“Hillbilly heroin” replacement raises new problems

safe because the oxycodone is released slowly

It will be harder to get hold of without

OxyNeo has officials worried

into the bloodstream as it dissolves. But the

a proper doctor’s note and not so easy to

oxycodone is not combined with

use and abuse as the prescription pain

acetaminophen so if Oxycontin is crushed

killer it is designed to replace. But

Dr. Roumeliotis, who is one of the

into a power or melted into a liquid and then

when a prescription is presented for

OxyNEO may not be the quick-fix to the


swallowed then all the oxycodone goes into

Oxycontin or other opioid drugs.

Oxycontin epidemic of addiction that

noted that one of the group’s goals was

the bloodstream at once. Overdosing is easy

Doctors are also more aware now of the

creates headaches for health officials and


when taking Oxycontin this way. OxyNEO

potential for abuse and are more careful

police in this region and elsewhere.

Oxycontin or other similar opiates to deal

is designed so that the tablet is difficult, if not

with their Oxycontin prescriptions.

The chief medical officer for the Eastern

with one tactic that both addicts and

impossible, to crush. Attempts to melt it or

But Dr. Roumeliotis noted a new

Ontario Health Unit is pleased to see

pushers use to create stockpiles. They

dissolve it for injection will create a sticky gel

problem may arise as OxyNEO replaces

OxyNEO become available to doctors with

would get a prescription for Oxycontin

instead. Addicts used to Oxycontin are

Oxycontin on the shelves and access to

patients in chronic constant pain. But Dr.


already posting reports on the Internet about

their “hillbilly heroin” supply becomes

Paul Roumeliotis foresees a potential

drugstores to fill. Several people might

their attempts and failures at trying to get the

more and more limited for addicts.

problem as OxyNEO replaces Oxycontin

even make use of a single prescription

same rush from OxyNEO. Several years ago

Methadone programs exist to help heroin

on prescription drug counter shelves.

order. “Now it (prescription orders) is

a regional task force was created in Eastern

addicts wean themselves off that drug but

“And I’m not the only one with the

more difficult,” Dr. Roumeliotis said.

Ontario to address the issue of Oxycontin use

nothing exists yet to help Oxycontin

concern,” Dr. Roumeliotis said during a

New provincial health ministry rules

and abuse. The arrival of OxyNEO may not


phone interview.

require proper identification be shown

mean the task force’s job is finished.

Dr. Roumeliotis said.

The new drug is meant to replace

Oxycontin as an easy-to-use time-release

prescription pain medication so that

people in chronic pain do not have to take

Construction values dip to $14 million

a lot of pills. Another reason for OxyNEO’s

arrival on prescription shelves is that

Oxycontin has become very popular with

drug addicts and a big part of organized

37 while the value of new homes was

repairs worth $1.7 million were approved.

crime’s drug supply business.

$3,474,000, compared to $3,966,000 in



Its street name is “hillbilly heroin”


projects with a value of $2,582,000.

because it is cheap and provides an intense

Some 158 renovation jobs worth

As for institutional projects, there were

Hawkesbury’s construction scene was

and sudden rush when it is crushed and

$1,882,450were carried out. The previous

six jobs worth $2 million. In 2010, the town

quieter in 2011 than it was in 2010 both in

swallowed. The active ingredient in

year, there were 152 renovation jobs

issued permits for 11 renovation projects,

terms of projects and dollar value.

Oxycontin is oxycodone, an opioid drug

worth $1,294,900.

with a value of $2,582,000.

In 2011, the town issued 236 permits for

like morphine, codeine, heroin and

In the commercial sector, two new

In 2009, the municipality issued 223

work with a total estimated value of

methadone. It is the same opiod that is in

buildings worth $2 million, were erected

permits for work with a total estimated

$14,078,150, according to figures compiled

Percocet, Oxycocet, and Endocet but the

while 46 renovation jobs valued at $2.8

value of $17,239,500.


oxycodone in those medications is

million were carried out. In 2010, there

In 2008, the town issued a total of 242

In 2010, the town issued 255 permits for

combined with acetaminophen, which

was one new $55,000 building

permits for projects with a total value of

work with a total estimated value of

prevents patients from taking too many of

constructed and 57 renovation jobs

$12,198,500. In 2007, the municipality


the pills because of the sick feeling they

valued at $1,920,350.


In the residential sector, the number of


In the industrial sector, there was no

at $10,592,600. In 2006, the town had issued

new dwelling units created rose from 35 to

When taken as prescribed Oxycontin is

new construction. Ten additions and

232 permits for work valued at $12,605,500.

10 $

$ 10

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