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ACHES & PAINS GETTING YOU DOWN? YOUR POSTURE MIGHT BE THE CAUSE We are OPEN and following guidelines to keep you healthy. We are providing physical therapy services for you in 3 ways: 1. IN-CLINIC APPOINTMENTS: Come to the clinic as usual but with our enhanced safety measures in place for your safety and protection. 2. TELEHEALTH VISITS: Have an online visit with your therapist from the comfort and safety of your home. 3. HYBRID of IN-CLINIC and TELEHEALTH: Workwith your therapist to determine which visits need to be in-clinic and which can be Telehealth, making a schedule that is right for you. Schedule Your Appointment Today! Call 303-757-1554

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• The pain will subside after switching positions, such as switching from sitting to standing or vice versa. • Back or neck pain that develops soon after a change in circumstances, such as starting a new job with a new desk chair, or getting a new car. After years of practicing poor posture, your back, shoulder, and neck muscles will likely find standing or sitting with straight posture to be uncomfortable. This is because your muscles have grown accustomed to the slouching, and standing up straight will require some thorough stretching and strengthening. That doesn’t mean that once you have bad posture you can never correct it.

Remember back when your mother used to tell you that if you wouldn’t stop hunching your shoulders, they’d be stuck that way forever? An idle threat, one that barely anyone took seriously. Yet, fast forward a few decades and it turns out that mom might have been on to something, after all. A poor habit of bad posture can have a lasting impact on your neck and back. The worse your posture is, the more intense your back and neck pain can become. Unfortunately, once you start experiencing neck and back pain, simply squaring your shoulders isn’t likely to bemuch help. Workingwith a physical therapist can help you to train themuscles in your back, neck, and shoulders so that you can improve your posture permanently, and in doing so bring relief to your chronic neck and back pain.

The Posture and Pain Connection Not all back pain is caused by poor posture, and it is true that you can have poor posture for years without feeling the consequences of that slouch right away, but in time the habit is likely to catch up with you. There are certain ways that you can tell if neck or back pain may be a result of poor posture, including: • The pain in your back is worsened at certain times of the day. For example, after you’ve spent a day at the office, or after a few hours on the couch. • The pain frequently starts in your neck and moves into your upper and lower back. Pain that seems to travel from one area of the back to another is frequently an indication of posture concerns.

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...that PTIS sells supplies for exercise and health? We have therabands, pilates balls, CBD lotions, and more. Check out the displays in the waiting area and/or ask the front desk for more information.




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COVID-19: KEEPING YOU SAFE While we are taking the necessary precautions for patient and staff safety, we are also continually updating these precautions based on the current landscape. Please be patient with us as we navigate this brave new world!


are scheduled in the coming weeks, we will give you more information via email prior to your appointment. However, every patient will have their temperature taken and be encouraged to wait in their car if there are multiple people in the waiting room already. We ask that you come alone to your appointment, if possible, and maintain social distance of 6 feet with other patient at all times. You will see our friendly front office smiling at you… from behindmasks!We ask that you do the same. As masks are in critically short supply, please bring your own. We appreciate your continued loyalty and are excited to be plugged back in to playing an integral part of this community that we love and missed so much. Thank you ahead of time for your patience and understandingaswe learnwhat physical therapywill look like in the near future! Keep Moving with Exercise Videos from Your Favorite Physical Therapists! Visit our website at:

shoulders and you have a slight downward gaze at your screen. If you find that you are looking down at your phone, you may develop “text neck” or pain in the back of the neck and shoulders from having your head too far forward looking down. What Can Good Posture Do? There are a lot of benefits to having good posture. Aside from saying goodbye to neck or back pain, improving your posture canprovide several unexpectedbenefits to your lifestyle and personal well-being. Here are a few of the additional benefits of having good posture: • Proper posture creates quality exercise for your core and back • Improved respiratory health •Addedprotection for your organs,

Working with a physical therapist to improve your posture is a great way to overcome neck and back pain. You will be guided through a series of stretches and strength building exercises that can help begin training your body to practice better posture, thereby reducing your back and neck pain. Improve Your Posture at Home • Try to stand tall whenever you are standing or walking. Hold your head high and square your shoulders. Work on being the tallest version of yourself. Hunching over is the leading cause of poor posture. • Use support when you sit to keep your posture correct. Lumbar support in office chairs and car seats will help a bit, but you may need to add additional cushioning that will help you keep your back straight. • Bemindful of howyou sit at your computer or how you are using your phone. When sitting at your computer, work to sit tall so your ears are aligned over your

Due to ongoing concerns about the novel Coronavirus, we will be screening both patients and staff for symptoms, such as: • Fever over 100 degrees • Coughing, sneezing, or shortness of breath • Headaches, altered taste, fatigue, or sore throat • Recent diagnosis of COVID-19 or contact with someone diagnosed with the virus Common sense will rule the day for the safety of everyone- if you do not feel well or are uncomfortable going to see your physical therapist, we will still be here when you feel better! Additionally, presentationat our office will look different; if you

bones, joints, and muscles • Reduced risk of arthritis

If you are experiencing chronic neck and back pain, there is a good chance that it could be related to your posture. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your posture.



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Child’s Pose Kneel on the floor, making a right angle with your back and legs. While sinking your hips backwards toward your feet, walk your hands forward far as you can. Gently place your forehead on the floor or turn your head to one side while keeping your arms extended. Relax in this pose for up to 5 minutes while breathing deeply. Stretches the spine, glutes, and hamstrings. Releases tension in the lower back and neck.

Always consult your therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of.

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Social distancing can lead to all sorts of crazy body positions. If your body feels like a old pretzel, a stiff board, or just out of whack, physical therapy can help!

We’ll help you keep apprised of what is going on with the clinic and the pandemic. We are also featuring exercises that you can do to keep up with your therapy at home. Follow us on instagram for great information posted each week from patient testimonials, to articles about health and fitness, and news about the staff at PTIS. The Best Way to Stayed Tuned About the COVID-19 Pandemic AND Keep Up With Your Exercises!


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The sedentary lifestyle that many people have experienced since being quarantined to their homes can actually lead to more aches, pains, and discomfort than one may think. Your body, quite simply, was made to move! With gyms and exercise classes closed down for the time being, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get your daily physical activity while sitting at home. During these challenging times, you may have trouble keeping up with your physical therapy exercises and treatment plan. You might also be unable to visit our clinic in-person for your physical therapy. But delaying or even missing one or two sessions can have unintended consequences, requiring a longer recovery period. Keeping Up with Your Physical Therapy Means You Don’t Lose Progress. By continuing your personalized physical therapy treatment plan, you can keep up with your recovery progress and keep your pain from returning. Staying active can also vastly improve your health, your

comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life. A physical therapist can evaluate your current physical condition and then create a plan to help you increase your fitness level, reduce your chance of injury, and eliminate pain from sore muscles. We Can Help You Get Back to Active! No matter where you are, your physical therapist at PTIS is ready to help you get your life back. We want you to be able to continue to heal with physical therapy. Whether you can come for an in-clinic or virtual telehealth appoinment, our priority is your health and meeting your goals. If you would like to come in physically for an appointment, we are here to help. If you would like to receive assistance while also distancing at home, we are here to help you, as well. We also offer hybrid in-clinic and telehealth appointments, where you can work with your therapist to create a schedule that is right for you. We’re here for you wherever you are! Call us today to get back on the journey to your active life. WWW.DENVERPTIS.COM S. Pearl Street: (303) 757-1554 S. Maroon Circle: (303) 792-0670

“This social distancing thing is awesome. I don’t have to wear pants! PS. I never wear pants, but now it’s acceptable .”

Thank you to all of our patients and staff. We appreciate you!


Teleheal th services enable our physical therapists to deliver high- quality and convenient care to support your recovery without the need for in-office visits. You can also keep up with your treatment program without losing progress! Call to schedule your Telehealth appointment today!

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