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APRIL 2019


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VIP Referral Patient of the Month! JEANETTE BRIGGS

If you’re reading this newsletter, I hope you made it though April Fools’ Day unscathed! While we may not have too many practical jokers around the office, we do believe in keeping a lighthearted attitude at Cornerstone. Laughter may not have the treatment capabilities of a Class IV deep tissue laser, but it’s still darn good medicine. Our team definitely learned this during the “nunchuck incident.” It all started with some good-natured bragging. When you have a clinic full of current and former athletes, there’s bound to be some bravado and gentle teasing between therapists, staff, and even patients — I still get called “Mr. Rugby” around the office despite my college days being long behind me. Chris, one of our therapists who likes to talk a big game, practices martial arts and has a habit of letting us know about it.

came up — he didn’t have his nunchucks with him, he forgot to bring them to the clinic, etc. Finally, one of our patients decided to call Karate Kid’s bluff. This patient had brought in their own pair of nunchucks and asked to see Chris’ skills. The gauntlet had been thrown down. Therapists, staff, and patients alike gathered at a safe distance, waiting to see if the legend of Chris DaSilva, nunchuck master, was true. And I’ll be darned, it was. Chris whirled those clubs so fast you could hear them hiss through the air, all while weaving them over his shoulders, behind his back, and across his arms. The room was visibly impressed; this was action straight out of an ‘80s kung fu flick. Then, right as we began to cheer ... smack ! Chris nailed himself in the shin. Thankfully, he was okay and surrounded by physical therapy experts, but boy, you could tell it smarted. To his credit, he was one of the first to laugh, and we all joined in as the tension in the room resolved itself. To this day, we still chuckle over Chris’ near-perfect performance. I sometimes wonder if we could talk him into stepping up for round two. It’s great to have a team that can learn and laugh together. In fact, many of my staff play golf as a group, building that friendly athletic rivalry that gives our clinic such energy. So, this month, I want to shout out Chris and the rest of the team for not only being amazing professionals but for also bringing with them that fun- loving spark that makes Cornerstone a great place to be.

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“Therapists, staff, and patients alike gathered at a safe distance, waiting to see if the legend of Chris DaSilva, nunchuck master, was true.”

Specifically, Chris was emphatic about his mastery of nunchucks. If you’ve never seen a Bruce Lee film or the Ninja Turtles, nunchucks are a training weapon consisting of two sticks joined together by a chain. A practiced user can whip nunchucks around their body with blinding speed. With more than a few karate movie fans in the office, we all wanted to know if Chris could show us the real deal. He was certainly good at building up the hype. It got to the point where team members and patients alike were asking Chris to show off his skills. But something always

–David DeLaFuente

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