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November 2018

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Support Through Anything, Anytime, Anywhere What Family Really Means

Some businesses will say they treat you like family, but is that really the case or do they just say that to lure clients? I’ve heard horror stories of companies who advertise “family-style” service because the owners are related, but behind closed doors, they yell and curse at each other. Is that the kind of dynamic you want to enter into? Of course not. What really happens when times get tough? That’s why it’s crucial that your attorney can walk the walk and talk the talk. To me, family is everything. I have my family and my work family, which includes our clients. I know that when times are tough, I can turn to them for help, no matter what the issue is. That’s huge. They may not be able to solve the problem, but they can support me with whatever is required. When we put out the call for help, both families respond. Both families know that I would do the same for them. That’s what we also provide for our clients. We offer a sizeable amount of services, but perhaps one of the most significant ways we help is by delivering solutions for people we can’t directly represent. If someone comes to me and says, “Carmen, my kid needs a criminal lawyer.” Do you know what I do? I plug into our network and find the absolute best criminal lawyer in the area. I’ve been practicing law for over 20 years, and in that time, I’ve come to know some phenomenal attorneys.

refer a client to someone who doesn’t do an astounding job, I would come down on that lawyer like a ton of bricks. Why? Because you don’t mess with my family. In law, you’re only as good as your word, and we put our money where our mouth is every day. There are so many individuals out there who haven’t hired a lawyer before. When you’re navigating untested waters, it’s imperative to have confidence. Here’s the issue: Finding a good lawyer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why it’s pivotal to call us. When push comes to shove, I believe in my ability as an attorney, but I carry infinitely more confidence in my desire to serve. No one’s going to fight harder to take care of their people, but I can’t do that if I don’t have the opportunity. If you run into an issue, call me. Whether you need the name of a good plumber, real estate agent, or another lawyer, I care, and I want to help. Don’t take my word for it; listen to those we’ve already helped. “My experience at Dellutri Law Group was amazing. The staff is great. They make you feel like family. I would highly recommend. Thanks to Carmen and Maria for all you did for me in a difficult time in my life.”

me the information I needed but did so with patience and understanding. In Fort Myers, it seems like everyone and their brother is a lawyer, and it can be hard to know who you can trust. Please do yourself a favor and seek out Carmen and his team.”


“The staff is extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about bankruptcy, personal injury, and foreclosure defense. You are treated like family at this law firm and not just a client. They are passionate about helping people, and that can be felt the minute you walk through their door or speak to them on the phone.” We’ve been forging relationships like family since day one. Just a few weeks ago, one of our legal assistants was making her morning coffee-run to McDonald’s in her Dellutri Law Group shirt. The gentleman behind the counter asked her, “Do you work at Dellutri Law Group?” She responded, and he said, “He probably won’t remember me, but tell Carmen I said hi.” When she got to the office that morning and told me, I immediately recalled, “I represented him 17 years ago! He promised me a cup of coffee and never followed through. Tell him he still owes me.” –K.B.


“Look, no one likes to call the attorney. If you are calling one, it’s because something bad is happening and you need protection. When I called the Dellutri Law Group, I was in way over my head and needed some guidance. I spoke with Carmen, who not only provided

To me, that’s what family really is.

–Carmen Dellutri

I wouldn’t let someone in my family go to a mediocre attorney. On the off chance I

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

After a Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatizing and overwhelming, especially if you or someone else was injured. Aside from dealing with the initial shock of what just happened, you might endure days, weeks, or even months of difficulties as you deal with the aftermath of the accident. It’s important to understand that if you’re involved in a car accident, the actions you take immediately following the accident can significantly affect your ability to recover the compensation you’re entitled to. Knowing what steps to take will

help to reduce stress, speed up the auto insurance claims process, and lower how much you’ll pay for repairs and medical treatment.

provide simple, factual answers to all of the questions the police ask you.

4. REFUSING MEDICAL TREATMENT Seeing a doctor following an accident could potentially save your life if you sustain serious injuries without obvious symptoms. It can also help preserve your right to make a personal injury claim in the future. 5. NOT REPORTING THE ACCIDENT TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY You have an obligation to notify your insurance company after an accident, and failing to notify them could void your coverage. Plus, you don’t know whether the other driver will follow through on their promises or if they have the money to cover your damage, injuries, and other losses. important that you take pictures of everything at the scene of the accident, including damage to all cars, skid marks, the positions of the cars, damage to street signs or other property, the airbag, the odometer, and more. 6. NOT TAKING PICTURES It’s

Here are the six most common mistakes to avoid after a car accident:


You should always call the police immediately following an accident. In most cases, the police will come to the scene and write up an accident report. 2. FORGETTING TO EXCHANGE INFORMATION Always collect the contact information for all drivers and witnesses, driver’s license information, license plate numbers, insurance company name, insurance policy numbers, and the make and model of all vehicles involved. 3. ADMITTING FAULT Even if you feel as if you’re to blame for the accident, you should never admit fault. There are many factors involved in causing a crash, and those factors may not be apparent to you immediately after an accident. Instead of taking the blame,


“Totally recommend Carmen and the Team. Customer service will exceed any of your expectations. Integrity, accountability, and results.”

“I was in need of a professional attorney. After interviewing a couple law firms, I decided on this one based on their professionalism and knowledge. I have to say that from the beginning, they’ve exceeded my expectations.”



Haveyou heard the goodnews?

“Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

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Skip the Sales and Have Some Pie 3 Reasons Black Friday Isn’t Worth Your Time

The day of chaos will soon be upon us. In a few weeks, Americans will leave their homes with bellies full of turkey to descend upon retail stores in the feeding frenzy that is Black Friday. Sure, it’s a bit stressful, but with all the great sales and gift-giving holidays on the horizon, Black Friday is the best day to knock out that shopping list, right? Not really. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t bother with Black Friday. YOU WANT THE LOWEST PRICES If you’re waiting to get the best deals of the year, Black Friday probably isn’t the day to go out. While stores may offer one special item at an outrageously low price, the rest of the sales can’t compete with other times of the year. Headphones are cheapest in August, vacuums are more affordable in April, and if you’re shopping for the holidays, keep in mind that toys will be priced at their lowest 10 days before Christmas. YOU WANT THE BEST BRANDS Here’s an insider secret: Most stores get new inventory to advertise specifically for doorbusters and Black Friday sales. New TVs at 75 percent off will get lots of people in the door, but those

televisions aren’t the best brands. If you need a cheap dorm TV, then Black Friday is your day. But if you want a quality television to show off your 4K Ultra HD copy of “Avengers: Infinity War,” you’re better off waiting until after the New Year. YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY It’s hard for people to say no when they’re afraid they’ll regret not jumping on a deal when they had the chance. So they grab the $750 laptop because it’s $200 off, buy some new winter coats because they’re four for the price of three, and fill their cart with other incredible sales. Do you need 10 HDMI cables? Of course not. But when they’re on sale for $2.99 each, how can you say no to that bargain? If there is a specific item you want that’s on sale during Black Friday, like those cute department store boots or a PlayStation 4, then by all means get out there early and take advantage of the deal. But if you have a long shopping list, want to save money in the long run, or don’t know what you’re after, Black Friday isn’t worth the stress.

TeamSpotlight: MarjoriE Dellutri


As most of you know, Marjorie is Carmen Dellutri’s lovely wife! But not only that, she is also our amazing CPA and has been since 2008. Before Marjorie made the switch to work at the Dellutri Law Group, she worked as a CPA for another company for 20 years. Not only is she a huge asset to our culture, but to the organization as well. Marjorie holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA in business administration, and a master’s degree in taxation — talk about some experience!

Ingredients • 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons kosher salt • 3/4 cup sugar • 1 carrot, peeled and diced • 1 large onion, peeled and diced • 1/4 cup celery, diced • 2 large sprigs thyme • 2 bay leaves • 1 tablespoon black peppercorns • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes • 1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds (optional)

Directions • In a large stock pot, bring salt, sugar, and 4 cups water to a boil. Stir until all ingredients are dissolved. • Turn off heat and add remaining ingredients. Place brine in the fridge, uncovered, until cold. • Add 6 quarts cold water to brine. Add turkey and submerge completely. Brine chilled for up to 72 hours.

When Marjorie isn’t working hard at the office, she loves spending time with her family, running 5k and 10ks, and traveling. Being a mother of four, grandmother, wife, business woman, and friend all at once certainly isn’t easy to juggle, but Marjorie makes it look easy! She does everything with grace, and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our team. Thank you for all that you do, Marjorie.

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident



What to Know Before Black Friday Shopping


Employee Spotlight: Marjorie Dellutri

A Simple Brine for Succulent Turkey

The Cook’s Workout



When you’re in the kitchen cooking your signature dishes for Thanksgiving dinner, you might find yourself with short periods of nothing to do. While you wait, why not fit in a quick workout? Exercising for 30 minutes will help ease any anxieties you may have — perhaps about getting those side dishes just right, or about your in-laws, who will soon be seated at your table. To start off, you’ll need to warm up. Keeping the oven in sight and the timer well within earshot, take a few minutes to loosen up your muscles. Jog in place, do some jumping jacks for a minute, or jump in place for 45 seconds. Warmups often consist of these basic exercises, but one set of each won’t be enough. To make sure your body is completely warmed up, repeat each set at least three times. After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to start the workout. Squat jumps, ski jumps, pushups, plank crawls, and holding a squat stance are easy exercises you can do in your kitchen, dining room, or living room while your feast cooks. Do each exercise as many times as you can in a minute, and just like you did in the warmup, repeat each set three times. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE THANKSGIVING FEAST

While in your squat stance, there are several things you can do. For 30-second intervals, put your arms out in a “T” formation and move them up and down in small pulses. Then move your arms out in front of you and return to the “T” shape. Raise your arms up over your head and clap, and then return once more to the “T” formation. Rotate your arms in backward circles, switch to forward arm circles, and finish up by holding your squat for an additional 30 seconds. This 30-minute exercise routine is great for before, during, and after your Thanksgiving meal prep. You don’t have to wait around all day for things to finish up — occupy your downtime with short exercises to keep your heart pumping.

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