it out. Life’s little surprises have a lot to say. From the graceful winding channels of the San Juan Islands to the steep walls of the Columbia River Gorge, meanderings in the Pacific Northwest put you somewhere unique. Paddle up to a bird rookery, examine rock formations from the skiff, or get an adrenaline rush in class III whitewater rapids. Out here, a hike for every level means just that. Casual beachcombers can poke around tide pools and panoramic views reward from high above the river. Spot a bald eagle snatching a live salmon. Hear a chorus of sea lions bark. Temperate rainforest, canyons, vineyards, and waterfalls. Listen and find your place.

Pacific Ocean

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