2022-2023 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

“How is it you can board a vessel and feel like your best friends invited you?…You folks gave me a well needed vacation with great adventure and happiness.”

Adventure Our name and our passion. Uncovering playgrounds that offer rich experiences by hike, paddle, and with locals. It’s all included, and there’s something for everyone. Bushwhack in Alaska. Hike like mountain goats along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Kayak through mist in the Salish Sea. Monkey around in lively, lush Costa Rican jungles. Snorkel among turtles, penguins, and a rainbow of fish in Hawaii, Baja, Belize, the Galápagos, or Panamá. Hard-charging or slow- paced, place your adventure order—it’s time to explore and go wild. Place More than locations. They’re corners and coves to get a little lost in. So small against a big land. So deep in another culture. We really do mean wild, too: a private beach on a deserted island, a thick, old-growth forest where the only trails are from wildlife, a mule ride with local rancheros through a Baja oasis. Places so tucked away our small boats fit in just right. “Ports of call” that are unusual and uncrowded. You hold the ultimate backstage pass. Scenic bays and culturally immersive excursions offer windows into worlds most travelers don’t ever see. These are the special, out-of-the-way places that only a few know about. Connection Meet your people. Small boats acquaint you with like-minded travelers and places that tug at your heartstrings. Bonds are hard to define but easy to spot sharing tears at the end—from co-explorers and crew members to friends for life. Form authentic bonds as a Tlingit tribal member lets you in on the story told on an Alaskan totem, or a Hawaiian elder shares the mana of aloha. Genuine experiences take hold of your senses, asking you to linger and remember people and places long after you’ve said farewell.

— Richard L; Wright City, MO (Mexico 2019)

Snapshot: Baja caramba! It gets better and better.



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