Sisters Walk for Memories of Rita

thing she never knew, or arriving at Val- leyfield and on the way to the cemetery meeting up with a fellow out taking photos of his collection of Mustang cars. “’See that lady on the porch, right there,’ he told me, pointing to this elderly lady.

‘That’s my mother. Her name’s Rita.’” Last year Shackleton raised about $2000 for ovarian cancer research with her Walk for Memories. For information on how to pledge her this year on her walks, go to the Ovarian Cancer Canada website Walk of

Hope page at www.ovariancancerwalkof- and click on “support a walk- er”. Shackleton is also collecting pennies for the Pennies for Ovaries/Les cennes noirs pour les ovaires” project to help fund ovar- ian cancer research.


Photo David Shackleton


CITÉ CLARENCEROCKLAND CITY 1 560, rue Laurier Street, Rockland, Ontario K4K 1P7 Interurbains : 613 237-7000, attendez la tonalité 613 446-6022 • Long distance: 613 237-7000, wait for dial tone 613 446-6022

OFFRE D’EMPLOI Trésorier 35 heures par semaine

EMPLOYMENT OFFER Treasurer 35 hours / week

La Cité de Clarence-Rockland effectue actuellement des changements organisationnels afin de mieux servir ses résidents. Nous sommes à la recherche d’un trésorier pour gérer l’ensemble des finances publiques sous la direction du Directeur général. Nous sommes à la recherche d’un leader pour gérer un groupe d’employés dévoués. Le candidat est un comptable agréé (CPA, CA ou CGA) disposant d’expérience au niveau municipal. BUT DU POSTE : Sous la supervision du Directeur général, le titulaire est responsable de gérer les activités financières de la Cité. PRINCIPALES RESPONSABILITÉS : • Gérer l’équipe des finances (trésorier adjoint, Comptes créditeurs, Comptes débiteurs, technicien de l’information (IT), Service de la paie, analyste financier) pour s’assurer que les processus financiers sont effectués avec efficacité et précision; • Gérer le processus budgétaire annuel; • S’assurer que les rapports financiers internes et externes, ainsi que les déclarations de revenus sont exacts et qu’ils sont déposés; • Superviser l’établissement des budgets, des rapports financiers et des prévisions pour les projets financés par le gouvernement; • Gérer et améliorer les systèmes, les processus, les politiques et les contrôles internes se rapportant aux finances; • S’assurer que les fonctions de la paie sont effectuées correctement de sorte que les employés soient payés en temps opportun et sans erreur; • S’assurer que les processus de comptabilité sont gérés correctement; • Conseiller la direction exécutive sur les rapports financiers et les priorités financières; • Examiner les contrats (assurances, location de bureaux, etc.) et les accords avec les partenaires; • Participer à des projets financiers et comptables spéciaux; • Effectuer d’autres tâches, au besoin. QUALIFICATION • Diplôme en commerce, en comptabilité, en finances ou dans un domaine connexe; • Titre professionnel comptable (CPA, CA ou CGA) • Un minimum de sept à dix (7 à 10) années d’expérience dans des fonctions financières dans le secteur municipal • Un minimum de cinq (5) années d’expérience en supervision Connaissances, compétences et aptitudes : • Connaissance des principes juridiques de l’administration de contrats • Connaissance des principes, des pratiques, des méthodes et des techniques modernes de la comptabilité, des finances, de l’administration des contrats, de la planification et de la budgétisation • Connaissance des activités financières au niveau de la Cité • Connaissance approfondie des produits Microsoft Office, notamment Excel; • Expérience en utilisation de systèmes de comptabilité de taille moyenne à grande; • Aptitudeavéréeàanalyserefficacement l’informationfinancièreetàcommuniquer les résultats; • Solides compétences organisationnelles et de gestion du temps, avec une bonne capacité à hiérarchiser et à résoudre des problèmes dans un contexte de changement continu; • Solides compétences en communication avec une bonne capacité à communiquer aux individus du domaine financier et non financier à différents niveaux de l’organisation; • Grand esprit d’initiative; • Vérification requise de la sécurité d’emploi et du crédit; • Connaissance des lois fédérales et ontariennes d’intérêt; • Aptitude à communiquer par écrit et oralement en français et en anglais; • Aptitude à superviser, à motiver et à évaluer ses subordonnés; • Aptitude à établir des relations de travail efficaces avec le Conseil, les employés, les autres services, d’autres organismes, des ministères gouvernementaux et le public; • Connaissance de Vadim (iCity), un atout. Échelle salariale : 90 064 $ à 105 162 $

The City of Clarence-Rockland is undergoing some organizational changes in order to better serve its residents. We are looking for a Treasurer to manage all public finance under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer. We are looking for a team builder who can lead a group of dedicated employees. The candidate is an accredited accountant (CPA, CA or CGA) with experience at the municipal level. PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: Under the general supervision of the Chief Administrative Officer, the incumbent is responsible for managing the finance operations of the City. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Manages the Finance team (Deputy Treasurer, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Information Technician (IT), Payroll, Financial Analyst) to ensure financial processes are executed with efficiency and precision; • Manages the annual budget process; • Ensures internal and external financial reports and tax returns are accurate and filed; • Oversees the preparation of budgets, financial reports, and forecasts for government funded projects; • Manages and improves financial systems, processes and policies, and internal controls; • Responsible to ensure that the payroll functions is done properly so that QUALIFICATIONS • Degree in business, accounting, finance or related field; • Professional accounting designation (CPA, CA or CGA) • Minimum of seven to ten (7 – 10) years of experience in a financial role in the municipal sector • Minimum of five (5) years of supervisory experience Knowledge - skills and abilities: • Knowledge of legal principles of contract administration • Knowledge of modern principles, practices, methods, and techniques of accounting/ finance, contract administration, planning and budgeting • Knowledge of finance operations at City level • Advance knowledge of Microsoft Office products, particularly Excel; • Experience using a mid to large sized accounting system; • Demonstrated ability to effectively and efficiently analyze financial information and communicate results; • Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to prioritize and solve problems in an environment of continuous change; • Strong communication skills with an ability to effectively communicate to both non-financial and financial individuals at varying levels of the organization; • Strong initiative • Employment Security Check and Credit Check is required • Knowledge of relevant Federal and Provincial (Ontario) laws • Ability to communicate in writing and verbally in French and English • Ability to supervise, motivate and evaluate subordinates • Ability to establish effective work relationships with Council, employees, other departments, other agencies, government ministries and the public. • Knowledge of Vadim System (iCity) will be an asset employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner; • Ensures accounting processes are managed properly; • Advises Executive management on financial reporting and priorities; • Reviews contracts (insurance, office lease, etc) and partner agreements; • Participates in ad hoc special financial and accounting projects; • Other duties as assigned.

CLARENCE CREEK | This year Lynn Shack- leton will not be alone when she sets out on her Walk of Memories in honour of her mother’s battle against ovarian cancer. She wasn’t alone last year when she be- gan what will now be an annual tribute to the memory of her mother. Her husband drove the support van ahead of her and sometimes walked alongside her for some stretches while a friend or other family member drove the van. But this year the Clarence Creek woman will have company beside her along the en- tire long two-week trek. Her sister, Nathalie, is joining her and together they will walk from Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa all the way to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montréal. “We’ll be stronger by two,” Shackleton said, with a smile. Last year’s debut Walk for Memories was from Rockland to Valleyfield, QC, to the cemetery where her mother, Rita, is buried. That was about 160 kilometres of steady walking for Shackleton over more than a week. This year’s walk is half again as lon- ger for distance and could take close to two weeks to complete. Rita’s daughters have several reasons for increasing the distance. More time on the road with each other, sharing stories and memories of their mother. More opportu- nities to meet people and spread the word about the need to fund ovarian cancer re- search. And more time to train for future pilgrimage they hope to Spain and the Way of St. James. “Some day my sister and I, we would like to do the Compostela,” Shackleton said. “They also call it St James’Way, and that’s an 800-kilometre trek.” The Way of St. James was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during medieval times. Legend says that one of the routes featured as the pilgrimage is the same as the one used to transport the body of St. James to its final resting place at what is now Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. It remains one of the key pilgrim- ages for many of the faithful, just like Walk for Memories for Shackleton and her sister is more than just a way to remember and honour their mother. “It is a pilgrimage,” she said. “It’s not a race. There’s something very spiritual about walking. I felt my mom the whole way last year. She left me signs everywhere.” Signs like finding l’Isle de Rita at the Voy- ager Parc campsite along the way, some-

Salary: $90,064 - $105,162

Les personnes intéressées doivent faire parvenir leur curriculum vitae portant la mention « Trésorier»

Interested candidates are requested to submit their résumé marked “Employment offer, Treasurer” before 4:00 p.m., Thursday July 17th, 2013 to: Mireille Lavoie, Human Resources City of Clarence-Rockland 1560 Laurier Street Rockland, ON K4K 1P7

avant 16h, le jeudi 17 juillet 2013 à : Mireille Lavoie, Ressources humaines Cité de Clarence-Rockland 1560, rue Laurier Rockland, ON K4K 1P7

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