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THE SKINNY ON RETINOID PRODUCTS Reduce Fine Lines, Even Skin Tone, and Promote Cell Turnover Over the past few years, the use of retinoids in daily skin care routines has become increasingly popular. Experts claim that retinoids can even out skin tone, reduce fine lines, and promote exfoliation. However, few people genuinely knowwhat retinoids do and whether or not they should incorporate them into their skin care routines. Here’s what we do know.

W hat A re R etinoids ?

them. Since your skin needs time to adjust, it’s important to start with small amounts (about the size of a pea for your whole face) at night 2–3 times a week. As your skin adjusts, you can reduce the time between each use until you are able to use retinoids nightly. Make sure to wait 15 minutes after washing your face to apply, and feel free to addmoisturizer once your face has absorbed the product. Retinoids smooth out fine lines and give beautiful skin its firm plumpness by promoting collagen production and exfoliation. Retinoids also boast certain anti-inflammatory effects. When used consistently, products containing retinoids can keep skin clear, even out skin tone, repair sun damage, and prevent aging. Even individuals with clear, wrinkle-free skin B enefits

can use retinoids as a preventative measure to help skin stay young and vibrant.

Retinoids are chemical derivatives related to vitamin A. They aid in the normalization of hyperkeratinization, whichmeans they help the skin rid itself of dead cells at a normal rate to avoid clogged pores. Skin cell turnover is important because clogged hair follicles can lead to keratosis pilaris (a harmless skin condition that causes dry, bumpy patches), and clogged oil ducts can lead to acne. Retinoids are available in both prescription and over-the-counter products, thoughmany OTC products contain retinol, a less potent formof retinoids.

S ide E ffects

If you have sensitive skin, you should approach retinoid use with caution. It’s not uncommon to experience redness, soreness, irritation, or breakouts with this product. Unless your skin is extremely sensitive, these side effects dwindle as your skin gets used to the product. It is also essential that you wear sunscreen, since retinoids canmake your skinmore sensitive to sunlight. Do not use retinoid products if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or using products that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). Anyone with dry, sensitive skin should seek advice from a dermatologist before using these products.

H ow to U se R etinoids

Retinoids have both acne-fighting and anti- aging properties, but they can also be irritating to the skin, especially when you first start using

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