High school drama

compelling performances, letting the

audience experience the emotional and


mental struggle between the two characters.

As Cheever resists and pleads to be


disqualified, Thech threatens to stamp his

War, Glengarry District High School’s

file for automatic enlistment unless he

(GDHS) latest entry in the Sears Ontario

cooperates. The distraught manager

Drama Festival is as much about the

unhinges both physically and mentally, as

personal struggleswe all face in growing

he reveals more and more about himself

old as the fear of being sent to war.

during the course of the examination – from

The Alexandria high school entered

two divorces to his estranged relationship

the play

in the Seaway District


with his children.

competition held this week at Cornwall

Lemieux’s character later spirals into the

Collegiate and Vocational School (CCVS).

depths of a nervous breakdown, sharing

The play is set in the 1960s, when a 40-


something assistant theatre manager by

age of 13 and was left hanging – unable to

the name of Marion Cheever is called for

make peace with her death three decades

duty in Vietnam, forcing him to undergo

later, ironically earning a “Section 8” in the

a humiliating physical examination at

process (unfit for service due to mental

Submitted photo

the hands of Sergeant Thech. Cheever,



played by Grade 12 student Ryan

The Seaway, which wrapped up

Lemieux, does whatever he can to

Thursday at CCVS, featured teams from

of the food banks of VankleekHill, L’Orignal andHawkesbury. Themoney was

dissuade the sergeant from giving him a

GDHS, Seaway District High School, CCVS,


clean bill of health. In turn, she tries her

North Dundas District High School, St.

a matching funds donation of $810 from the Vankleek Hill Scotia Bank. At the

best to send him to war. The militaristic

Lawrence Secondary School, Rockland

L’Orignal charity, Lions Armand Lapierre, Richard Couperus, and Tony Chenel

Thech, played by Grade 12 student Sarah

District High School and Russell High


Raymond, is cold and by the book. She


does everything she can to fast-track

Cheever into the service.

Director and GDHS drama teacher

David Sauvé said he chose the play

because, while it is set in the Vietnam era,

many of its messages ring true today.

“It is about war and war seems to still

be going on around the world today,” he

said. “Also I like the strong relationship

between the two characters.”

Lemieux and Raymond give

No excuses:


driver blitz


No excuses, no exceptions.

That is the approach the Ontario

Provincial Police takes to distracted


The O.P.P. is warning drivers that

any activity that takes your attention

away from driving is dangerous. This

isn’t just about using a phone or texting

while driving. Even day-dreaming can


something important which results in a

bad decision behind the wheel.


have died in distraction-related


This toll is higher than the one taken

by impaired driving and speeding

combined, said Chief Superintendent

Don Bell, Commander of the O.P.P.

Highway Safety Division. “Whether

you’re texting, talking, reading or

shaving, a diversion, any diversion of


on driving can happen and within

seconds, someone else could die,”

warned Bell.

Using a cell phone or device capable

of texting while driving can result in a

fine of $155.


(like a movie on your tablet) can result in

a fine of $110.

Other forms of distracted driving can

result in a charge of careless driving

with fines ranging from $400 to $2,000,

a possible licence suspension of up to

two years and/or a jail term of not more

than six months depending on the


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