Algebra 1 Companion Book, Vol 1 – Summer Edition

In a nutshell, make this book your own and keep it by your side as you study the concepts in this course.

This book is divided into chapters. Within each chapter are a series of Algebra 1 topics. Every topic online contains my Video Lessons along with an electronic version of the Notes, Practice questions and Worksheet questions (although I wish we ’ d call them “ Funsheets ” , but that ’ s another story). How To Use This Book Use this book alongside the online course and TAKE NOTES here while watching my video lessons. Your own notes are a key to your own success — I promise. Since this book summarizes the concepts, vocabulary, and key examples presented in the Video Lessons, it is a great tool to help you navigate the videos — but this companion book is not intended as a shortcut to replace the Video Lessons. To get the most out of this learning experience, I urge you to watch (and think through) all of the online Video Lessons. Maybe even watch some twice! The online Algebra 1 course offers lots of opportunities to practice the skills you ’ ll need for success in Algebra 1. Each topic ’ s Worksheet Practice and Interactive Practice is a collection of questions connected to the content presented in the Video Lessons. I've included those questions here in this book, so you can explore them offline and spend time really thinking through each question. I always say that the best way to learn math is to DO MATH. So, take advantage of all the opportunities to practice what you've learned!

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