Algebra 1 Companion Book, Vol 1 – Summer Edition

2.2.4 Applications of Percent – Worksheet

Example 1:

1. A sales representative earns a 2.5% commission on sales. Find the commission earned when the total sales are $80,700.

2. Karen earns a salary of $28,600 per year plus a 4.25% commission on sales. Find her total salary for a year when the sales are $310,000.

Example 2:

3. Find the amount of simple interest earned after 2 years on $480 invested at a 7% annual interest rate.

4. Find the number of years it would take for $1200 to earn simple interest of $324 at an annual interest rate of 6% per year.

5. Find the total amount owed after 6 months on a loan of $900 at an annual interest rate of 8.5%.

Example 3:

6. Estimate the tip on a $42.65 check using a tip rate of 15%.

7. Estimate the tax on a $198 stereo when the sales tax is 5.25%.


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