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Watching Your Wages So You Can Watch the Road

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A lot of people think that unpaid wages are only a problem for small companies and mom-and-pop joints. The truth is that any company could be paying its employees less than they should. I’ve worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of unpaid wage cases over the years, so I can say from experience there’s no pattern when it comes to the kinds of companies that steal from their employees. In fact, some of the most respected and beloved brands in the world — names like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and Hertz — have been involved in unpaid wages lawsuits. We are working with these cases. It actually makes an ugly kind of sense that companies would be pressured to cut corners on the wages of workers. Huge corporations, after all, are beholden first and foremost to their shareholders. Never forget that. If a company’s revenue isn’t increasing, the only way they can make the share price go up is through cost cutting. When a company’s brass is under pressure to make the stock price go up, they can make dubious decisions. Do you think that money is coming out of the bonuses of executives? Don’t make me laugh. Instead, the people in corner offices look for ways to squeeze folks like you. They care more about their second homes than they do about their people being able to put food on the table. That may sound harsh, but when you strip away all the corporate jargon and smoke-and-mirrors deflections, it’s what it comes down to, plain and simple. Take a little bit from everybody at the bottom, hope they don’t notice, and keep the shareholders happy. The only way to fix this broken system is to stand up for yourself. If you suspect foul play, it’s probably happening. Six months or a year down the road, the company isn’t going to apologize for unpaid wages. “We were going through a tough time and did some things we shouldn’t have, including stealing

from you. We’ll make up for it now,” are words that have never been spoken by a CEO.

Look, I get it. It’s a tough decision to stand up to a big company. But remember that workers’ rights are the foundation of our economy. When we lose those, we have a system that benefits only the select few at the top. Companies, especially huge ones, don’t have much of an incentive to do right by their employees. Unions have been losing power for decades. The justice system is one of the last places where people can band together to get what they deserve. A company not paying wages isn’t singling out one person. They are exploiting whole groups of their workforce. If the workers don’t hold the company accountable, nobody will. When it comes to unpaid wages, don’t assume anything. Take the advice we hear on public transportation: If you see something, say something. Odds are your coworkers are experiencing the same thing. Let your voice be heard. It’s the only way to fix injustice.

-Bill Turley


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