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Meet our Sandy Clinic MVP! Katelyn is a Sandy native who very much enjoys all the PNW has to offer. She has 3 children that she shares with her husband of 10 years and 2 dogs that act more like humans than dogs. She played competitive softball for10years travelingalloverOregon and as far as Las Vegas, NV. Katelyn is very active in the sports community; especially the Sandy Youth Football program where shecurrentlyholds theboardpositionas the SafetyCoordinator.Whenshe’snotdoing the busy mom thing, she enjoys the outdoors and visiting her parents’ lake house in Pine Hollow.

I was walking and hiking with a lot of pain in my right knee and hips due to foot imbalances. Derek really helped me figure out some of the root causes to treat and strengthe them. Now I am back to normal and even stronger than before. I feel like I can walk and hike with confidence, no pain, and maybe even go back to some jogging! - Loretta L. “Now I am back to normal and even stronger than before!”

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Kick Off A Healthy NewYear!

Do you use the new year as an annual health seminar with yourself? Try these 3 simple wellness tips to encourage a healthy and happy new year! 1. DRINK HALF YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN WATER When the body is dehydrated, it doesn’t run efficiently. Drinking water has plenty of benefits including increasingenergy,flushingout toxins, improvingskincomplexion and boosting immunity, to name a few. 2. START THE MORNING WITH A HYDRATING WARM DRINK I choose warm water and lemon because I like the taste. I’ve also seen apple cider vinegar concoctions that rehydrate and influence the body’s alkaline state, which has been noted for added health benefits. Drink these before coffee and breakfast for instant energy, likely from the rehydration process. 3. BE ACTIVE DAILY Aimfor30minutesofactivitydaily.Break itupthroughouttheday:10minutesbefore work, 10 minutes afterwards and 10 minutes home with the kids. If a long-term resolution seems daunting, aim for new measurable goals monthly. Thinkshort-termandcreateanewgoaleverymonth.For instance,comeupwithan idea likedrinkhomemade juicesorsmoothiesfivedaysaweekordon’teatpackaged snacks foramonth.Plus, ifyouget in the rhythmof it,youmightcontinue.Or ifnot, you know you will start a new goal the next month.

Don’t let pain become a way of life!


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