May Edition 2022 | BGN MAGAZINE


SOME PREDICTIONS ABOUT HEALTH, RELATION, FINANCE, ETC IN MAY 2022: May 2022 will be full of happiness. You will get some great news, which will create a happy atmosphere in your family. You will get money from new prospects this month. It is a great month for you to make huge investments to expand your finances and take them to the next level. This month you will have to work very hard to save your relationship, control your anger and have a calm approach towards your partner’s poor behavior. LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS:

FAMILY: A lovable soul like you has always been close to the family. But today, a short visit to your distant relative’s place will make you realise the importance of family heritage. You are advised to spend more quality time with them. Try to interact with your family, especially with your siblings. FINANCE: You are advised to save more and avoid taking things for granted, especially when is concerned. Those in the private sector have to be very careful of the changing trend around. Keep yourself updated and be ready for any change in responsibility.

HEALTH: You may see positive results in your weight loss regime. Those who are suffering from breathing issues will be cured with home remedies. However, you are advised to avoid any self-medication. Those suffering from backache will get relief.

Your love life will give you all reasons to smile. Don’t postpone things and express your heart. If you are planning to make a marriage proposal go ahead. Don’t overthink and don’t keeps too many expectations. Enjoy the day with your spouse or partner.

CAREER: Most likely you will get the desired promotion. A transfer with a well-deserved hike can also be offered today. Your hard work will help you attain success. Those who are planning to shift jobs are advised to do so after carefully studying the current market trends.

EDUCATION: On educational fronts, academic obligations will give you a hard time as you will find it difficult to manage your stress and academic responsibilities all at once. Youngsters willing to pursue a degree over sea may get permission from parents to do so.

TRAVEL: There's plenty of travel this month. Some for work, some for leisure.


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