Echibeckia 2022 PPL-Solution No 6

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THE MOST INTERESTING PLANT IN THE WORLD Echibeckia ™ Summerina ® is a new series that is a true crossing between Rudbeckia and Echinacea, resulting in plants that have the appearance of Rudbeckia and the strength of Echinacea. Echibeckia Summerina brings us the best of both worlds. The Rudbeckia blood allows for the unusual amount of flowers, the great size of the flowers, the fast growing speed and the long duration of the flowering period. The Echinacea blood brings us the smaller, stronger leaves and disease resistance, as well as the longevity of the flowers—each flower can last up to 10 weeks!


quick tips

Echibeckia are fast growing plants; finishing times range from just 8-14 weeks, depending on season and size. Echibeckia can be grown in a variety of sizes. Larger sizes should be planted earlier in the season while days are short so the plant can fill the pot. Echibeckia require high levels of fertilizer for optimal performance. We recommend starting with 4 KG Osmocote per m³. Use a 5-6 month Osmocote with high Potassium (K). Add an extra amount of 200 gram Micromax trace element to the soil in addition to the normal starter mix. Echibeckia do not need to be vernalized. Save space and time by planting in the spring. Echibeckia need to be spaced in time to set a lot of side flowers. When part of the canopy is being shaded, it is time to space. More light amounts to more flowers. Echibeckia are not prone to disease. Diseases might arise, however, if they are subjected to poor growing climates such as too high moisture or too low light. Echibeckia have a long shelf life at retail.To prevent colors from fading. keep out of high shade areas.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL Who said everything needs to be planted in a 1 gallon?With the fast growth rate of Echibeckia, our 72-cell liner will easily finish a two gallon. Please see the variety descriptions in this brochure for suggested sizes and seasons. QUICK TURNS PAIRED WITH A LONG SELLING SEASON Echibeckia do not need vernalization, so they can be spring-summer planted. A healthy start from tissue culture means finishes can be as quick as 8-12 weeks for a 1 gallon if planted while the days are long and warm. Pair this with a selling season that can start as early as May and last as late as October and it’s easy to see why Echibeckia are some of the most talked about plants in years.

HIGH SELL-THROUGH Years of breeding have resulted in plants with flowers that can last up to 10 weeks as well as better disease resistance than traditional seeded Rudbeckia. These traits have led to a great presence at retail along with an extended shelf life. All of this adds up to some of the highest sell-through in the industry, averaging over 90%!


Echibeckia are not hard to grow, but because they are new to the market, there may be questions on the best methods. Not only does PP&L have experience in finishing large crops, we have also teamed with the breeder of Echibeckia to provide top-notch technical support when needed.

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