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It’s Easier Than You Think How to Stay Fit This Fall Randy’s Ramblings CELEBRATE EVERY DAYWITHTHESE ODD OCTOBER HOLIDAYS!

1. International Coffee Day

16. Bosses Day

17. National Pasta Day

2. National Kale Day

18. No Beard Day

3. National Virus

Appreciation Day

19. EvaluateYour Life Day

4. World Smile Day

20. Brandied Fruit Day

5. Do Something Nice Day

21. Count Your Buttons Day

6. Physician

Assistant Day

22. National Nut Day

7. Bald and Free Day

23. National Mole Day

8. AmericanTouch Tag Day

24. National

Bologna Day

With the sun setting on summer, it’s easy to think your most active days are behind you and nothing but months of indoor workouts and dodging holiday treats lie ahead. You’ll be happy to know that you couldn’t be more wrong. In some parts of the country, the summer heat can actually be a workout inhibitor, encouraging folks to bask in the air conditioning or soak listlessly in the pool rather than get out on the baseball field or toss a frisbee. Thankfully, fall brings with it cooler weather and a plethora of outdoor traditions. Participating in activities like picking apples and pumpkins, taking long walks to look at leaves, dashing through corn mazes and haunted houses, and raking leaves should be enough to keep you hale and hearty through the season. Here’s a breakdown of a few fall favorites to help you stay fit.

9. Leif Erikson Day

25. Punk-for-a-Day Day

10. International Newspaper Carrier Day

26. Make a

Difference Day

27. National Tell a Story Day

11. It’s My Party Day

12. Moment of

28. Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Frustration Day


13. International Skeptics Day

29. National

Frankenstein Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and that’s doubly true if you pick it yourself. Psy- chology Today reports that picking apples burns the same number of calories as walking at an easy pace, and the activity can boost your energy level and your mood. If you’re with friends or family, an hour of apple picking will go by much faster than a stint on the treadmill.

14. National

30. Mischief Night

Dessert Day

31. IncreaseYour Psychic Powers Day

15. White Cane Safety Day

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