Echibeckia 2022 PPL-Solution No 6

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | ORANGE | PP# 25,221 Orange is our all-rounder.This color tends to have the heaviest flower set and can be planted throughout the spring and summer with great results. Another plus is that we have successfully grown Orange in a range of sizes from a 2.5 quart to a 5 gallon using only one 72-cell liner.

ECHIBECKIA ™ SUMMERINA ® | ELECTRA SHOCK | PP# 29,164 Electra Shock is a selection with unique quill type flowers giving it a spider mum appearance. In cooler weather the flowers have a bronze tinge, in warmer weather the flowers will appear more yellow in color. Electra Shock has a rounded, stiff habit and works well in 1 gallon to 2 gallons. With the mum-like appearance, this variety is great for fall sales and because flowers can last up to 10 weeks it will have a much longer shelf life.

Suggested pot sizes: 2.5 quart-2 gallon.

Suggested pot sizes: 1 gallon-2 gallon.

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

usda zones 7-9 | 18-22 " x 12-18 "

e c h i b e c k i a p l a n t i n g s e a s o n s




weeks 8-10

weeks 18-22

blazing fire , brown , orange , pumpernickel , sunbeat

may finish

weeks 15-16

weeks 23-26

june finish

all varieties

weeks 19-21

weeks 27-31

july finish

all varieties

weeks 24-25

weeks 32-35

all varieties

august finish

blazing fire , butterscotch biscuit , electra shock , orange , pumpernickel , sizzling sunset , sunbeat , sunchaser , sunreef , yellow

weeks 28-29

weeks 36-39

september finish

* Finished times are based on a 1 gallon pot size, one plant per pot. Growers should use the information presented here as a guideline only. For specific information on growing, please see our detailed technical guide.

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