Echibeckia 2022 PPL-Solution No 6

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | BLAZING FIRE ™ | PP# 31,765 Blazing Fire has a two-toned yellow and red flower with interesting smaller petals or “fringles” near the center of the flower that resemble flames of a summer bonfire. This new variety has large flowers and a high flower count making it a great variety to use in larger pots. Bloom time is similar to Orange.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | BROWN | PP# 25,206 We sometimes refer to Brown as the chameleon because it is not always brown—depending on conditions, it can look nearly identical to Orange. The difference in Brown compared to Orange is that it is more compact and is the first to bloom in the spring. In fact, Brown initiates so easily that we only recommend it for early season planting in a 2.5 quart-1 gallon container. In the long days of summer, Brown can have a little trouble filling the pot, so keep this one on the early schedule for best success or be prepared to feed heavily when planted to get some bulk in before flowers set.

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | BUTTERSCOTCH BISCUIT | PP# 29,163 Butterscotch Biscuit has bold butter yellow and orange two-toned flowers with a light-colored eye, making this variety one of the brightest in the series. Flowers are giant-sized, even surpassingYellow, getting upwards of 6" in diameter.This variety runs on the more aggressive side and is best suited for larger containers such as 1.5-2 gallon and large deco containers. The bloom time for Butterscotch Biscuit is late, similar toYellow, so it is great for late summer to fall season sales.

Suggested pot sizes: 1.5 gallon-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 2.5 quart-1 gallon only.

usda zones 7-9 | 16-20 " x 12-18 "

usda zones 7-9 | 18-24 " x 12-18 "

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